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Japan 2012: Life-Size Gundam and Comitia (09/02/12)

Woop woop~

Warnings: 36 photos, rambling, mild language

The best pictures were taken by Nur!

Woke up super early, like 3:30am early. Goddamn jet lag! But it worked out alright, because it gave me the time to catch up on internet stuffs and prep the next Takama-Ga-Hara chapter. Then it was breakfast at Andersen Bakery like usual. Nur forgot his camera at the hotel or something, so while he went back to get it, I went to Ueno park to check out a temple I had only walked by before.

They were opening a new shopping area near one of the park entrances. It was really neat to see things getting set up in there as the days went by.

Yodobashi Camera is in a neat, slender, curving building. To the left of it is Ameyayokocho, an old-style shopping street. I heard it's called that because it used to be a big candy-selling area ("ame" for sweets, "ya" for shop), but I've recently read that's just a old tale, so I'm not sure. There's a really good ramen shop about 50 yards from where this photo was taken. =9

Up in Ueno Park! This is Saigo Takamori, super badass from the Meiji Revolution. He's actually from way down south in Kagoshima. We learned a lot about it when we were down there in 2010. Now that I actually KNOW something about the guy, this statue is so much more exciting to see!!

Looking from Saigo, you can juuuuuuust make out the top of a building hidden in the clouds. That's SkyTree!! It was surprisingly close to us, and HUUUUUUUGE.

This is Kiyomizu Kannon-do.

It has this cool almost… stage-like area that looks over a slope leading to the road.

Side of the temple.

The sky is so blue! You would never guess it had been raining the night before!

Shinobazu Pond, filled with lotuses like it was during our first trip. (Herp-a-derp, we did go in the same season, so OF COURSE it would be!!) In the background, you can see the roofs of Benzaiten.

Maybe this photo will somewhat convey how FREAKING TALL these plants are. It surprises me every time I think about it, hahahaha.

Rain water had collected on a lot of the leaves.

Nur decided we should take another photo. And then didn't smile. We decided to take another photo...

...AND I STRUCK!! Punishment for not smiling! I figured biting him would at least give us an expression other than mild amusement mixed with a bit of apathy.

Poor headless swans!!!

Love them giant ol' Japanese crows!

We made our way the short distance to Gojoten Shrine.

The rain was still dripping off of the torii.

Down, down, down the sets of stairs!

There were a number of small shrines, but then we found this sort of unusual one…

It's a secret Inari(?) shrine!!

There was this neat wooden board nearby the secret shrine. It had carved dragons all over it!

Couldn't get close to those koma-inu, but oohhhhh how I wanted to!

Went back over to Ueno Station. You can see down one of the streets this way! You can take the next main street to the right all the way to Akiba! It's not far, just maybe a mile? Maaaaybe a mile and a half?

We took the subway to Shiodome, then got on the Yurikamome monorail to Odaiba. There was a festival while we were there!

Is that… Poop Gundam??

Our purpose on Odaiba was two-fold, we were headed to Comitia, but first...


This thing is freaking awesome, and so many details! Text and warnings allll over it!


I'm not even a huge Gundam fan and I was fangirl drooling all over this thing.

Go go gadget group shot! A bit out of alignment, but THAT'S OKAY. Especially because Nur is smiling. ♥

WELCOME TO THE START OF ALL POKÉMON-DOM. Which starter will you choose? Bulbasaur? Squirtle? Charmander?

So then we tried to walk to Tokyo Big Site, but it was sorta far, so we eventually hopped on the monorail and rode the rest of the way. There was a bit of a line to get in, but compared to what it was like at Comiket, it was utterly laughable. We were able to pick up our catalogues there (they sorta acted as our tickets in) and shuffle in with no problems. Comitia is for original works, whereas Comiket is (mostly) for fan-works. My first stop was to Niku Drill's table. (Some NWSF art in that link) He draws my favorite monster girl books and I was making massive fangirl sounds when I got to his table. He didn't have any new books, but I was able to pick up copies of all his others. Bwahahaha! They are mine, mine, MINE!!! Nur and I split up and I merrily skipped down the aisles, buying whatever caught my fancy. I realized that, by about one-third of the way through the hall, my purchases were getting heavy and my wallet was getting light, so I had to be a lot more picky through the rest of the area. Finished going through the hall pretty quick and went back to the meeting spot Nur and I had agreed on. The music they played in the hall was… strange, to say the least. It was like, early 90s pop songs? And then I think I heard them play Chess King by Freezepop.

Met up with Nur and took the monorail back to Shiodome. We found a convenience store, got some lunch, and struggled to find a place to sit. We finally found this table, but it had rained when we were in Comitia, so everything was wet. =( Love the art on the table though!

While in the Shiodome area, we had to OF COURSE go to the Pokémon Center. It took a lot of strength to not buy every single thing with Terrakion on it. I fell in love with him ever since I got Jensen, my big Pokémon Center Terrakion plush back in February. Somehow I survived! …and instead bought a ton of Keldeo stuff. Whoops. Oh well, I like all the Muskedeer.

We got back to Ueno and Kamen Rider Wizard said, "DO YOU KNOW WHAT STARTED AIRING TODAY?" To which I replied, "Please don't hate me, Wizard! I didn't forget! We were just out of the hotel room when you aired!" He said nothing in return, making me realize I was talking to a couple of ads and not the actual Kamen Rider. ….OR IS THAT ONE OF HIS WIZARDLY POWERS?

Comitia spoils! My beloved Niku Drill books are the three on the top (left to right). Mostly books with demons or monster people, because that's my favorite sorta stuff, but also a couple that just had really, really neat art.

Pokémon Center haul! A couple clear files, a washcloth, some charms (Absol, Larvitar line, Shinx line, Cobalion, Terrakion, and Zekrom), a Muskedeer fork, and my lovely new Keldeo plush (from the left: Sissel, Enoch, and Shulk).

And finally, a weird drink Nur picked up. Nur says "It's basically carbonated espresso. The first gulp wasn't bad, but the second wasn't good. Not that great."

Next entry will probably be pretty long, because we did an awful lot.

Thanks for reading!
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