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Year in Art 2012


So work has been super busy lately, and I'll whine about that later, but I finished a volume I was working on a day and a half sooner than I was hoping I would, so I took a break to throw together this art meme thing that everyone and their mother did like three weeks ago. I uh… like to stay well behind the curve at all times.

Yeaaaaah, so I didn't draw much this last year. I have some doodles in my sketchbook, but I'm much too lazy to scan them. There are enough sketches on here anyway.

Let's see:
January - Sho-chan (Kamen Rider W) as a tiger because his series started in the year of the tiger…? I was going to do something like this for all the recent riders, but I uhh… I didn't even finish drawing Philip, so, that didn't really turn out.

February - I was playing a lot of Persona 4, so actually about 95% of my art from Jan and Feb are my daily P4 doodles.

March - And then I started watching Uncharted LPs?

April - And Uncharted 2 is my favorite of the series and I drew Nate on a yak. Yaks are pretty awesome.

May - Never got back to this one, it was going to be a Tsuritama group shot.

June - Never finished this Deadly Premonition picture either and now I can't bear to switch the banana out with the gun he's supposed to have.

July - Takama-ga-hara started in Shonen Jump Alpha and it's AWESOME and SCREW YOU HATERS GAAAAAHHH. I lettered it from start to finish, it was my baby series. ♥

August - My Bro Calendar page for the 2013 calendar. It's Commander Shepard and Garrus from Mass Effect. I actually worked off and on it over like three months, but SHHHHHHH. I started it in August.

September - I was in Japan for half the month, so most of my doodles are in my sketchbook, but here's a kitsune from Kanda Myojin.

October - I made this ugly display stand. That's all.

November - This is Ryke-Ora, who is a dragon but looks like a mix between a gila monster and a komodo dragon.

December - One of the cards I made for my editors. This one is of the main characters from Bonds of Dreams, Bonds of Love and is for my main BL editor. Wooo.

What a sad year for art. Let's hope 2013 isn't as art-barren.
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