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Japan 2012: Tsuritama Tsuritama Oh Gosh Oh Gosh (09/05/12)

114 pictures, rambling, some foul language, Tsuritama x 10,000,000

I'm hoping to update this post later with screencaps from the show and references to which locations are from which episodes and all though, but I don't know if I'll ever get around it. I was holding off writing this post until I had all the screencaps and everything, but I'll probably never get it up if I wait to have everything! Sorry this isn't the "full" post I wanted. Hopefully maybe it'll get expanded later.

Some of this might be repeated from the Yuki cosplay post. And some of this might not make sense if you haven't seen Tsuritama.

We hopped on a train and rode south out of Tokyo. At Oofuna we transferred to a monorail because MONORAILS ARE COOL.

Hahahaha, it looks like a big slip 'n slide.

It's a hanging monorail, oh my glob!

And it's actually operated by hand! The local trains seem to be all computer-run, so Nur and I were having a great time watching the conductor actually work the breaks and stuff. SO COOL.

I took some video of the ride. =3

I felt like we could swoop down and carry the cars off.

Oh! The sea!


Ah, I think this is our destination.

We left the monorail and began our short walk to the sea. That shop had a really neat fish-text logo. If you look down the road and to the left, you can see Enoshima Station. The building is pretty much hidden, but it's right after the train crossing (of course). The metallic curvy thing there is a dragon sculpture. Fun useless fact: Enoshima Station isn't on Enoshima.

Oh Tsuritama fans, I think we all recognize this station! We first saw Haru here. =) This is station, Katase-Enoshima Station, is modeled after Ryūgū-jō, the dragon god's palace.

I wanted to find out about the Tsuritama Stamp Rally going on at the time, so I checked out this station. They had a stamp, but no stamp papers. Putting my pathetic Japanese skills to the test, I figured out one of the stations participating was Enoshima Station, which we had already been by. We headed back there, thinking maybe it'd be the start location, but there were no papers there either. We trudged back to Katase-Enoshima, where I attempted to unravel the mystery by talking to the station master. After some wild flailing and lots of repeating, I finally learned that you got the stamp sheet by buying a special "Enoshima-Kamakura Free Pass" that covered passage on the two train lines that the stamp locations were at. Of course, we bought our passes and got our first stamp, but decided to get the rest of the stamps at the end of the day.

The stamp location at Enoshima Station.

Dragon! There were dragons EVERYWHERE. =D

What's this? Ohhhh, it's the path under the street that leads to ENOSHIIIIIIMA!


But wait! We can't head out to the island yet! There's a few important locations on the mainland we have to see!

We'll be at you soon, you beautiful island!

While going to our first location, we found the Visitor's Center.

The flags, they beckoned to me. And I obeyed. The lady working there was very nice, we each bought an Eno-Pass, which covered access to the gardens, Sea Candle, the escalators, and some other things on the island. She gave us some brochures about the island and then gave me some Tsuritama themed flyers because "It looks like you're a fan of the show." How did she kno— oh yeaaaah, because I was dressed like Yuki that day. WELL NICE LADY, YOU ARE VERY RIGHT.

Included in the papers was a map of show locations. It looked a bit like this one (thanks, yoshi_x2!!) that we had used to map out our basic day plans earlier.

Welcome to Hemingway! Or… where Hemingway would be if it… actually existed. Instead, there is a man somersaulting over a fish!

I can see Hemingway here, in my mind's eye. RIIIIGHT HERE.

To the right of the previous pictures, it's a beach!

I think the ENO! SHIMA! DON! practice scenes happened, and where the sunset fishing scene from the opening took place.

I think this is where the first (conclusion-less) fishing competition happened.

And they sat up here and looked at the bracelets and stuff.

Alright, finally going to Enoshima for real.

Before I go any further, let me write out the Legend of Enoshima if you haven't seen Tsuritama or don't remember. This is word-from-word copied from a plaque at the Dragon's Bell.

"The Heavenly Maiden and the Five Headed Dragon
(The Legend of Enoshima)

Once upon a time, a bad dragon with five heads settles in the bottomless swamp among the mountains of Fukasawa, Kamakura ad tormented the people. The called this place "Koshigoe" and feared the dragon, because he would steal the children.

For many days, dense clouds enveloped on the sea in the front of "Koshigoe". For a short time, heaven and earth quaked violently. After that, a heavenly maiden appeared suddenly, the clouds cleared and an island appeared. This island is known today as Enoshima.

The dragon fell in love with her, and he proposed to her. But she refused him because of the bad things he did. Afterwards, he mended his ways and then was able to get married to her.

Today, the heavenly maiden is worshiped as Benzaiten in Enoshima. The dragon with five heads is worshiped as Ryukomyojin in Koshigoe Kamakura city."

Hello dragon on the right!

Hello dragon on the left!

Annnnnd, the bridge! Where lots of production art is based. And where Haru first saw Yuki.

One of the fishing locations, I think. That concrete pier thing on the mid-left side.

Still walking on the bridge!

And finally! We are on Enoshima!

Natsuki's family's shop.

The shop itself welcomes us to Enoshima!

And Natsuki's here too!

