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That Enoshima Japan Trip post is coming… some time. I honestly haven't even started sorting the pictures yet. It's going to take a while and I'm REALLY lazy. I mean busy. Yeaaaaah, busy. I'm hoping to get it up before Xmas, because almost all the posts afterwards will be like… "lol bought more doujin" so they'll go up pretty fast.

Life has been pretty much work-work-work-sit on my butt a lot-work a bit-more sitting around. But I did see a couple movies recently! I saw Wreck-It Ralph and Rise of the Guardians! Loved them both. I think I've only seen three US-release movies this year, and they were all CG animated ones, lol. (The others I saw were Wolf Children in Japan and the 1st Tiger & Bunny movie when it had its short run in San Francisco.)

Wreck-It Ralph was a lot of fun and had so many great nostalgic moments it. Nur and I had a blast seeing all the little easter eggs throughout the movie. The story was cute and the animation was lovely (as usual). And the short before it, Paperman, was HHNNNNNGH. Such lovely textures and use of color. I really liked that Wreck-It Ralph felt like a complete story. I felt they said everything they needed to say about the story and characters. Usually I go diving into AO3 or Fanfic.net as soon as I come back from a movie I like, but I just felt that there… wasn't anything else I was curious about with the characters, I guess? I'm not really sure how to explain it, just had no urge to read stories for the movie when I got back. But I really enjoyed the movie and am hoping to see it again with my family over Xmas break. It's sort of a nice feeling? I love reading fanfic and the what-not, but this is nice too.

Rise of the Guardians is a whole different story. I spent most of the movie internally flailing in glee. LOOOOOOOVED it. And came out of the movie ravenous for fic and have been steadily devouring it since. I'm about at bursting point with my love for this movie and its characters, hnnnnghhhh. Been drawing stupid fanart and coming up with all sorts of other stupid things I want to draw after I finish the volume I'm currently lettering. Ahhhhhh this movie just gave me so many strong feelings about just about everything in it. It hit me in all the right spots. So yeah, pretty much turned into a annoying, flailing fangirl for it. XD;; Sorry if any future fangirling about it gets annoying! (If it does, let me know and I'll try to calm it down a bit!!)

My work schedule has been weird lately. I was given scripts and pages WEEKS ago for two books that aren't due for over a month, and that just… never happens anymore. Over the last year or so, getting a month to complete a book is a treat. But over a month? Well Merry Christmas to me! But that also means I have those two volumes in various states of completion, along with the other books that are due sooner. This week I'm trying to finish a BL volume while doing the final corrections on some Pokémon. It's really weird to work on Pokémon and porn in the same day. Next week I'm visiting relatives and if my schedule holds, I'll be working on some explicit yaoi. I really hope… I can letter it in peace. I don't want my grandparents to see the hot man sex, but I have to get a lot of it done while I'm there, so… U_U;; Sorry, relatives. Annaliese needs to make money.

I've finally started using Spaces on my laptop and it makes me feel like a wizard. Want to check twitter or my email? THREE FINGER SWIPE and BAM! The space with my browser windows is there. Time to get back to work? SWIPE!!! And then I'm on my work Space. It feels like magic. I hope this feeling doesn't wear off the more I get used to it!

Oh? What's that I hear? I do believe it's Rise of the Guardians fanfics calling me! I MUST ANSWER THEIR CALLS!!!
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