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Bro Calendar 2017

How sad is it that I haven't posted in nearly a year? Pretty sad. I'll finish those Japan trip reports sometime! =\ Anyway!!

WE ARE FULL! Thank-you everyone!!
Holy crud! It's time for Bro Calendar signups! This'll be our 7th Bro Calendar. Oy oy, I'm feeling old here… As is now the norm, the quidelines are practically the same as they are every year.

The Bro Calendar is a 12-month calendar that features that special, awesome relationship between two (or more!) people that may or may not be related. Think Jet and Spike from Cowboy Bebop. Or Vash and Wolfwood from Trigun. Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. Those sorts of relationships. This calendar is to celebrate characters being bros. You can see the 2016 calendar here.

Technical Details:
-Image should be at least 8.5"x11" (landscape, NOT portrait!) and the resolution should be AT LEAST 300ppi.
-Due date is Friday, November 11th.
-Color is preferred, but shaded greyscale is acceptable too.
-PG-13 max, please!

Any groups of FICTIONAL characters are allowed! It doesn't matter if they are from an anime series, manga, video game, American comic, TV show, etc, etc. They're all okay. And gender DOES NOT MATTER. Sure, it's a "bro" calendar, but female characters are DEFINITELY allowed. You are free to draw characters used in previous Bro Calendars, but please do not draw characters that are already being used for the 2015 calendar. If possible, I'd like to have only one page per series (so, not like three months of One Piece characters, even if they're all different characters), but I won't stop anyone from signing up for a series that is already being used as long as the characters are different!

I cannot pay you, but for your effort and troubles, you will be sent a copy of the calendar. You DO NOT have to live in the United States to participate, I will happily send you a calendar whatever country you live in. And your images are your own, please feel free to use it for prints at Artist Alleys or the like! (I do not make money off of this project, any money gained from these sales will go directly to recuperating printing costs. In the off chance that I make enough to cover costs, the profits will go to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.)

If you would like to participate, please comment on this entry with the following:
-Characters you want to draw and series they are from
-Month you'd like to claim (NOT NECESSARY)
-How you'd like me to contact you (usually I will try to reach everyone through LJ PMs, but if you'd prefer email or a Twitter DM, let me know!)

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave me a comment here, send me a LJ PM, a message on twitter (@kaitou_ace), or email me at dragynstorm (at) gmail (dot) com. I will be trying to remain in contact with all participants, giving updates and reminders on due dates.

Thank-you for your interest and time!

dev_chieftain - Steven Universe n' Connie (maybe also Greg and the Crystal Gems) - from Steven Universe - JULY
nayung - World Trigger (maybe)
ensuing - Mob and LIKE A BUNCH OF OTHERS - Mob Psycho 100
bishieobsessed - To Be Determined
@JuneTreeDraws - King and Ban - Seven Deadly Sins
stud_monkey/@Kaeilash - Fire Emblem: Fates (Leon/Takumi or Ryouma/Xander) or Voltron (everyone or Keith/Lance)
@alamort - Avilio and Nero - 91 Days [OR Sugimoto and Asirpa from Golden Kamuy] - NOVEMBER OR DECEMBER
TOFU+BEAST - To Be Determined
@elisabethkaseda - Seijoh 3rd years - Haikyu!!
kiwimangoodness - Hinata & Komaeda - SDR2
@kaitou_al - Yamatonokami Yasusada + Kashuu Kiyomitsu - Touken Ranbu
quixocity - Saitama and Genos - One Punch Man
@466_P - Kekkai Sensen
@verasaur - Adam Jensen and Vaclav Koller - Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
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