The torii next to the shop had some awesome waves at the base.

Walking up the road! That lantern hanging down there has the five-headed dragon from the island's creation myth. Dragons are seriously everywhere on Enoshima. EVERY. WHERE. It's great!!

I see you, Akira! You too, Tapioca!

Hey hey, it's the torii from the opening!

Looking back from where we came from.

If I'm not mistaken, it's the shrine Erika's grandpa is a priest at! Well, this isn't the main part.

This is the main shrine!

I was told that far building housed naked buddha statues, but I didn't see them myself.

Another dragon! This one was shown in the anime series Tari Tari!

Let's go up some more! See, Enoshima is really just a FREAKING BIG HILL that happens to be an island as well. They have covered escalators at parts you can take, and our Eno-Passes allowed us to go on them, but Nur and I were all, "PSSSHHHAWWWW, escalators are for LOSERS" and walked up the entire way. Later, as we greatly regretted our decision.

It's a lute with a map! See how tall Enoshima looks in the picture? Yeah. YEAH.

It's a little garden!!

And a cat!

Out there is all stuff we didn't check out. I really wanted to because STUFF IN TSURITAMA TOOK PLACE DOWN THERE, but by the time we had gone up and down the island's peak, we were much too exhausted and greatly in need of air conditioning.

Climate on Enoshima is WEIRD. We were there in early September, so you sorta figure maybe it would be getting cooler? NOPE. Still boiling! (Though it was very warm everywhere we went in Japan, not JUST Enoshima.) But on the island there would be pockets of dry heat and pockets of sweltering humidity. I can handle the dry heat just fine, but humidity makes me weak like a little baby. We would be in a nice dry area, take two steps and sweat would immediately race down our bodies. Not fun. BUT IT'S STILL A REALLY AWESOME PLACE TO VISIT.

Yeah! More incline! WE CAN DO THIS!

Yeah! Another cat!

Akira's hiding spot from episode 9.

Hm. I dunno why this is here.

Maybe this one was Akira's hiding spot? Oh, I should just look this up. If I update this post with screenshots, I'll make sure I note the right one.

It's the SAMUEL COCKING GARDEN! Kate works here!

Samuel Cocking was a British trader who lived in Yokohama and is famous for the greenhouse and gardens he build on Enoshima. There are foundations of his greenhouse in the front of the garden.

Ah, these foundations.

It's the Sea Candle!

Really gorgeous gazebo.

Look at how beautiful this thing is, nnnnghhh ♥

Okey-dokey! Sea Candle! It's actually on the Samuel Cocking Garden's grounds, it seems! You can take the elevator or stairs to get up. There's an observation deck surrounded in glass and one open-air one on top of it. Akira was up here in the first episode, and later Yuki, Haru, and Koko were up on the tippy-top.

We'll be heading this way next!

I can see where Hemingway would be from here!!!

I can also see where I thiiiiiink Yuki and Kate's house would be. We'll go try to see it later.

Another cat!

Good bye, garden!

Oh good! Going DOWN finally! …Even though this means we need to head up when we come back…

C—CONAN? What are you doing here? You are not an Enoshima-based show!

There were lots of places selling white bait dishes here. =)

Why yes, I did take pictures of every cat I saw.

Dragon shrine! This was my favorite of the many shrines, because that dragon sculpture is just too cool.

A hiding deer sculpture! And a map! We're about halfway to our next big destination!

Ahhhh, finally on the far side of the island!

A paraglider and a path to the sea caves!

There were lots of people out on the rocks near the caves… playing, looking at the tidepools, having snacks, fishing…

The sea fish of Enoshima!

From one cave to another!!

More on the way to the second cave. Akira confronted Haru around here episode… 8ish? Haru and Koko's ship is in one of the sea caves, though not either of the ones we went in.

I don't have any pictures inside the caves (my camera isn't that good, and the clearest cave picture Nur took was a cosplay shot), but they were really cool. One had all these short (maybe 18"-2'?) statues inside. The had speakers playing jangling sounds of a priest's staff. At one point, everyone was given a candle to light the way. The ceiling dripped and got really low at places. At the end was a tiny shrine that was said to be the original Enoshima Shrine. They say that you can sometimes feel an icy wind blow through from a cave on Mt. Fuji.

The second cave had grumbling and roaring sounds. Dragon sounds! Though we didn't know that until we got to the end of the cave and saw a dragon sculpture! So that's where the dragon lives…

Good fishing spots.

Turtle Stone!

I bet there are all sorts of other caves tucked away back here...

This is a sign for the Bentenmaru, a little ferry boat. Nur and I giggled, because we had been watching Bodacious/Moretsu Pirates, and that's the name of the main pirate vessel.

Earthquake -> Tsunami (Tidal Waves) -> REFUG

Locks at the Dragon's Bell. I believe the thought is that you put you and your beloved's names on a tag, you both lock it on the fence and… throw the key into the ocean? I think? Then your love is locked into place unless you get the key or somehow break the lock open.

I rang the bell asking for a good relationship with Nur. ♥ It was too loud! Made my ears ring terribly! The sound echoed off the walls! That plaque is where the Legend of Enoshima I posted up there ^ came from.


