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Thanksgiving Family Throwdown

Happy late Thanksgiving to those who celebrated! Hope you had your fill of turkey, potatoes, and pie!

Spent most of the week with some mild flu or something. I thought it was just food poisoning, because it was just my guts rebelling, but I had a couple nights of terrible fever dreams as well, so maybe the flu? Not sure. I just know it sucked. I had very little energy and it took me like… five days to do two days worth of work. UGH. Played an awful lot of Xenoblade though.

Yeah, so, Xenoblade. Still loving it. About 70 hours in now, trying to improve affinity with the towns and within my team, which means many many quests. I finally unlocked both Shulk's and Sharla's 4th Skill Trees today, hoping to get Reyn's 4th tonight. Dunban has had his 4th for a while, and everyone else has plenty of time before they even need a 4th Skill Tree, so I'm not worrying about them for the time being. I'm in ___(maybe spoiler)___ Field after repairing ___(that one character)____. Sorta happy about ____(that one character)____, but that means all sorts of work with Shulk and that character and I'm not sure about that yet, hahahahaha. Been drawing a collectable from the game every day for November since I'm not doing NaNoWriMo or anything, but I'm like a week behind. I'll catch up soon, I'm not worried.

Work has been going slow with the sickness junk, but it's coming in steadily. I have a script for the first half of a Nura volume that I've been chipping away at, a Tegami Bachi script (but I can't start it because there are no stats for it yet), and I just got the first volume for the last X/1999 omnibus. Oh, and I'm in the middle of a Pokémon volume. I was getting a bit antsy about things piling up but it looks like I have almost a month and a half longer to get the Nura volume done than I thought! Phew! And there's no reason to worry about Tegami Bachi yet when there's nothing I can do on it. We don't even have a due date yet because we don't know when the stats will come in or something. I can't believe we're at the end of X! It feels like I just started working on it recently! I guess it's been over two years though… feels strange. I'll have a big hole in my schedule where it was once I finish. Well… Psyren work should be starting up again, so I guess I'll hand off X time for Psyren time… at least until Psyren work ends. I only have a few volumes of that too! So sad!

FAMILY WHINING TIME!! Warning: Cursing and rambling!

The whole family was around for Thanksgiving this year: my mom, dad, older brother, and younger sister. I went over Thursday morning and stayed until Friday afternoon.

Thursday started alright. It's tradition to all pick out items to cook for dinner. I always make cheese puffs, these amazing baked heart attacks of heaven that are small bits of bread covered in a cheese and egg mixture. We have them for lunch and I've been making them so long, it only takes maybe an hour to get them done. I got there early enough that I did a bit of work and chatted with my brother as be made some pies. At a bit after 10, my sister comes down. We tease her, as usual, and she whines a bit, as usual. She makes some hot chocolate for breakfast and leaves. Maybe 90 minutes later, she comes back, asking about cheese puffs. I have just about everything prepped, but my brother is using the oven and I can't bake them until he's done. But she's HUUUUUNNNGRY and she wants them NOOOOOOW. Yeah, like that's going to make the pie in the oven bake faster. We tell her that she should have eaten a real breakfast but she says something like she didn't want to spoil cheese puff time. Well then, GET UP BEFORE 10. Oh noooo, she's on vacation! Why should she get up earlier! And besides, she was awake at 7:30! She just laid in bed until 10. She says she does this with some frequency.

Guh. GUH. WHAT? She just was in bed for two and a half hours? JUST LAYING THERE? Nur says maybe she was on her computer (oh, I sure hope so), but if she wasn't… GUHHHHHH WHAT? How does one DO that? That's so much wasted time! If she was napping, okay, I get that. If she was reading, okay, I get that. But if she was just laying there? Doing nothing? That's crazy.

Cheese puffs turn out okay, we eat and are merry, and then we all break off to do our own things. I get back to work and my sister goes to start the salad she said she'd make… and throws a hissy fit about the feta cheese my mom bought for her. It's not the RIGHT ONE, Mommy! Why didn't you buy the RIGHT ONE? My mom tells her it's exactly what she asked for, cow's milk feta (I think), but NO MOMMY THAT'S NOT RIGHT. My mom says she should have bought her own ingredients if she's gonna act that way, and my sister whines some more. Well. It turns out the cheese IS exactly what my sister asked for. When she finally realizes this, she changes her whining from "it's not right" to "it smells funny." Seriously? And then she gets the arugula out of the fridge and GAWD I CAN'T USE MOST OF THIS. I go to see why and it's because it's wilted. Hey little sis, that doesn't mean it's inedible. My brother tells her to put it in an ice bath and it'll fix that, but she either doesn't hear or just plain ignores him. AND THEN SHE LEAVES THE ARUGULA OUT. Oh, well now it's actually ALL going to be wilted. Good going. And when she's told she left it out? More whining! Bueno!

And then at dinner, there's more whining about not having the canned cranberry sauce (my mom made this seriously amazing pear, ginger, and cranberry dish instead. I don't care for cranberries, but I really liked this), and ewwww the gravy has nasty stuff in it and ughhhhhhhh. Frustrating. But the food was good. I tried to make some mushrooms with caramelized onions, but they didn't turn out. Everything else was really good though!

