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Japan 2012: Anime Studios Part 2, Fate/Zero Café, and Yokohama (09/12/12-09/13/12)

Warnings: 32 images, rambling, talking about things I don't know about.

Woke up later than usual because gaaah, DisneySea was so tiring! I sent an email that was like six pages long to my family, we got breakfast, and jumped on a train for the day's adventures!

I sat next to a girl who had two cellphones. She played music (no headphones) on one and kept checking the other. She would put the music one away into a pouch(as it still played music), zip it up, and check the other one. Then she'd take out the music one and zip away they other one, then put away the music one, and on and on. It was really strange. It wasn't a calming phone switching either, it was very fast, almost like there was an emergency call on the each phone each time she'd switch it around. Strange… but amusing.

Our train ride took us on some suburban lines we had never been on and we ended up in Iogi.

It was time to be creepers around Shaft's offices!!

They had cute little a Madoka car there.

Homura is on the other side, along with the seeing eye dog(?) poster she's on. I think it's Homura? I haven't seen the show.

We walked a few blocks away and came upon...


They had No.6 and a FMA poster inside. I was so SO tempted to just walk in and start fangirling, but I resisted!! My giddiness amused a couple employees though. Sorry guys, I just GAAAAAH BONES GAAAAAAAHHHHHH I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH OH GOSHHHH

The side of Bones. Nondescript building, gooo~

While we were waiting for a train, we noticed something in a vending machine I could not resist...

THIS CAN IS FABULOUS. I wanted to keep it forever. But I didn't. *le sigh* Just look at that smooth bastard.

We went back to Nakano Broadway. I think we were going to try to see the Kozaki Yusuke exhibit at the pixiv gallery (I can't remember if that was this Nakano trip or the one from a few days before, I didn't write about it in my journal), but it didn't open when it said it would. We even stayed around extra in hopes that it would open, but when it wasn't open like… an hour after it was supposed to, we just called it quits.

We shopped around a lot too… Nur looked at a bunch of doujin and I was trying my best to keep my wallet in my pocket, but when Nur found a little set of El Shaddai figures, the dam broke and I ended up buying a Night Rikuo figure and a Touma (Toaru Majutsu no Index) figure. I had been tempted by the Rikuo before (I letter Nura, and sorta wanted a Nura thing for my desk) and I really wanted a Touma figure because he's the main character dammit! All the girls (who I really like, don't get me wrong) get a million figures each, he should get a couple cool ones too! The one I got is really cute, it's like a petite Nendroid sorta figure? I wish Accelerator had one too! XD;; I also picked up a few doujin by Kenichi Muraeda. I tried SO hard not to buy them, but KENICHI MURAEDA! And they're Hero Cross Line doujin and I'm so into that universe and ARGH. The chances of never seeing them again were too high. B-b-b-bought.

Shame-filled bags at my side, Nur and I skipped back down to the ufotable Café for lunch. Because Fate/Zero was still airing (or had just finished?), it was all Fate/Zero-themed. Fate/Zero Café, GO!

We were seated at an old arcade cabinet.

Okay, fair warning, I actually haven't seen any Fate/Zero either, so my comments may be way off the mark.

I sat with the Rider pillow because he's my favorite (shut up, I love him even if I haven't watched it yet…)

Nur sat with Caster. They didn't sell these pillows which is probably good, because I might have bought like… all of them.

We bought got the same lunch, something with fish and carrots and rice and I dunno. It was surprisingly good!! I was sort of expecting crappy food. I guess they change the plates they serve you with based on the current promotion? It was still the Fate/Zero Café, but it was the "For Next Generation" promotion, so it everything was Fate/Stay Night characters?

They had special glasses too. There were four special drinks, one for each of the next gen kids. I tried Rin's, Nur tried Sakura's.

They had a little gallery (no photos allowed, sorry) on the side with production art from Fate/Zero's last episodes. I tried to just glance over them because I was afraid of spoiling the series for myself. My favorite items they had were the script covers for the episodes. They had stupid and fantastic doodles on them… the Indiana Jones Kiritsugi, Rider and Waver playing video games, and Kamen Rider parody ones were my favorite and bleh, wish I was able to take pictures of them!!

We bought some plates of character we don't know much about because they were cool and lugged our now very heavy bags over to Shinjuku for a poster tube (to ship my Tsuritama poster home) and tape (to tape our boxes for shipping and taking on the plane). I bought pens for my mom and I and found my final switch! I HAVE ALL THE BASIC ASTRO SWITCHES NOW. I don't have any of the über ones from the movie and I don't have all the other rider switches (I have maaaybe half of those?), but I have the "regular set" and I'm happy with them.

Air Bomb Trinity Bra. For when you… well… Uh… because Rose of Versailles.

