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Japan 2012: Tokyo DisneySea (09/11/12)

Warnings: 154 images, fangirling, swearing, whining, and probably mistaken information about art and architectural styles

About half of these photos are mine, half are Nur's. If the picture looks good, it's probably Nur's.

We woke up early and started our train-hopping to get out to DisneySea. It's like an hour or so from Ueno and we wanted to be there for rope drop at 9am (or was it 10am?). While transferring trains, we met a station worker who chatted with us as we waited for the next train. He lived in Orlando for a while and told him he liked San Francisco a lot (he asked where we were from).

Arrived at the Disney station!

You could go over and go to the Disney Monorail or Ikspari (which is kinda like Downtown Disney, I guess?), but Nur decided to save money and walk to DisneySea instead of taking the monorail. I gave him the choice, it's not like he demanded we walk or anything. I was cool with walking. I wasn't cool with him not know where to go though, I had told him that if we were going to walk, he'd better know the way or else I'd be upset. Well, I was upset because he didn't know the way. I just wanted everything to go right!! It all worked itself out and we made it in one piece to the gates of DisneySea. We bought our tickets and got in shortly after rope drop.

Halloween in the park had just started, so there were cool decorations everywhere! You can see Fortress Explorations off in the distance.

Fortress Explorations again with Mt. Prometheus, the centerpiece of the park behind it. There were people actually already finding spots to sit here for one of the shows.

A quick shot of a wall in Mediterranean Harbor, the area of the park you enter from. I love the trompe-l'œil shutters. (Yes, I had to look it up to figure out how to spell it.)

I knew what I wanted to go on first, so we rushed over to Mysterious Island and got tickets for Journey to the Center of the Earth and got in line to ride.

A drill doing it's job.

"Are you ready for THE COOLEST RIDE? You better be!"

The theming for the ride is AWESOME, as usual for Disney parks, but this is just SO up my alley.

It's time for SCIENCE!!

The different areas this ride will take us. The something-or-other, the crystal caves, and the lake of fire.

I wish I had time to read the book there...

I know this picture is crap, but LOOK AT THE COOL BIRDY!!

The only bad thing about the line being so short was that we weren't able to take pictures of EVERYTHING.

This is the map of where the elevator Terravator takes us. Down down dooooowwwnnnnn TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH!

Almost at the ride loading area! We tried to take pictures of the drill/shield-esque cars you ride in, but I was told no pictures, so alas, I have nothing good. I don't know why I couldn't take pictures… maybe they thought I was going to take some on the ride itself? Naw, I was WAY too busy enjoying myself. Skip the next paragraph if you don't want the "story" of the ride spoiled.

This ride guys. THIS RIDE, NNNGHHH. You get in your car and go around a bit and enter the Crystal Caves, then an area where there are tons of weird animatronic beasts and lots of blacklights. It's a little disappointing, because I think blacklight effects are pretty cheesy 99% of the time. But you quickly leave that area and there're flashing lights and you go down the wrong tunnel(?) because something is wrong with the usual one(?) and you enter caverns where there's water and lightning. Then you hear rumbling and the ride warms up a bit as you pass by still cooling lava. A shadow crosses over the car and fire, REAL FIRE burps out of a cave in a wall, close enough that you can clearly feel it and you turn a corner and there's a HUGE FIRE WYRM CREATURE that roars and slashes at you!!! It's probably the coolest monster I've seen on a ride. You need to get away, so the car starts rushing forward and you're in complete dark and you're going so fast and then you start to go uphill and you really should be slowing down because you're going uphill, but somehow you're still going faster and faster and then there's LIGHT! And you're coming out the side of Mt. Prometheus and you see the sky for just a second… and then you're in the dark again, screaming around corners a incredible speeds and then a teeny bit more light and—!!!! Back to darkness, then the unloading zone. It's SUCH a cool ride. If you want to see what it looks like, you can watch a video here.

Out in Mysterious Island. The cooled lava flows are everywhere.

The drill we saw earlier, but now from the outside.

The path down to 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, which we also went on. It and Journey to the Center of the Earth are the only rides on Mysterious Island. 20K Leagues Under the Sea is a journey… under the sea with Captain Nemo. And who doesn't love Captain Nemo?