The next day, we woke up early to head up to Placerville to pick out our Xmas tree. I was feeling ill again, like my flu (or whatever it was) had come back, so I opted out of traditional tree-getting morning donuts. *sob* Donutttsssss!!! *sobsob* It's about a two-hour drive up there, so I brought my iPad and rewatched some Persona 4. Goooood stuff, rekindled my love for the characters. Got to the tree farm we decided on, found a tree we liked, and my mom decided to whip out her camera to take a million pictures of everyone. She does this every year and it's kinda annoying, but it's also one of those "let her do as she pleases and it'll be over fast" sorta things. She tells my brother to turn around so she can get pictures and he does his typical "I'm too cool for this" thing and turns the opposite way. She asks a few more times, so I poke him in the side a few times and tell him to just turn around and get it done with. He grabs my left wrist (my dominant hand), squeezes HARD, and twists it, making me cry out in pain pain PAIN. I yell at him that I'm going to slit his throat (not appropriate, I know, but I'm rather violent and was VERY mad), and he laughs and asks me to repeat myself. I tell him again that if he had actually broken my arm, I would have slit his throat (again, I apologize for the inappropriateness of that). My mom looks at me disapprovingly and my brother replies with something like, "Oh? Like you could!" And punches me HARD in the back, right under my rib cage. I cry out in pain again. This is crazy! I look to my mom and she looks at me, still disapprovingly. She tells me I shouldn't say those sorts of things. Wha—? My dad comes up at this point and I'm seeing red. "Why am I treated like this? It's not okay for me to threaten my brother verbally, but it's perfectly okay for him to physically ASSAULT me? That is NOT cool. He hurt me BADLY. I NEED this arm for work. I can't work if my left hand is mangled, and he very nearly put it out of commission, at least for a while." My family seems to think I'm… I don't know, joking? Because I'm just told to not get so angry and to calm down. CALM DOWN? I was FUCKING ASSAULTED. I'm LUCKY that my arm wasn't hurt any more. I tell them that I'm not going to stay in a hostile area that threatens my well-being and everyone is all "lol okay, good riddance." THANKS, FAMILY.

I don't mind getting a bit roughed up with my family. Little jabs, small slaps, stuff like that is usual. Hell, I could have overlooked the fucking full-force PUNCH as him just going a bit overboard with the roughhousing, but putting so much force into (seemingly) TRYING to injure me? Injure my WRIST? NO. That is way beyond the boundaries of okay. He had said something about him just getting back for poking him to get him to do what mommy wanted. Really? A few pokes to the side does not warrant that sort of response. It's things like this that make me worry that he just doesn't give a damn about others.

Anyway, I left my family and just walked a bit, cradling my wrist and seeing what sort of damage had been done. Luckily, it wasn't sprained, just sore. But even since, it feel like I need to pop my wrist but can't. And the back of my hand hurts when I move my fingers too fast. It's frustrating. He could have hurt me a lot worse and I'm thankful that he didn't, but I don't like this. After our chosen tree was cut down, my dad came to the area I was hanging out in and asked me about my wrist. I told him that it hurt and I was upset, both because I was treated like I was the villain and because my brother doesn't seem to care that he hurt me. My dad seemed to realize that I wasn't just throwing a hissy fit and that hey, I guess he did hurt me, but he told me that I should know how my brother is and how he acts. I told him it still doesn't give him an excuse to assault me, and he agreed. I felt good about that. I told my brother that I was upset with him and he told me I shouldn't have poked him. I dropped it there because there was no way I was going to get him to apologize. Perhaps I should have apologized for poking him, but I was too upset to do that.

We got the tree home safe and my mom drove me home. She asked about my wrist on the ride, and I told her what I told my dad. I think she thought I was just blowing things out of proportion too… until I talked to her about it. She agreed with me that my brother is too rough and needs to cool it and said maybe she'd talk to him about it, because maybe he didn't realize what he did. I think he does know, but I'm happy she was cool about it. =)

We decorated the tree last night, and things were okay between my brother and I. We didn't talk about me poking him or him injuring me. I know this is going to hang over my head and I'll be feeling it for a while (emotionally mostly, but physically too), but I just don't know how to bring it up without him just pushing all the blame on me… at usual. Maybe this is just a usual thing for older siblings to do to their little sisters? I don't know. I guess we were both in the wrong. I shouldn't have poked him (though I will stand by the fact that it was NOT hard pokes and it was just to get him to do what mommy wanted so she would not keep asking and asking and asking anymore), and she shouldn't have hurt me.

I don't know. And now I've spent all this time whining and my wrist is starting to ache. LOL, oh good job me!!

So yeah, it was a whiny, whiny Thanksgiving, but there were some good things too. And I'm feeling pretty much 100% flu-free now, I'm feeling good about work after a while of feeling so-so about it, and life isn't so bad, you know? Things seem to be looking up.

Thanks for reading, sorry for all the whining!
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