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So I'm going to be like… doodling later...

Not going to work tonight because it's FRIDAY, DAMMIT, and I don't want to. So instead I'm going to doodle stupid things in Photoshop. Totally open to requests. Request it, I'll draw it, but it'll probably be a pretty crappy doodle (just to warn ya).

Things I'd love to draw from:
-Rise of the Guardians
-How to Train Your Dragon
-Persona 4
-Any Mystery Kids crossover stuff (Gravity Falls, ParaNorman, Psychonauts, Danny Phantom, Coraline, and pretty much anything with cool kids solving mysterious stuff… though to be honest, I don't know much about Psychonauts and Coraline… YET)

ALSO CROSSOVERS BETWEEN ANY OF THOSE LISTED FANDOMS ARE SUPER COOL. I LOVE CROSSOVERS. ESPECIALLY SILLY ONES. But yeah, if you want me to draw anything, just let me know. It's not LIMITED to what I listed, but those are things I'm pretty heavily into right now. Tell me what character(s) you want and maybe a prompt? You can also just shoot me a request over Twitter too.

Since I'm actually doodling these in Photoshop and not in my sketchbook, I'll actually get these posted at some point. I KNOW, RIGHT? I'm terrible at posting things people have requested in the past. They'll probably go up on my Twitter first, then I'll post all of them here at some point. If you request something using your LJ name, I'll reply with your request whenever I finish it too.
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