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Cosplay: Yuki from Tsuritama

During my trip to Japan a couple months ago, I of course had to go to Enoshima. And the opportunity to cosplay Yuki in actual locations from Tsuritama was too much to resist.

Warnings: 26 images, fairly large file sizes.

I'll post all about the trip to Enoshima itself (with TONS of Tsuritama fangirling) when I finally get going on those trip reports, these will just be the cosplay photos. …but oh my gosh oh my gosh it was the coolest thing like EVER to see the actual locations for scenes from the anime oh my gosh.

On the way from the monorail to the island, a girl saw me and said, "Yuki, are you going fishing?" Kyaaaa~! I JUST ABOUT DIED WITH GLEE.

This is where the boys had one of their fishing contests (the first one, I think).

On the bridge leading to the island.


There were a lot of people on the stairway, so sorry for taking pictures of you, random people! I got tired of waiting for people to stop coming, so I just posed when there were the fewest.

In Samuel Cocking Gardens! (aka where Kate works!) There's a lovely gazebo in there.

Another from the gazebo.

From the top of the Sea Candle. My wig actually isn't quite that bright (I wanted a more natural red for Yuki instead of the bright red from the show), but my lovely photographer's camera takes raw images which give me the option of playing with every sort element in the photo when I open them in Photoshop and I thought it would be a shame not to do some really weird things on some of the photos. So GO GO VIBRANCY AND SATURATION!

Who's awesome? You're awesome!

Those marks on my arm are GIANT mosquito bites. They were… terrible. But luckily they didn't show up in too many shots.

There are dragons EVERYWHERE on Enoshima. This one was one of my favorites.


Oh, okay, you got me, I guess I'm not.

I just reeeeaaaaally liked this shrine.

Man, it's like I have this stalker… taking pictures of me wherever I go… creepy… XD;;

STONE FISH FACE! Every Yuki photoshoot needs at least one stone fish/hanya face. This was taken in the caves on the "back" of the island.

Near the caves, obviously at the shore. The whole "back" of the island is very rocky and there were lots of people fishing, having picnics, and just playing in the tide pools. It was very neat.

Stay away from the water, Yuki! Don't get controlled!

Huh? Stay away? Oh… okay.

Is that Ayumi out there?

I know I should stay away, but… the water looks soooo nice… and it was sooooo hot that day…

Climbed over the island back to the "front" and saw… a Yuki flag! *_* (They had a lot of these for different characters, but I only saw maybe four on the island?) I flipped out and started taking pictures, but the guy that owned the shop the flag was at started saying something to me. I didn't really understand and was afraid he was telling me to stop taking pictures, but instead, he handed the flag to me so I could take pictures WITH it! How kind! Thank-you, shop owner! The flag is signed too, by Yuki's seiyuu, perhaps? I do not know, but SO COOL.

Let me try to take a picture of this…

Just about got it…

Yeah! I can tie a uni knot now!

Annnnd that's all! …Until I post about my trip to Enoshima itself!

Thanks for checking out my photos! =3
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