Speaking of Nemo, here's his ship! The Nautilus! SO COOL!!! Captain Nemo is such a badass. *_*

Vulcania, a restaurant. The architecture on the island is all Victorian-steampunk-ish and SO COOL.

The island isn't actually an island at all, it's an area built onto Mt. Prometheus. The area is based heavily in Jules Verne novels and is [bias]the best area in the park.[/bias]

We had a little while before our fast passes were useable, so we walked over to the nearest "land," Mermaid Lagoon.

Hm, looks like it's under construction.

Arabian Coast is nearby too!

Looking back, you can see the wall of Mysterious Island.

King Triton welcomes us to Mermaid Lagoon!

Pretty much everything here is aimed at younger audiences (while the park itself seems to be aimed at a slightly older audience than let's say… Disneyland), but it was really fun!

We went on those teacup-looking things in the bottom of the picture and they were actually really fun! I was surprised! I thought they'd be sorta lame.

The theming is great.

I really loved these sea slug lights.

There was a big play area with places to explore and net walkways. We had lots of fun.

SHARK! Nur took this for Cubby, who loves sharks.

The Sea Dragon!

Sleepy Whale(?) gift shop.

It was Fast Pass time, so we hurried back to Journey to the Center of the Earth!

This is just before the loading area.

After another whirlwind ride, we decided to head over to the Lost River Delta.

Looks like someone's in the area. Good guys? Bad guys? Hmmmm… maybe this is Indiana's plane...

Lost River Delta's Halloween Celebration was very Dia de los Muertos-ish. It's called "Fiesta de los Esqueletos" (Festival of the Skeletons?). We missed the parade for it (too busy with rides!), but it looked like there were really cool costumes.

Our first ride in the area was Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Crystal Skull. Don't worry, there's no relation to the movie!! Well. The line here was like a gazillion hours, but we didn't realize how… "Disneyland" this Disney line was until we were maybe 30min into it, and by then we decided to wait it out. It was really hot and humid and we were MISERABLE. But the theming was cool, everything was Mayan-themed.

The temple itself is huge, imposing, and GORGEOUS.

As we were in line section, oh, let's say 1 of 4, there was a girl who found a praying mantis standing in the middle of the line area. A few girls were scared of it, but this girl decided to give it a nudge to try to get it to run to safety. It did run… up her leg. She knocked it off and it got really aggressive, but eventually she was able to get it to safety.

FUCK YOU, RIDE. FUCK. YOU. It's like a hundred degrees out and you have FUCKING TORCHES? NO. Just… NO.

Lovely statue.

I want this. Hell, I want half the stuff in this ride, but this may be my favorite out of the Indiana ride stuff.

We finally got to section 2 of the line and there were sections directly in the sun and it was terrible and I was dying of boredom, heat, and anger. Everything everyone did made me angry. So angry.

Oh bless Tezuka! Is it time to go inside? Shade! Cooler temperatures!!


And then we were back outside. But there was this awesome serpent, so that was nice. Hello, line part 3.

Then finally, FINALLY we made it into the ride building (line part 4!). It was still probably 40min-1hr in here as we slowly climbed our way up ramps, but at least it was air conditioned! And there was this snake wrangler statue guy! At his feet were tons of skeletons.

Murals lined the walls, showing the great power of the crystal skull.

Also Quetzalcoatl, because don't mess with Quetzalcoatl.

Indie's research area.

The ride is pretty much the same as the Disneyland version with slight differences (no real blacklight areas, instead of some painted walls Disneyland has there are sculpted areas), but still very awesome.

Raging Spirits! We got fast passes for it, because screw waiting in a huge line in the heat again!

We had a little more time before we could use our second Journey to the Center of the Earth passes, so we went to the Arabian Coast.


And a cool tiger!

But no tiger at DisneySea was as cool as MUTHERFUCKIN' CHANDU. Sindbad's Storybook Voyage is the type of ride that seems stupid but it's BADASS. Think It's a Small World crossed with Pirates of the Caribbean. The animatronics were pretty cartoony, but the ride is about Sindbad sailing around with his tiger cub BFF Chandu, kicking ass, making friends with other badasses, and bringing cool things to his hometown, all set to the extremely catchy "Compass of Your Heart" written by Alan Menken.