The day's swag! Right upper corner: Night Rikuo, Touma, El Shaddai figures, Cosmic Astro Switch, and pens. Upper left: the bag we got from Fate/Zero Café to hold our purchases, under that are my Kenichi Muraeda doujins, then the placemat from the café. Next to that are the coasters we got for buying the special drinks, and then the big clearfile I bought to keep the placemat safe (SO CUTE, Y/Y???), and under everything are the plates we bought. Berserker and Rider are mine, Saber is Nur's. I was pushing him to get the Caster one because it was cute, but he said that he didn't know the show at all, so he'd get the one with the only character he sorta knew. Well, Saber is cool too, but… phooey.

The next day we headed to Yokohama. We had rail passes and weren't really using them much! We had planned to go to Yokohama at some point and maybe head up to Sendai or Nikko for crazy day trips, but we only did one of the three. Eh, oh well. We still had fun.

This is…? Maybe the town hall or something? I swear I saw an old picture of a blimp tied to this building at some point.

I had done a ton of research on things to do in Yokohama, but towards the top of the list was the Yokohama Urban Development Museum! It's a small museum and right above the Eurasian Museum and we decided to buy a combined ticket to see them both. They were both very neat! The Eurasian museum showed some neat trends in cultural development across Eurasia and had a set of old coins, including a coin that some people think was given to Judas as part of his betrayal payoff. How crazy would that be if it was?!

The Urban Development Museum showed how Yokohama developed over the years… from the sewers and the zoning to water and gas lines. It was all in Japanese and I didn't understand all that much. I wish I was better with understanding the language! Still, what little I did understand and was able to glean from the images and diagrams was incredible. My brother's job covers topics similar to what the museum talked about. I think he would have enjoyed it. I bought him a map and some art postcards of a few of the famous buildings from Yokohama for his birthday/"look I got you something from my trip."

Outside and around back of the museum were some examples of bits of infrastructure from old Yokohama. I think this is… old sewer?

This is an old gas pipe.

The Eurasian and Urban Development museums are in here. I think Eurasian is 3rd floor, Urban is 4th?

Gas lamp! This was made by R. Laidlaw & Son in Glasgow. After seeing this, all I could think of was the scene in the 10th Detective Conan movie where they were talking about the gas lamp district. But then I couldn't remember if that scene was in Tokyo or Yokohama and it bothered me for a long while. And I still haven't checked and now it's bothering me again. I need to watch that movie again.

Oh, surprise! I wanted to go to these too! …but I wasn't feeling very good, so we skipped them. Maybe next time!

The museum building we were in! You can see Nurakins photographing the gas lamp.

Newspaper boy in front of the Yokohama Media and Communications Center. Yokohama was where Japan's first telegram, daily newspaper, and telephone service began. This area includes a Newspaper Museum and a Broadcast Library.

It was such a shame we had come all the way down just to do so little in Yokohama, but my body was whining to me and we started to blindly flail our way towards a train station.

Our path took us to the Yokohama baseball stadium! This is where the BayStars play!

We couldn't resist that adorable mascot! We had to go in!

This is their new mascot, D.B. Starman. We thought it was a cat with stuff in its cheeks, but I've been told it's a hamster. That makes more sense. But that doesn't explain why he's trying to eat that baseball.

Now he's trying to eat TWO baseballs!

Starman compared to the previous(maybe still in use?) mascots. Yeaaaaah, Starman is way cuter. Sorry star-people.

It was about here when we realized that we both wanted Hanshin Tigers merchandise. We had tickets for a game a few days later and we originally figured we'd just buy our merch at the game, but hey… the BayStars have their own shop at their stadium, the Tigers probably have a shop at their stadium! WHY NOT GRAB A SHINKANSEN AND GO TO IT? We have rail passes! We CAN DO THIS.

If I'm interpreting this right, this points towards different areas. Like, you want to go to Ishikawacho Station? Find the name and walk straight from there. I'm really not sure though.

I played with the color to try to get this to come out more but it didn't help much. This is a dragon, I think? But there may be a ribbon behind it? Or maybe the dragon has a ribbon body? I don't know what this is for. Chinatown perhaps? ?????????

Chariots? Trojan Horses? I recall reading about an old racetrack, so I'm going to guess this points to it.

We found a Moss Burger before we found the station. Om nom nom! I got a burger with a rice bun. It was tasty, but the bun was covered in sauce and it made it a little hard to eat without making a huge mess.

Swag from the day. Starman candy tins, the map and postcards for my brother (put in cute little bags and sealed with ADORABLE cat stickers, and a small stack of Fuse flyers. I really want to see Fuse, like, REALLY badly. But it didn't come out until October. Booo. I was going to buy the super duper edition release (come out next month, yay!), but it doesn't have subtitles. Boo again. I'll see you at some point, Fuse!!

Next time: Tigers Tigers TIGERS! Baseball and Madhouse!
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