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Japan 2012: A Little Osaka Love (09/14/12-09/15/12)

Warnings: 37 images. Fangirling, swearing, and… yeah.

After going to the Yokohama BayStars store the day before, we were really excited to jump on a shinkansen and zoom down to Osaka to go to the Hanshin Tigers store. After minimal research, we got on a morning train and spent three hours traveling to Osaka. It worked out alright, I had bought a bunch of games to play on my iPad and hadn't started any of them, so I put a couple hours into Infinite Blade II.

We got to Osaka Station with no problems, but then had all the problems getting to Koshien, where the store is at. We had to take a specific train line that was supposed to go through Osaka Station, but we couldn't find it. A kind old lady tried to help us, but she was stumped too. She suggested we go on a different line and transfer at another station. So we did. And got lost? It was a mess.

I like that the doors on both sides of the train open up in this station.

Slot bless us, everyone.

We finally made it!! This is Koshien, the goal of every serious high school baseball player! This is where the high school championships are played.

And our goal! Tiger Shop Alps!

Another shot because dammit, we spent a long time getting here. XD;;

I had a great time going through the merchandise and was able to get a Tigers happi coat, which I had wanted since my first Tigers game in 2008, and a jersey. I had a couple jerseys picked out, based on a couple players I thought were pretty cool, but they were sold out of my size in all of them. I ended up buying To-Lucky's jersey. He's the main mascot for the team and his jersey number is 1985, the year he was created. It's also the year I was born, so I thought it was appropriate. =) Nur wanted a shirt with just the team logo on it, but they didn't have any that was just that, so he got a washcloth and I shamed him lots. Or at least I tried to.

Rwar, go go TIGERS!

Koshien Stadium! There's an overpass or something in front of it, so I couldn't get a good picture.

Ramen shop across from the stadium with a Tigers vending machine. Cooool~!

These are two of the mascots for the Tigers, To-Lucky and Lucky. There's a third mascot, Keeta (Keyta? Kiita?), who I believe is To-Lucky's little brother. Nur and I developed this whole headcannon where Keeta and D.B. Starman (the Yokohama BayStar's mascot) are buddies and go to the same elementary school/preschool and Keeta spends 99% of his time try to get Starman to stop eating random crap he finds.

P.S. The Tigers have the best mascots BY FAR. Though Starman is pretty cute and I guess the Orix Buffaloes actually have (cute!) buffalo mascots instead of the weird kids they had a couple years ago.

This is the largest beer can I've ever seen.

There's a storm coming.

We made it back to Osaka Station with absolutely no problems. Turns out the line we needed to take was on the other side of the station… and we just didn't find any signs pointing to it. =T

We hit the storm wall as we were riding the train. It was like no rain then all of a sudden ALL THE RAIN. Visibility was maybe 200m, the rain was that heavy.

Cute ad from the station.

There was this cool mural too.

Another bonus of going to Osaka was going to the Pokémon Center there! It was right next to Osaka Station, so it was pretty easy to get to. Bought way more than I thought I would, but it was still lots of fun.

In Osaka Station.

Shops 'n stuff in the station.

Still raining outside. It was fun to be on the level we were at when I took these pictures, because we could watch the trains come in.

And watch the people too. >=3

Made our way back to the shinkansen platforms. I clapped my hands twice and...

Summoned a train.

I was itching to draw on the way back and OF COURSE I hadn't brought my sketchbook, so Nur let me use his ekiben box.

This was my ~60min drawing. Not very good. It's supposed to be Suzaku (HOW DO YOU DRAW BIRDS?), Seiyruu, Genbu, and Byakko. The bottom of the box I was drawing on was styrofoam, so I had a good time trying to put texture on it. …Still didn't make the picture acceptable, lol.