We had our Journey fast passes, so we rode it for the third time.

Our next destination was Tower of Terror! We decided to cut through Fortress Explorations, which looks incredible. Oh, what's up on the second level through the gate…?

Oh shit son, it's Leonardo's flying machine!

Fish fountain!

A big ship anchored next to the fortress.

Looking across the water for the first time to American Waterfront.

More American Waterfront!

Still Waterfront, now in the Cape Cod area.

Cape Coddddd

I gotta say, it really does look Cape Cod-ish… not that I've been to Cape Cod.

All over the park they sell flavored popcorn. Curry flavored, black pepper, sea salt, carmel, etc. We got some Apple Cinnamon Popcorn at Cape Cod.

You can see out to Tokyo Bay! The real world is out there!

Leave me along, real world, I'm at DisneySea today!


Toy Story Mania is over that way. We didn't go on it. We didn't even try. It had opened up fairly recently and I heard the lines were something like six hours at times. Yikes! Maybe next time.

Whereas I guess the other Tower of Terrors are technically "Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror," this one is different. DisneySea is actually owned by the Oriental Land Company that licenses the characters from Disney. If they wanted Twilight Zone ToT, they would need to license Twilight Zone TWICE, once from Disney and once from its… other... owners??? That's what I've heard. So they were like, "Naw, son, we'll make up our own story for this."

The story for this Tower of Terror is that there's this guy, Harrison Hightower, who was a super douchebag that stole stuff from all around the world. He opened a hotel and put a bunch of his plunder in his hotel. One day, he stole the wrong item! He took the cursed idol, Shiriki Utundu, which… well, cursed him and caused his elevator to crash. Hightower himself was never found, but now the elevators are all cursed holy shiiiiit.

This was another long line. And it was still hot. At least the vast majority of the line was in the shade!!

The line took us through Hightower's side garden, which was filled with statues he had taken and plants he had collected on his many journeys. I don't what this is from… maybe some sort of Hindu god? I'm going to take a stab at where I think these would originate. Let me know if you actually know what there represent!

Greek? Victorian?

British Middle Ages? But… LOOK AT THAT DRAGON'S FACE PFFFFFTTTTT oh my goddddd I love it


On the left maybe Buddhist? Hindu? Then another Greek(?) Sphinx. "You're STILL here?" The Sphinx asks. "Ugh, please just leave."

Looking up at the tower.

Western European?


Hindu? Gosh, I feel like my guesses are getting worse and worse.

This was really incredible in person. And I'm going to say it's… Assyrian.


I'm happy there was so much to take pictures of in this line. We were in it for a long time, but there was just so much to see!


British Isles?

Medieval, probably, maybe French? British?

ALRIGHT, INSIDE! That's Hightower himself. If you can't read it, the stained glass says, "The world is mine oyster which I with sword will open" - William Shakespeare

The interior the hotel was filled with Hightower's stolen swag too. I really like this dragon rug.

"'Sup? Hm? You like my new wall decorations? These things? Oh, they're just old kings."

Love dat phone.

And what self-respecting Tegami Bachi fangirl and letterer would NOT take a picture of the mail boxes?

Even the ceiling was lush with art.

All these little windows had different shapes too… each section was different! You can't make them out well, but the painting underneath them showed Hightower and his butler stealing different works of art. It was neat to see the art depicted in the paintings displayed in the gardens or around the hotel.

More window styles.

The destroyed elevator.

Maybe my favorite of the plundered art. South Asian, maybe? Once they noticed the wild photographing, the cast members on the ride told me "no pictures." Again? Why? Kinda weird. It's like… right before I got on the rides photos aren't allowed? But we weren't even in the loading area yet. Oh well.

I had never been on a Tower of Terror, so I was in for a real treat. Such fun!!! And the view from the top of the tower is SO lovely!

It was time for us to use our Fast Passes for Raging Spirits so away we went! We cut through the edge of Mediterranean Harbor that leads to the Arabian Coast.

It was nice and quiet back here.

While we're here… This is Mediterranean Harbor.

Mt. Prometheus and Fortress Explorations. (And some ruins!)

Fortress Explorations and American Waterfront.

Mt. Prometheus gives us a bit of a show! Ever so often, the volcano would belch fire into the sky.

At the entrance to Raging Spirits we saw this box, ready to be shipped to the Hightower Hotel. =D

This ride is a rollercoaster with a 360 degree loop. The sign was kind enough to even show us the loop by having a section spin around at times. Neat!

Snakes alive!

Another snake!

Even though we had a fast pass, we had to wait in this one section for a while and it was SO HUMID. Terribly so. When it was our turn, we looked for an area around the seat to stash our belongings, but THERE WERE NONE. The cast members just told us to put the stuff behind our legs. UHHHH WAIT BUT WE'RE GOING UPSIDE DOW— NO! DON'T YOU "HASTA LUEGO" US! WHAT IF MY STUFF FALLS OU—

Nothing fell out. The g-forces were enough to keep everything in place, I guess. The ride was fun but nothing special. But we did get to ride in the front! We were in the front for two of our Journey to the Center of the Earth rides too. We headed over to Arabian Coast again so I could find a Chandu plush. BECAUSE I NEEDED ONE. I knew I wanted one even before we arrived (I had wanted to go to DisneySea for YEARS and had read lots and lots about the park).

I guess Jafar had a shop. Maybe before he became the Palace Sorcerer or whatever position he held? Welp, closed now on account of him being an asshole. And imprisoned.

Aladdin and Jasmine!! I know these two aren't all that rare at Disney parks, but DisneySea had some WEIRD characters running about. I've seen pictures of the Sherif of Nottingham from Robin Hood and Max the dog from Little Mermaid! Whaaaaat? We saw Bernard and Bianca from The Rescuers over in American Waterfront. Talk about characters I never thought I'd see...

Oh BUENO. A 2-story carousel!

I like this fountain.

We rode on the top level of the carousel. Nur was on an elephant.

I rode a griffin!

You could ride Genie too. If you know what I mean…

He was a carousel animal. That's what I mean.

We stopped to get a bite to eat. We each got a Chandu Tail, a chicken-dumpling sort of thing, juice, and split a little sundae.

The clouds started rolling in, but it never rained or anything on us.

Me and my new little Chandu!!

Part of the Temple of the Crystal Skull.

And the main pyramid for the temple again.

We decided to ride the Steamer Liner to Mediterranean Harbor. We really wanted to ride the whole way around the park, but the only boats that did that left from another dock. This was looking back from the dock. There was a Three Caballeros character meeting area or something here. Maybe it was just for Donald?

One of the boats and look out towards the front of the dock.

I took video of maybe half the ride.

It was getting dark, so things were starting to light up.

These are pretty much the same pictures I posted earlier just in different lighting, lol.

Well, I guess they're more from water level, so that's… a little different.

Okay, no, they're mostly the same.

We had gone on all the big-big rides we really wanted to go on, so we decided to explore Fortress Explorations.

The fortress is to the left, Mysterious Island is to the right!

We didn't go down to check out the ship, and I'm disappointed. Next time!

Hello there, flying machine!

I will conquer you!! Wait, this IS the right way to ride it, yeah?

Or maybe you sit this way? Sitting this way WAS more comfortable!! …even if the wings faced the other way.

There was a room filled with riddles and diagrams!

And planets too! I think one guy was trying to solve a riddle with the planets, but I went in and start spinning them around because it was fun. Sorry, I didn't mean to mess it all up, mysterious puzzler!!

Pendulum! Swing swing swing!!

Ahhh, everything is so pretty at dusk!

I honestly could have spent hours on the fortress.

So much to see, so much to do, so many cool little nooks and crannies.

This is an alchemy or medicine lab, I think.

We left the fortress and had a bit of time before Fantasmic!, which I really wanted to see (I love the Disneyland version), so we headed ot the one land we hadn't been to: Port Discovery.

Think of Port Discovery as the Tomorrowland of DisneySea.

This is Aquatopia. We didn't ride it.