Okay Tari Tari. You're no Tsuritama, but you're pretty damn cute, so your flag gets a picture too. …EVEN THOUGH YOU NEEDED MORE SCENES ACTUALLY ON ENOSHIMA. Ha-RUMPH! These flags were allllll over the island. Seeing so many actually got us interested in the show, we had no idea what it was before.

The final kitty.

I'm not… entirely sure, but I think this is where Yuki and Kate's house would be. Duck Curry would be around here too, but I'm not… totally sure where it would be. Even with the help of the maps I had, I had trouble pinpointing these two locations.

We were heading down to leave when we saw a man feeing turtles! AAHHHHHHH


I filmed it for a bit because TURTLES.

Even the bathrooms had dragons.

I spy a Misaki!!

And Yuki!!!!

And a white girl cosplay as Yuki near Natsuki's house!

Alas, although we had planned to get some white bait bowls, we didn't have much of an appetite, so we decided to go on the… STAMP RALLY!

Otou-San is the best mascot ever.

This is one of the Eno-Den trains and oh gosh, it's so pretty!

This is what the inside looks like.

The side of the pretty pretty train.

Sorry guys, I just love trains. I think this was back at Enoshima Station, which had a lovely platform too!

Back there is the green style of train used in the show! I was too enamored with the blue train to get any good shots of the green one. Sorry, my Tsuritama fangirlness was eclipsed for a fleeting moment by my train fangirlness!

Tokyo is a candidate city for the 2020 Olympics!

Before leaving the area, I wanted to check out a nearby temple. There were two pretty close to each other. One, according to a quick search, seems to be the former Ryuko-Myojin temple? The other, the one pictured, is Ryukoji. I'm not sure, but I guess the first was the original, then it… sorta moved and became the new one? Hm.

Anywho, Ryukoji was where this priest was going to be executed but then there was this divine intervention in the form of lightning, so he was exiled instead.

You can see the main building through here.

Love that carving!!

The main hall, with the 5-story pagoda on the right. There's a stupa on the temple grounds too, but I didn't know that until just now. I wish I had gone to see it!

Carvings on the main hall.

Still on the main hall. Because I didn't think there were enough dragons in this post.

Back on the stamp rally trail! We only had one stop to go at this point! I like Trowa-esque hairdo in the ad on the left.

The final stamp!! We showed our stamp sheets to the station master and received our prize; fans! Nur didn't want his, so he gave them to me. We each got two fans (One has Natsuki on one side, Akira on the other side, and the other fan has Yuki and Haru), so with his, I could display all sides at once! HUZZAH!

Here are the stamps. Sorry Akira is sideways. And sorry Natsuki is so light!

We were pretty close to Kamakura, so we decided to just head back to Tokyo from there.

This was just off of the Enoshima-Kamakura platform at Kamakura Station. Come on guys, you don't… need this here… I'm sure I could… fit it in my luggage….yeah… yeaaaaaah….

Damn you Japan, and your endless supply of cute animal mascots!

Train stop at Akibahara. Nichijou ads!

My haul from the day! Approximately from the top, left to right: the fans from the stamp rally, the completed stamp sheet, (next row) the map of show locations, business card-ish things that I think advertised the iOS app? My Eno-Pass, a Tsuritama flyer, (next row) snacks, white bait curry, cookies, (next row) a pamphlet from the caves, and finally my tourist map! That map protected my Tsuritama flyers for most of the trip! my hands were soooo nasty-sweaty that it permanently warped the map. But the Tsuritama stuff came out almost unscathed! Thanks, Tourist Map!

Cookies! The have the faces of the boys on them. I still haven't eaten any. I should do that…

The side of the cookie box and the side of the snack box. The outside wrapper said they were supposed to be chocolate… somethings, but they were actually like… salt rice krispies? They were okay! Not great, not bad. I am pleased to announce that although it's a circular box and easily crushable, it made it back to my apartment without any incident! All the Tsuritama boxes made the trip back without any damage!

LOOK AT THIS BOX. LOOK. AT THIS. BOX. Is it not the greatest? …I haven't eaten this either, but I have it sitting in my cupboard.

Akira says it's delicious, so I guess I should trust him, right?

Nur and I are stamp fiends and we got all the stamps we could on the island. I'm linking them because there is a topless lady depicted in each of these scans.

Stamps 1
If you can't read my terrible handwriting: Purple is from Enoshima Station, the naked lady is from the Visitor's Center (but it is from the naked buddha statues at Erika's Grandpa's shrine), and the final one is also from the Visitor's Center and it's just a general Enoshima stamp.

Stamps 2
I got all these at the locations actually depicted in the stamp. Naked Buddha lady is from the Naked Statue area, though I didn't go in (JUST NEEDED ALL THE STAMPS), then the Samuel Cocking Garden, Sea Candle. Enoshima Caves, and a finally a temple with really cool statues. I have a much bigger version of this stamp as well, but I figured one version was enough. =)

Well, I think that's all for Enoshima. Again, maybe this post will be updated with screencaps and what-not, but I'm not crossing my fingers. I hope you enjoyed my ramblings!
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