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Once Again, It's Con Season.

Mentioned it last post, but things have been pretty busy what with work being busy and conventions right around the corner. But things are going alright! It's stressful, but fulfilling at the same time!

So Fanime is less than three weeks away. This may not be my final costume list, but most are pretty firm:
->Colonial Jack Frost (Rise of the Guardians) - The outfit is almost done, but I won't be able to do any of the frost embroidery on anything until after Fanime. It should be done for Comic Con. I hope. I still have a lot to do on the staff and in all likelyhood it'll end up a huge mess, but it lights up by my touch! So at least it'll have that going for it. And also I might electrocute myself with it. WHOOPS. I'm working on measures to prevent that. Ugh, and I have the wig to do too. Lots and lots of work to do with the wig. @_@
->Jacuzzi (Baccano!) - He's been done for ages, but I'm redoing the lining of his vest, so I gotta make sure to get that done before I forget. Again.
->Sadou Maou (Hataraku Maousama)- Super super excited about this costume, actually. I still need to make the MgRonald patches, make his horns, seal the pauldrons, make his cape, and style his wig, but he's getting close to being done. I probably won't have the MgRonald embroidery on his shirt or hat for Fanime because I'm not going to rush it myself and because the local embroidery place hasn't gotten back to me, grrrrr. But oh gosh, I think this costume is going to be a lot of fun.
->Inga (Un-Go) - He's done, but I might touch up his wig. Not sure if I'll bring him or not.
->Yuki Sanada (Tsuritama) - He's done, but I don't know if I'll bring him either, pretty much because I'd have to bring his fishing pole, and I don't know how the prop load will be yet. And I want to make a Hemingway apron, but I don't think I'll have time to get it done before Fanime.

I had a bunch of people over in March for a movie viewing party. We watched Wreck-It Ralph, Rise of the Guardians, and ParaNorman. I had a lot of fun, I hope everyone else did too.

I made a sign to help people find our apartment. I hung it on the lamp next to our front door. It's based off of the tapestries from Rise of the Guardians, but I rushed it so it's not very close and the paint had weird wrinkling issues at parts, hahaha!

We had desserts based on each movie. A big chocolate cake for Wreck-It Ralph because UHHH IT WORKS SOMEHOW OKAY? It says "I'm gonna wreck it!" on it. I actually had the party because I wanted to get this cake from Costco but it's way too big for just Nur and I. For Rise of the Guardians we had mint chocolate chip ice cream that I jammed a Jack ornament in, lol. ParaNorman's dessert was a chocolate and peanut butter pudding dirt cake. The "dirt" is Nutter Butters and Oreos smashed up, yummm~. Then Nat made a freaking DELICIOUS fruit tart. Oh gosh, it was so goooood.

Another shot of Norman's dessert. There are seven little gravestones for the seven accusers~ =3

Then we moved Norman to the Wreck-It Ralph cake and he got a bit dirty.

At the end of March I went to Tucson with my cousins to visit my grandma. Grandma has dementia and she hasn't been doing as well as we'd hoped lately, so my oldest cousin thought maybe we could all get together to see her and also hang out as cousins. There were six of us cousins; three cousins, my two siblings, and myself. Plus one cousin's (really awesome) boyfriend. It was great to have fun cousin times, but grandma… Yeah, she's not all there anymore. She had no idea who we were and would not respond to "Grandma." (We had to call her "Milly" to get her to react.) Pretty depressing. It's no surprise that she doesn't recognize us (we all knew there was a very slim chance she would), but it still hurts. The trip overall was nice, it was good to see everyone and get away from my apartment for a few days. My brother and I travelled together, and that was nice. One of flights home was delayed though and I ended up getting home at midnight on a Sunday. I was tired, but I felt really bad for Nur, who picked me up from the train station and who had to wake up early for work the next day. =(

We missed Easter because of the trip, so we celebrated it the next week. We're not a religious family and Easter moves around, so it wasn't a big deal. I wore my (ugly) Bunnymund hoodie set. As we hunted for the eggs we had decorated the previous day. It was fun. =)

Some of the eggs. Every year we have to at least have an egg decorated for each member of the family, so the blue "G" one is for me. My name is on the other side. The G is the Rise of the Guardian "G" and there are frost-fern patterns on the side. It's hard to see the design on it, but the egg to the left is for my kitty Dyson. It's a picture of Dyson's usual scowl.

Cheater egg designs. Another Adam Jensen egg like last year and one for Cubby, the king of bread and donuts.

The other side of the eggs.

And here's those pauldrons I'm working on for my Maou outfit:

The angle of the bottom layers isn't quite right, but it'll work. I'm pretty happy with them. It was my first time using worbla. What an interesting material! I asked for advice on which version of his pauldrons to do (there are three: novel version, anime version, and manga version) and everyone said to do the round manga version ones, but I couldn't figure out how to make them as smooth as they needed to be, so I ended up going with the easiest ones I could make. U_U;; I don't want anyone to think I ignored their opinions, I just… couldn't figure out how to make the round ones.

And there's a tree in our little backyard that now has little berries on it and a young squirrel was hanging out on it last Friday, so I took a couple pictures. It let me get really close!
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