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Doodles: World Trigger, Psyren, Pokémon, World Conquest Zvezda Plot, + Asst stuff

It's been a while since I posted doodles. The last year or so has been pretty busy, so I haven't been drawing all that much. I've been drawing a lot of World Trigger stuff because it's my beloved baby, but maybe I'll just post most of that stuff together later. It's very silly stuff.

22 images, sexual references in text, otherwise worksafe!

Holiday card for my His Favorite editor. I never know what to draw for him, so… dicks.

Pretty crappy Osamu from World Trigger for the Jump Team's holiday card.

Grumpy Miwa from World Trigger for my World Trigger editor's holiday card. I used to hate Miwa, but now I rather like him. I like his newly super fluffy hair and his tsun-tsun-ness. He'll start to turn on the dere soon! I'm sure of it!!

Tegami Bachi for my… yeah, Tegami Bachi editor. I tried to make it tiki-themed because she really likes tiki stuff. This is one of my favorites of the holiday cards, it was really fun to draw!

X card! Wanted to just draw Inuki, but it was looking boring, so I tried to make it more like a tarot card. Nekoi is the Stength card, so Inuki is also Strength? Kinda? I think my X editor's favorite character is Seishiro, so I drew a Death card on the other side.

My other favorite card of the bunch. I had JUST read Psyren 16 for the first time and was blown away. Some of the imagery is really cool, and I wanted to draw some Nova Psi stuff.

Ruby and Sapphire for my Pokémon Adventures editor! Recently finished work on the Ruby/Sapphire arc. Sad times, it's my favorite arc. Ruuuuby!!! ♥

Toya and Yamimaru for my Millennium Snow editor!

Rikuo from Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan and Kasahara from Library Wars for the editor of those series! I wish I had redone this one. =(

Shokichi for my Terra Formars editor. I filled the card with cutout cockroaches. =3

Pokémon gathering for the editor of the Pokémon Movie 16 manga. I added Genesect in at the end because it seemed like something was off.

For my Hide and Seek editor. It's always the boys love titles that stump me when it comes to making cards!!

As the picture says, filling this was my New Year's resolution, and I juuuuust made it with a day or so to spare! Huge assortment of things in it, all sorts of fanart, comics, cosplay notes, monsters, and original character work.

Drew this for N7 (November 7th) day! My beloved Shepard: John Cake Shepard.

I got into Yowamushi Pedal, then found out they had some official goods where all the characters are kitties, so I doodled this.

Kon from Tokyo Ravens. Really enjoying this series, and Kon is adorable times a million.

My quick ema contribution to pixiv's 10,000,000 user ema celebration thing.

The latest Yozakura Quartet anime series was really awesome. I hope there is a sequel at some point (and not just another retelling, lol).

Osamu doodle! I'm so happy he sorta looks like he should! Much better than the Osamu card I had earlier in this post. Evil Shiroe from Log Horizon on there too.

I'm really enjoying World Conquest Zvezda Plot, which is airing this season. Asuta is my favorite.

Another Asuta. Doodled this at Starbucks. I sorta like how it turned out, I'm sad I drew it on crappy paper.

Annnnd that's all for now! Thanks for looking!
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