This is Storm Rider. We did ride it. Spoilers follow~

This ride is about disabling crazy storms. You're led into a show area and split into two groups. A cast member comes out and explains that there are crazy storms out there but we have these big cool planes that shoot these missiles that in turn shoot out energy that dissolves the storm. The cast member showed us an example as one of these anti-storm gun-missile-things came down in front of her and shots at a tornado in water. The tornado disappeared and it was okay that she was in front of it because it doesn't hurt humans. Huzzah! Our captains were called and we entered the planes. Our pilot was Captain Davis, a hotshot asshole that almost killed us and the other plane like three times. The other plane got taken down because of… lightning, I think, and we were able to get to the eye of the storm and shoot the missile, but then it got his my lightning and came back at us and plunged through the ceiling, letting the rain and wind in and causing all sorts of pipes to break. There was steam spraying about and the rain kept hitting us. Luckily, the missile still shot it's anti-stormyness just fine and the storm dissolved… and we fell into the ocean and almost died. But we got out and flew home. We would have been JUST FINE if Captain Davis wasn't UTTERLY TERRIBLE.

I don't know if the other side had the same pilot or the same flight or what. I hear there are different endings. I even heard in one ending you crash into the water… and never come out!! =O The ride is a lot like Star Tours, but more… physical? What with the steam and rain and stuff. Though I haven't been on the new Star Tours yet, so maybe there are stuff like that on it now?

Looking towards Aquatopia again.

Mt. Prometheus! Always looking cool!

The Electric Railway, which seems to have… one stop. This one. I think it goes to the end of the track and then back again. I think there is some law that if a train takes you someplace in Tokyo, you have to pay for it? So one stop on this.

They were selling strawberry popcorn nearby and we needed some in our lives, so we got some. Yum yum~

Poor video of fire from Mt. Prometheus!

We still had some time before Fantasmic!, so we explored the Columbia, the cruise ship. It's really big! ..But you can't explore all of it. Just a few parts of a few decks.

It's still pretty neat. The Tower of Terror looks so cool at night!

It's a baby boat! Well at least compared to the Columbia.

Way out on Tokyo Bay, there's a bridge that looks like two little dogs facing each other!

We love Tokyo DisneySea~! =D

This buildinggggggg ♥

Columbia again!

The American Waterfront streets were all decorated for the holiday season.

I think these were actual gas lamps. I think there was an actual flame in them.

No one does theming like Disney parks. I love love love this.

I love this too! And the tilted vacancy sign, HNNNGHHH, this PARK!!!! ♥

We decided to find a spot for Fantasmic! We were sitting for a while, but then everyone had to stand up. I wrote in my journal for a while. By the time the show was about the start, Mediterranean Harbor was PACKED.

The building way back there, where it says "Hotel Miracosta," is an actual hotel. You can get rooms that look out onto the park. *_*

Fantasmic! was really cool, but I like the Disneyland one more. This one relied too much on projected images for my taste. It was really weird to hear a bunch of classic Disney songs in Japanese too, lol. Not bad, just weird.

We rushed over to Tower of Terror and were able to squeeze one more ride on before the park closed. I made a great used car salesman pose for the photo the ride takes, but I was too cheap to actually buy the photo and taking pictures with Nur's phone didn't work out so well.

Outside the park they had these great posters. I want some of these posters! LET ME GIVE YOU GUYS MONEY! LET ME HAVE THESE POSTERS!

Don't care for this one much, though I love the style.

Raging Spirits! Oh, we were riding in a mine cart? I guess that makes sense. It's been so long since I rode it now...

Loved the ride, but don't care much for this poster.


This poster is only so-so IMO. But Mayan temple YESSSSSS

We walked back to the train station on our aching feet and had to stand for most of the ride back. When we got to Tokyo Station to transfer, we had to walk what felt like at least a mile across the station to get to the right line. Honestly, there is no way we were in Tokyo Station for that entire walk!! It was SOOOO long! When we finally found our line, we happily made our way back to Ueno and dragged ourselves to the hotel. I took a shower and we slept reaaaaaal well. We were both so tired and our feet were so dead!

Purchases from the day! …It's really just Chandu. Nur bought a pin and I got a washcloth for my sister, but obviously they're not here. Chandu is clearly the most important purchase, so he's here and adorable.

Gwah, so long and rambling! Next time, the animation studio search continues with Shaft and Bones! Then!! ufotable Cafe! And maybe some Yokohama!! See you, space cowboys!
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