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Various recent happenings

It has been FAR too long since I made a proper LJ post. I meant for this post to be about Comic Con, but that's only half-written and I don't have the energy to finish it tonight.

But yeah, went to Comic Con a couple weeks back and had a great time, but I'll ramble for pages and pages about that in another post. The weekend before that, my brother, dad, Nur, and I went to an A's game vs the Red Sox. Great game, the A's won, had great seats, everything was great. Except that we left like an hour later than I wanted and missed out on the giveaway for the game; a Reddick jersey replica. Reddick is my favorite A's player, I wanted that, boooo. My dad told me I could leave early to get one, but I wanted to go as a family, so… bah. Oh well, I can make my own or something.

The day after the game was my dad's birthday and it just happened that my uncle and aunt from SoCal were staying at my parents' place that night on their way to Seattle! We had a nice dinner with lots of pleasant conversation.

Last week Nur kindly took me to a local jewelry shop… to get my A's hat signed by Eric Sogard! Because for some reason he was signing there? He's really cute and seems nice and now my hat has a nifty signature on it! The next day we went to the J-Pop Summit in J-Town and participated in the Real Escape Game which we TOTALLY WON (along with like 600 other people BUT STILL, we've never won/escaped before). Saw awesome people there too, and it was generally just awesome.

Uhhh what else has been going on… oh! The always lovely Jump crew was kind enough to let me join them on last week's (7/29's) Shonen Jump podcast! I give terrible opinions and advice! I'll also be on the next episode (8/5's), because I happened to be in the office that day, but I'm still terrible in it, so yeah. But I did get to talk a bit about two books I worked on that are coming out on 8/6 (Nura 16 and Tegami Bachi 14) and say a few words about Ayatsuri Sakon. The awesome editor for Blue Exorcist is on the 8/5 podcast too, with some great Blue Exorcist discussion. The podcasts talk about the current Jump issue, so beware of spoilers!!!

I went to visit Viz on Friday and ended up coming home with a box of books because I'm a manga loverhoarder. It was like 30lbs and I had to drag it from about Pier 39 to the Embarcadero BART station which is… pretty far if you're trying to lug around a box of manga. Nur came to my rescue and ended up carrying it the last four or five blocks to the BART station and then from our stop to his car. T^T~♥ Like I told him in my plea-text for help, my eyes are much bigger than my muscles. Then we came home to three big boxes from RightStuf, a bajillion books from like… four different HUGE orders from the last three or four months. It was manga madness in our apartment, got something like 125 new volumes in total yesterday. Where the hell will I put all these? At least right now I feel pretty satisfied with all my manga… stuff. Like there's nothing nagging in the back of my head, reminding me to pick up this or that. I should have pretty much everything I follow preordered for the next few months and hopefully I should be able to avoid any major orders or manga splurging.

Oh, I also got the Tsuritamas BluRays in from Sentai yesterday. Love dem fishing boys. SPEAKING OF WHICH! Anyone want to cosplay Haru from Tsuritama at Japan Expo USA? We have a Yuki, a Natsuki, and an Akira (with Tapioca!!), but no Haru yet. =(

I'm also trying to finish up John Doe from Dream Eater Merry for Japan Expo USA, but I'm sorta thinking I'll just take it slow and wear it for Minna no Anime's Halloween Party? Ehhhh… I haven't decided.

Went to another A's game today, another lovely game, but I slept terribly the night before and the sun during the game sapped my energy. And I also got sunburned, lol.

It's been sorta busy lately, but in a fun way. Good times.

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