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Back and busy busy busy

Back from Japan! Actually, have been back for about three weeks. Had a great time and I'll post a gajillion pictures in a bit, but I need to get some projects out of the way first.

Haven't posted at all lately because I came back and all sorts of projects have been demanding my time. Halloween is coming up, and I have two costumes to finish before then. They're personal projects, obviously, but I still have a deadline! I'm working on a boy!Inga from Un-Go for the Minna no Anime Halloween Party and a feral tengu for just regular Halloween. Inga is nearly done, thank goodness. The tengu? Lots to go. Finished the beak and I think I have all the fabric, but don't have much else done, gah! In addition to those, I spent way too long designing and creating a display stand to use at my cousin's wedding… just to have it come out a huge failure and decide not to bring it. I'll post pictures of it later. I've gone from loving it at the design stage to hating it at the fabrication stage to thinking maybe it's not so terrible now that's it's 99% done. (Still looks like some sort of 3rd grade art project though!!) Arrrghhh and I still need to finish my Bro Calendar picture by Monday! Just need to shade it…

Then of course I've had job-work… That's been a strange series of OMGWORK and oh… yeah.. nothing to do. I have plenty of books to work on, it's just the usual trouble of missing one or more things that will allow me to actually do the work!

Finishing up His Favorite v3 (draft 1) this weekend. Love love LOVE this series, I highly recommend it. It's BL, but it's just about work safe. The books are rated Older Teen and although you know the two characters are making out and doing some slight fooling around, you never see anything. I don't mean it's censored, I mean… in three volumes, there are two scenes that are even close to showing anything. One is an off-panel hand job and the other is them sitting on top of a made bed with a box of tissues. MAYBE THE CLEANEST YAOI, LOL. Super super cute stuff, love working on this series, love reading this series, love love love love love this series. The first volume is out now, the second comes out… in December, I think? Please check it out!

Somehow that reminds me… Hey friends, you know that if you have a problem with the way a manga company is handling a manga your best option is not to just rage quit and not buy it anymore, it's to TELL THE COMPANY (and sure, not buy it until they "fix" what they are doing wrong). These companies have no idea if they are doing things "wrong" unless someone SAYS something. Let them know what you don't like about the book. They may not change it, but YOU NEVER KNOW. Email them, write a letter, pester them on Facebook or Twitter. