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Bancho Effect: A Half-Assed Comic or Something

Sorry I haven't been commenting much on entries lately! Cosplay and work have taken over my free time. But I've keeping up with my friendlist! …Just not commenting.

But yeah. I drew something half-assed. I've been playing around with the terrible, TERRIBLE idea of a TERRIBLE Mass Effect High School AU thing. And High School AUs are almost always TERRIBLE, so yeah. I wanted to make something dumb but amusing, so Bancho Effect was a-go. I started this idea like two years ago and every six months or so I get really into it again and doodle a bunch of horrible things and never really do anything because my art sucks and stuff. But I figured if I kept waiting until I was a good artist to draw the stories I wanted to play with, I would never get around to drawing them. SO DOODLE COMIC, GOOOOO!

Warnings: 4 images, terrible art, characters off-model everywhere, terrible handwriting, probably not amusing. Also sorta spoilers for the beginning of Mass Effect 2?


…I REEEEEALLLLLY don't know how to draw cars, can you tell?
Tags: bancho effect, doodles, gaming
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