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Japan Trip 2014: Tokyo B: WORLD TRIGGER, WORLD TRIGGER, and WORLD TRIGGER, 10/05/14

Somehow I have not uploaded any World Trigger userpics yet. That's crazy.

Warnings: 40 pictures, worksafe, light swearing, extreme fangirling

I didn't mention this in the previous post, but we found out after we arrived in Japan that a typhoon was on its way. This was Typhoon Phanfone. My mom was crazy worried about it, but I wasn't too bothered. It was the 18th typhoon Japan had experienced just that year, so it couldn't be too crazy, right? But yeah, mommy was worried, especially since we were spending the day apart. Phanfone wasn't supposed to hit Tokyo until the next day, but still… she's my mom, as she says, "it's her job to worry."


I made sure I was up by 6:30 for…


Taking photos of a tv is stupid but I'll do it and post them because it's World Trigger! And it's Osamu, my beloved baby brother! ♥

Shame the anime is pretty much awful. Bad animation, bad pacing. But the story and characters are still fantastic!! I still enjoyed it because I was watching it as it aired in Japan. Goddamn am I a weeaboo.

Got breakfast with my mom at a local coffee shop called "Precious Coffee." It was nice and quiet, but a storm front pushed in by the typhoon, or perhaps the leading edge of the typhoon itself was dumping buckets of water all over. We exchanged our rail passes and then went our separate ways. I travelled to Tokyo Big Sight. I wasn't sure which stop on the monorail was mine, usually I can just look out the window and tell, but the monorail's windows were completely fogged up so I just took a guess and miraculously got it right.

I was at Big Sight for Borderline2, a World Trigger-only event!! AHHHH SO EXCITING!!! I was really nervous too. Really really nervous. Luckily, shiroro met up with me and kindly took care of me. Thank-yoooooou!! ♥♥♥

There were a number of "only" events going on that day… I don't remember all of them, but I think there were Final Fantasy, Haikyuu, Daiya no Ace, Magi Prince, Fate, and a Souske-oriented Free! ones. We first stopped at Kurot's table and picked up her Haikyuu book. I had no idea it was Kurot (whose I'd been following off and on for many, many years) until later, hahahaha. I should've put two and two together when Shiro told me about her being from Canada and some other stuff! We walked around the Final Fantasy area, then headed to the World Trigger stuff. Shiro talked to all the artists for me so I wouldn't have to stumble over my cringe-worthy Japanese. She helped me give chocolates and copies of the English version of World Trigger to artists I liked too. Thank-you Shiro!!!!! I was so scared, and you swept all that fear away. GUYS SHE EVEN LET ME PUT MY GAJILLION BOOKS IN HER BAG. GAAAAAHHH ♥ Ran through the Sousuke section to pick up some books that a friend had requested, but wasn't able to get too much because I was running out of space and money, hahahaha, oops.

They had themed food, kyaaa~ The World Trigger food is dorayaki!

THE SPOILS!! Most were mine, but some were for friends. After giving away all the goodies I brought, they were juuuuuust able to fit in the Thousand Sunny bag I bought the day before.

Our doujin shopping done, we huddled over our books and hurried to the train station to head for Ikebukuro. Shiro suggested we put our bags in a locker (genius!), I got some more money, and we headed through the rain to Sunshine City.



(please produce more promotional art, World Trigger anime)


We were heading to J-World because they were having a World Trigger event. They had a big cutout of the main characters out front. ♥

We looked around real quick and then headed to the J-World Kitchen for food.

First round: Replica bread and melon soda!

Kitchen eating area!

Ramen Ichiraku from Naruto!

Shiro got Tachibana's mochi!

Then she got the Replica cake.

Another view. It was sesame-flavored!

Another shot of Replica bread! (Replipan!) It had sort of a butterscotch filling in it?

I also got the Trion Cakes, I think the white one was lemon and the black one was sesame.

Close up of the cookie. I got a little too excited and bit into it before taking a picture. >_>;;

You got a random coaster for every World Trigger food item you got, and these were our spoils! We traded so we could have our preferred characters' coasters. XD

After food it was time for World Trigger games! This Rad was above a stamp area (collect the five stamps, get a card).

Cut outs in the main World Trigger game area!

Anime designs too! I took close-up pictures or every single one of those sheets, lol.


For anyone who likes KuroBas! They were having a Halloween KuroBas event, I guess.

We joked about how our power levels would be on this scouter, and I knew I was going to get a power level of like… five, but somehow I was crazy powerful! It must have been all the fujoshi energy I had that day.

This picture sums up my life.


World Trigger postcards. If you brought a copy of any WT book, you'd get… two, I think? It was a shame we didn't know, because we had copies in the locker we'd put our stuff in. I brought a book the second time I went and got some postcards then!

A glorious wall of color pages!

My Hero Academia, people, My Hero Academia. It's flipping adorable and lovely and awesome and I love it so goddamn much I can't take it. This was a ACTUAL DRAWING. IT'S GLORIOUS. This is easily my second favorite series to run in Jump in a few years (World Trigger is #1, of course.). I want to work on this series so badly, I can't express it in words. My freaking SANITY was saved by this series (story in later post, haha). I just. This series. I love it.

White board for fans to draw on! They had a section where you could write Ashihara-sensei (the World Trigger mangaka) a note, so we did. Mine was TERRIBLE and SAPPY and REALLY FANGIRLISH.

World Trigger info boards!

Congratulations to anyone who made it this far! You've pretty much gotten through the heavy fangirling!

J-World wasn't just World Trigger, of course! We checked out the rest of the place. I had just started reading and watching Haikyuu, so it was a treat to see the Haikyuu stuff!

Best door sign?

So cute!

HNNNGHHH, they're all so great! T_T~♥

Big Jump mural!

And then we left J-World. What a fun place! I'm definitely going back next time I'm in Japan!

Shiro said this was just a regular bike store, but when Yowamushi Pedal got big they took advantage. Very smart, bike store! Very smart.

We wandered around Ikebukuro, looking at different shops before having to split up and head back. Thanks again, Shiro! You're incredible and I had an incredible time!

I got back before my mom did (we only had one key), so I just read doujin in front of our door. I only read worksafe ones out there! I took off my shoes too, because my feet had gotten soaked from all the rain. Luckily only one person passed by while I was waiting. It must have quite the sight! XD;;

Stuff from Borderline2!


And another of these Monster Hunter drinks!

Thanks for reading!
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