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Japan Trip 2014: Nagano B: A Ball of Fury, 10/08/14

Warnings: 54 images, ranting, tmi?, ranting,RANTING, swearing.

Phew… Okay. This is going to be long.

I slept fairly well and when I woke up I chatted with Nur as I read some My Hero Academia (well, tried to read, as you may remember that my Japanese is incredibly lackluster). It was the first time Nur and I had messaged each other in a week, so it was nice. Once my mom got up and ready to go for breakfast, we headed down to the dining room. Breakfast was lovely, but there was SO MUCH FOOD. I don't think I finished HALF of it in the end. But it was all good. And the first time I've had a traditional Japanese breakfast, I think?

Part way through breakfast, my mom starts freaking out about the incoming typhoon again. I assume my reactions (which were mostly disinterested shrugs) to her worry had not been to her taste, so she looked hard at me and said in the textbook definition of condescending tone, "if a station master told you not to go on the train because of the typhoon, would you still go?" That was that last straw. I had been putting up with her freaking out and telling me all the ways I was going to suffer/die/be in trouble for a few days now and I was tired of it. She would not listen to what I had to say on the matter and I couldn't take it anymore. I snapped.

Putting aside the fact that a station master would not tell me I shouldn't get on the train, they would SHUT DOWN THE STATION, I said, "of course I wouldn't go on the train. I appreciate your worry, but please stop. I'm going to be careful. I will to my best to be safe. So please stop telling me how I will die. It's just too much." "Stop yelling!" She said. "I'm NOT yelling!" I replied, even though I had raised my voice, haha… She got flustered and told me I was making a scene and to stop embarrassing her. (…there was only one other guy in the room…) But embarrassing her? Like her snarky comment didn't embarrass me earlier! Or her loud comments about people we passed on trains or on the street!! Is it only bad because now there's a guy who can speak English within earshot? I bet plenty of the other people that she commented about could speak English too and knew what she was saying. Sorry you're embarrassed, WELCOME TO THE CLUB. She left to get back to the room and it felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I didn't realize it had been bothering me so much. I felt… good. I looked at the other guy in the room and he met my gaze and sorta shrugged and we exchanged a few lines about touristy stuff. I don't think he gave a fuck about our argument. I ate the rest of my meal in peace and headed to the imminent tongue lashing that awaited me in our room.

Yuuup. I got a talking to about putting on "a show" for the guy there. Uhhh, yeah, no, I would have snapped even if he wasn't there. She had started it, don't get upset when your problems aren't absorbed by me. I'm not going to sit there and just take everything you throw at me. "I've never embarrassed you in public," she said.


BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH oh wow HAHAHAHAHAHA oh gods HAHAHAHA are you fucking kidding me? I doubt there is a parent out there that hasn't embarrassed their kid! I didn't actually laugh when she said that, but I think she knew that I thought that was bullshit because she asked me for an example. WELL THAT'S EASY, there are many to choose from. I told her about the time she embarrassed me in front of a friend and then that friend told my other friends and the whole thing was joked about (at my expense) for years after. "Oh, so I'm the butt of your friends' jokes? Great." UHHHHH, YEAH, them making fun of me makes you the butt of their jokes. Sure. Yeah. Okay. But nope! She's right. Always right.

Thank goodness Nur was still online, because I needed to rant SO BADLY. And bless My Hero Academia, it greatly helped soothe my raging soul.

We walked back to Nagano Station and got on a train for Matsumoto. Mommy seemed real upset about the argument, but I was just angry in general. It was my mom being my mom. I don't think she's used to me talking back to her because I haven't really done it in years. (At some point I had learned it was better to just absorb the crap she threw at me than to argue with her, but in this case I couldn't stand it anymore!)

Goats on a gate!

Tsurikichi Sanpei on a fishing tournament(?)/event flyer! ♥

The train was a one-man train that had to switch tracks all the time and took a good hour or so. I was exhausted for whatever reason, so I kept dozing.

When we arrived in Matsumoto, my mom decided that my directions to our true destination, Matsumoto Castle, were no good. Never mind that I had downloaded a GPS map that clearly pointed the way (guess GPS doesn't need your phone to be a phone to use, so this vector map app I had, Galileo, was awesome for this sorta stuff), or that there were tons of signs pointing the way all over!!

Ninja frogs!

Other side of the ninja frogs!

(We easily made it to the castle, by the way.)

I told my mom that one of Matsumoto's (and Nagano's) specialties was apples, so she bought some while I took pictures of koi in the castle moat.


The castle!! Unfortunately, parts of it were being restored, but it was still beautiful!

