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Super FUN-FUN Days are AWESOME

So... work.

It's been a crazy couple of weeks. Like I said in an earlier post, few weeks back I needed to get my laptop repaired, so I wasn't able to work for five days. And of course, everything started piling up. I got my laptop back on New Year's Day and by then I had eight volumes due between then and mid-February.

Part of that was bad planning, part of it was unfortunate planning. It meant really, REALLY long days and enormous amounts of stress, but you know what? It's been working out pretty well. I set crazy goals that seem impossible, and if I reach them by a certain time on a certain day, I get to take a half-day off and bike to the theater to see a movie. I always see the same movie. Yeah, it's Rise of the Guardians. Hah. It's really relaxing, I can feel the stress just washing away each time the movie starts. And the bike ride is lots of fun! I really look forward to my "Super FUN-FUN Days," they allow me to have a shining light at the end of each dark, dark week. I'm going to be really sad when RotG leaves the theater. I guess I could see another movie, but… it won't be the same. RotG has become sort of a strange… security blanket, I guess? Maybe I could find a new place to ride to and spend some time instead.

I think (and hope!!) the worst of this rush period is over. I turned in the first draft of the fifth book on Friday, so just three more due within the next month (hopefully!!), and I'm not too worried. One I don't have any files for yet, and they other two are cleaned. One is 300+ pages, but there are only about 45 pages with sfx on them, and TONS of the pages have no dialogue or anything I need to put on them. It's LOVELY. *_*

Watched ParaNorman last week. IT IS AMAZING. I bought the BluRay and have rewatched it probably five times since. It's just SOOOOO GOOD. And the extras on the disc are really neat too! It's incredible to see all the details that went into making the movie. The authoring (?) of the disc is pretty terrible though… just bad design and stupid ads on the main menu? I mean, wtf? And there was an ad for the ParaNorman BluRay ON THE PARANORMAN BLURAY when I first put it in. But the movie itself is well worth the annoyance of the disc design. Seriously, go watch this movie. It's so freaking good. Probably the best movie I've seen in at least the last year (I may love RotG more, but IMO this one is better).

After seeing ParaNorman, I discovered the Mystery Kids fandom (????), which is like… uh… all sorts of mystery-solving, often super-powered kids doing stuff together, I guess? Most of the ones I've seen are Dipper and Mabel from Gravity Falls, Raz from Psychonauts, and Norman from ParaNorman. I've seen some with Danny from Danny Phantom, Coraline from well, Coraline, and a couple others. I THINK IT'S SO COOL. And now I'm rewatching Danny Phantom and you know what? Life is super busy and I feel like my head will burst from the stress half the time, but I'm SO happy. I've been having so much fun and I feel like I've been really productive with work and life is just great. =)
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