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The Emperor's Army - San Francisco 2013

Yeeeeeesh, it's been forever. I've had all these things I've wanted to post about, but I wanted to post a bunch of photos with them and I've been super lazy lately and didn't want to sort/resize/etc them. And I kept telling myself that I shouldn't post until I posted about older things, but I'd never post older things, and it's been this terrible cycle of never posting. Gah.

Life has been good. Busy, but good. Went to Japan Expo USA at the end of August, had a great time (will probably post later on it, hahaha). Been playing lots of Tales of Xillia and doodling something for every day I play it. I've been posting them to my twitter, but I'll post them all here too once I finish the game (I'm pretty close to the end now). Nur proposed and I accepted, so we'll get married at some point. Nur and I went to Hawaii at the end of October to attend the wedding of Melissa, my bestest Poké Pal. I had a blast, and there will definitely be lots of pictures from that later. Halloween was lots of fun, had a great time stalking around my parents' place, then hanging out with Minna no Anime people over the weekend in SLO for the MnA party.

Now let's get these posts about things a million years ago going!

Warnings: Some of the swears, rambling, possible misinformation. 30 images, work safe.

In the spring, the San Francisco Asian Art Museum had an exhibit on Qin Shihuang's legacy; his grand tomb complex. Of course, the big focus was his terra cotta army. I went with Nur and my dad. I tried to convince my mom to come, but she said she saw the warriors when the exhibit was in LA a few decades back and didn't need to see it again. Never mind that this was a different exhibit with different warriors. Well, I'm a history junkie and she's not as much. But!!! Missing this exhibit! Oh, it breaks my heart. And we really lucked out because there was some sort of street fair going on and it was only $5 per person to see the exhibits instead of the usual ~$20. Sweet!!

They had a lot of items that were buried with the warriors, like these chariot parts. Sorry that some of these are sorta fuzzy, I took all these with my iPad and the room was darkened to protect the warriors.

One of the warriors! I think there were 8 in total. This guy is a general.

The general again. The guy right behind him is an officer, and the one right after him is a calvaryman. (I think!)

An officer. Or maybe another general? Hmmmmmmm.

I HAVE NO CLUE. This guy's style of outfit isn't on the handy cheat sheet of rank clothing styles. Let's say he's an astronaut, because… why not?

OH I GOT THIS ONE. It's a horse. Probably from a chariot. It's actually a bit small in person. If I recall correctly, it's head is lower than mine.


Another um… astronaut.

Same horsie as before.

Stone armor. Probably not for actual use, more just symbolic.

Stone helmet. Also probably just symbolic.

An officer. He looks pretty young to me! That last… astronaut… looked pretty young too.

THIS GUY. HE'S AN OFFICER. BUT THIS GUUUUYYYYY I LOVE HIM. His face was painted a greenish, and that might mean that they thought he had magic/spiritual powers. But I've also read some other suggestions… that his face was painted green, which symbolizes youthfulness, to show he's particularly brave/skilled/etc, because the army should always be lively. I've also heard that the painter was colorblind and mixed up the green with the usual pink, or that he was a sniper, so it's camouflage. I like him having magical powers best. He's just… so different than the other. I took so many pictures of him because UNGH this guy. All the warriors are insanely impressive, but this guyyyyyyy. ♥

Same officer as the one from two pictures ago. He's probably a bit upset that I was gushing over his bro so much and not him. Sorry! You're awesome too!!

Some harness buckles. Because simple buckles are for losers.

I think these were bells from the chariots.

Some sort of vase.

Detail of vase.

Tile-end mold with a tiger and a deer.

Incense holders…?

Kettle? It's like a cat riding a fat dragon!


Sooooo… I knew the first emperor's tomb was ENORMOUS, but I didn't know it was SUPER MASSIVELY ENORMOUS. There are the pits for the warriors and what-not, then in a totally different far off section, there are other pits, for musicians, artists(?), and beautiful birds like this crane.

If cranes aren't your thing, here's a duck.

I love the green-faced warrior, but this might have been my favorite object of the exhibit. This guy just does not give a single fuck. Look at him, riding that donkey (horse?), going, "fuck y'all, I'm coming through and ya best be getting out of my goddamn way." He's not going to deal with anyone's shit. Gaaaaah, I love him.

Reproduction of a chariot.

This (and the objects in the remaining images) are from the regular collections. I don't remember where this is from, but I think that's sanskrit around it's collar. Sorry the reflection is so strong, I wasn't able to get a clear shot of this pretty creature.

I just… that creature on the right. I don't… It's amazing.

My favorite object of the regular collection. Every time I've visited in the last five or six years, I've tried to sketch him.

This trip's sketch… didn't turn out so hot.

Next post… will probably be about prop making? Yeah, I think it'll be about props.
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