My mom with the castle! Every day she'd wear something fairly nice. I was always in a t-shirt, lol.

Shachihoko, one of the roof ornaments on the wall.


Pardon the blurriness of some of these interior photos, the lighting was low and my photography skills leave something to be desired! We had to remove our shoes before entering the castle. It was fun pattering around on the smooth floors. The stairs were REALLY steep too. You can sort of see how steep in this photo.


This is part of the castle eaves, I think?


More guns! They had lots and lots of guns on display.

Cool boxes.

Tiny badass cannon. I'm not sure this is original to the castle since it has the Hosokawa Clan symbol on it, and the Hosokawa clan is from way down south in Kumamoto…?

Sunlight streaming in...

More windows.

I may be remembering this incorrectly, but one daimyo had a dream in which he was told that if he put ____ of rice up in the roof of his castle, it would keep the castle safe. So here's some holy rice, continuing to keep the castle safe. The main part of the castle is still the original building! Good job, holy rice!


The iconic red bridge is being restored.

Original castle grounds building foundation areas???

Fourth floor, thought to be the Lord's Chamber.

STEEEEEEEP steps. These were about a foot and half for each step, and they weren't the steepest of the steps. The steepest were also worn smooth and were really slippery because we were just wearing socks! Going up wasn't all that hard, but coming down was!

Moon-Viewing Wing.

Leaving the interior of castle.

The lovely roof of the castle.

More roofness.

Holes for pouring hot liquid or dropping rocks on your enemies. At least, that's my guess.

Pretty pine tree.

Matsumoto Castle: regularly called one of the best castles in Japan. I can see why! That blocked off section is the Moon-Viewing Wing.

Out at the moat.

More moat!

WTFFFFFFFFF Disney castle coins?????

Taiko-mon Masugata (square-style double gate).

My mom loved this rock. She wanted it for her garden.

What's going on here? I don't know.

Our pass to the castle included admission to the nearby Matsumoto Marugoto Museum, so we checked it out. We learned about local history and local crafts.

I love this little bookstore(?) crammed between two boring buildings.

Temari (thread balls), one of the specialties of Matsumoto.


Koma-Inu! This one is the partner of the previous one.

Mommy ate one of her apples while we were at this shrine, she said it was one of the best she'd ever had. We watched people feed and get swarmed by pigeons.

Grasshopper rocking horse… rocking insect?

I just thought this looked kinda neat.

Giant clock in a building!

More temari!

Get your anti-bear spray here!

I hadn't eaten since breakfast and it was well into the afternoon. I bought ice cream to stave off my hunger because I'm a healthy kid.

Do I spy an Animate? =3 But it was not a day for animate, I could resist the pull.

Waiting for the train back to Nagano~

Caught a Shinano train back and I fell asleep on the train. I don't know why I still so tired.

We were going to try to get our tickets from Nagano to Kyoto, but I had messed up. I thought there was a shinkansen connecting the two, but there wasn't. Instead it was a 4-hour ride, which killed my original plans of leaving Nagano early and going to Himeji before checking into our hotel in Kyoto. It was completely my fault, I was upset, I was PMSing, I was tired, and I made the mistake of complaining that we were staying at another ryokan that's way out of the fucking way so we'd never have the time to do what I wanted. Plus, ryokan make me feel super uncomfortable because I always feel out of place. My mom got all upset because she was excited about this next ryokan and said that if I was so upset, maybe I should just find a different hotel that I'd be more comfortable in. This just made me more frustrated because it wasn't her fault, I had agreed to these places, I was angry at myself and I told her that, but then she got all defensive? When I repeated that I was mad at myself because it was completely my fault, she got even more defensive and a little angry. Gwah. I shouldn't have said anything, the whole afternoon argument was because of me, but then she started doing this martyr thing that my sister does and it was definitely not helping.

Apples, 'cause you know, they are an area specialty~

Li'l itty bitty creeky weeky.

Olympics yeaaaaaah.

This bus was covered in children's doodles. Very cool.

A bar? Maybe?

We wandered around for a while to try to find a place to get food. I get cranky when I'm hungry and I was already frustrated because of all the other junk that had gone on during the day, so I was very "whatever" about places my mom suggested. She wanted soba (another area specialty), I just wanted food. We finally settled on a little place and she had her soba. I just had curry. I was fading fast, so mommy let me head back to the ryokan by myself. I took a shower (in the shared bath! I'm super uncomfortable showing much skin in public, so I washed really fast to avoid anyone coming in), messed around on my computer some, and passed out.

So that day sucked. SUUUUUUCKED. But the castle was awesome. The next post will be about an amazing day, I swear!! Most of my trip ranting is over now. M…most…
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