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Cosplay: Inga (Un-Go), Hakuoro (Utawarerumono), and Utsuho (Itsuwaribito)

Fanime starts tomorrow and while packing my costumes, I realized I never posted anything on LJ from my last photoshoot from last November, lol. So I finally picked out the ones I liked.

But before that! Fanime! I'll be there the whole time! I'm working during the con and I don't know my hours, so I don't know how much hang out time I'll have, but hopefully I'll be free in the evenings! We'll see! If you want to hang out, send me a text! If you don't have my number, let me know and I'll DM it to you. Let's have fuuuun. =D

Warnings: 31 pictures, lots of stupid stuff, OOC woooooo yeah

My parents kindly let me do these shoots in their house and backyard. They have a beautiful backyard, so it was really a nice place to take pictures.

Last year I cosplayed Inga from Un-Go for the Minna no Anime Halloween party. It's a fun costume, and I love the panda hat. It' minky, so it's super soft. =3 The wig's not too great, I should probably redo it, and the shoes are tight and the bells on the shoes fall off all the time. But it's still a fun costume and when the bells are actually on the shoes I jingle with every step, hahahahaha.


It was a terrible crime, resulting in the instant death of a detective's assistant.

Ha ha, just kidding, you can never kill Inga!

Then I decided to go outside.

Loki wasn't too pleased with my appearance.

But then I told him the benefits of being a detective and he was okay with me.

Honestly I took this picture because I like my one glove and you obviously can't see it with the panda paws on. =3

Let's explore the arbor!!

I now rule the entire backyard!

Gadget was even more against my costume than Loki.

Then I magical girl transformed into Hakuoro. Please ignore the terrible mask and the too-short wig. I made this for the 2011 Minna no Anime Halloween party.

It's the capitol's grounds~

Ughhhh that massskkkk. I'm pretty happy with the rest of the costume though.

I talked to my dad about making Hakuoro's steel fan, but after some discussion and research, we couldn't find a way or actually making it work. I think it works through ~*animation magic*~ in the show.

And now it's Utusho time!! I'm pretty disappointed with the main design (All the white paint) because it's quite messy, but the stuff on the headband and the obi turned out pretty cleanly. I made this for last year's San Diego Comic Con, but I only wore it one day because the leg bands and sandals rub really badly and hurt after a little while.

See Pochi? This one is a bomb. That one is just poison. (HAHAHA SO OBVIOUS WHEN I'VE PLAYED WITH ALL THE SETTINGS IN PHOTOSHOP!) Pochi is made of a very soft fleece. I made the pattern myself and it's a really easy pattern, so if anyone wants a little tanuki friend, I can scan it for you. (It's far from perfect, I had to fix tons of little things as I was sewing him, just FYI.)

Loki may not have liked Inga all that much, but he was all purrs for Utsuho!

I love this cute big boy!

But then Loki left. =(

Let's go exploring~!

Alright, that'd enough of that.

No, no, this one is just salt. THAT one is the poison, Pochi.

Like I mentioned earlier, these were taken in November. But there are still tomatoes there. What the…??

Pochi decided to go get some figs.

He ate too many and had to be carried because he was soooo full!

It's the old swing set! I mean… UH. AN OLD FORT UTSUHO IS ON. YEAH.

There are monkeybars on this swing set OLD FORT.

Exploring the backyard is tiring.

Oh! A maple! Let's uh...

Hide in its enormous branches! Okay… that doesn't work so well.

So then we tried to look like badasses and failed utterly. But at least Pochi is pretty cute.

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