Goods from the day! From the top left, down in columns: A Kamen Ride Fourze towel that was from some Fourze lotto? I happened upon it randomly at a 7-11. Uhhh, then there's a keychain PokéDoll Whimsicott and a PokéTime Growlithe clearfile. The Whimsicott is Baby Eiji, or Beiji, because I have a full-size Whimsicott PokéDoll named Eiji. Haha. I had bought a Blitzle PokéDoll at the same time and named it Shima. If you get the Eiji and Shima reference, you are totally awesome. Next column… a Joshin patch I got for spending over ¥10000 at the Tigers store, my To-Lucky jersey, a washcloth for my cousin (she asked for something Hello Kitty that wasn't available in the states), then some stamps (Terrakion, Landorus, Kyurem, and then I think the little ones are Terrakion and a Reshiram?). Next column: a Detective Conan vacation brochure (haha), my Tigers happi coat, a couple Pokémon candy tins, some gym badges, and a Virizion charm. Next to all that is a Pokémon Conquest cloth… thing.

The next morning we went to a shrine. It was pretty close to our hotel and I had walked by many times but never checked it out.

This is Shitaya Shrine. Enshrined here are deities for harmony, business success, and happy marriages.

I love all the talismans/stickers/fuda/whatever on the gate.

Looking down a path to the next street over.

What a happy koma-inu!

Awwww, this one is so happy too!! They're SO CUTE!!!

Baby shrines!! Does anyone know what these are used for?

Do I want to see the Inari shrine? Don't mind if I do~!! …though… a repeating pattern in the shrine was the sheafs of wheat, which seems to be a symbol Inari, so… maybe it's overall an Inari shrine as well? But then wouldn't there be kitsune at the main building instead of Koma-inu? Hm.

Lots of kitsune when I turned around from the shrine too!

This one even had a little kitsune hiding behind it!

There was a whole army of cuties here!

They had some chickens too. =3

Avengers had come out in theaters recently, and a shop near our hotel had decorated their store in Marvel superheroes, perhaps to celebrate/capitalize on it.

We went to Tsutaya to pick up some books, then to Akiba where we split up to look for other books. We met back at the hotel later.

After meeting back up, we headed out to Shin Nakano Station to go to Madhouse!! jen_kat's fiancée Yoshi works there and kindly gave us a tour. *_* It was SO COOL. We got to see all sorts of works in progress and he told us all about the industry and the anime creation process and then answered all our stupid and fan-ish questions. It was AHHHH SO AMAZING. IThank-you, Yoshi!! And thank-you jen_kat for getting us in touch so it could happen! ♥♥♥

Unfortunately, we rushed from there to get to Tokyo Dome for a baseball game and forgot to take pictures of the building to put with our other anime studio pictures. Oh well!!

Fuse ad in the train. I WANNA SEE THIS MOVIE!!!!

We rushed for no real reason and got to the area with PLENTY of time to spare. I headed over to the nearby Jump Store to get something for one of my editors. They had this display up. Nur stopped by another store to get an Evangelion Giants shirt. I teased him, saying it showed he was actually a Yomiuri Giants fan, and not really a Tigers fan, but he says he's just going to pretend it's for the San Francisco Giants, because he IS a fan of them.

I am SO ready for this!

We were on the second level for this game and the slope of the seats is pretty crazy! The stadium also seems kinda small from up here. Luckily, we were in the section for Tigers fans! =D I wore my jersey, but Nur didn't want to wear the happi coat. Tch.

The Tigers won the game, 2-0! GO TIGERS! I recorded some of the cheers from Tigers at the end of the game. We tried to join in the chants and when it was all said and done, an elderly gentleman we sat next to shook our hands and we smiled and laughed with so much happiness because GO GO TIGERS! What an awesome game.

When you leave Tokyo Dome the pressure difference is so great you get sucked out of the building. =D

The subway was (understandably) packed, but we made it back to the hotel and crashed.

Next time: The Grand Festival in Kamakura!!

There's probably just two updates left. Almost at the end!
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