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It's throwing off my concept of time!

I woke up this morning and light was pouring in the bedroom of the apartment I share with Nur. "Oh no," I think, "it must be late in the morning!" I roll over and see Nur still sleeping on his futon and I freak out. "Did he not set his alarm! He should be at work by now! Should I wake him up?" I'm just about to do so when I notice that the sky is actually still pitch-black. All that light coming in? That's from one of the freaking SAFETY LIGHTS that run along the interior courtyard of the apartment complex. They've been there for a while now and haven't really caused any problems, but they just trimmed the palm trees near our window and they cut off so much that nothing outside blocks the light anymore. We can put our shade down most of the way (if we put it down all the way Dyson tries to shove through and it damages the shades), but even then the light comes through the slats like a thousand flashlights whose sole purpose is to make sure we do not sleep.

I like that we have safety lights out there (or whatever lights they are), but ARGH, can we shield the light up or down and not directly into everyone's windows? Our neighbors have tacked up towels over their windows to block out the light, I'm thinking of doing something similar. But then we'll block the airflow if we want to open the window! Argh, no good solutions yet!
Tags: rant, whine
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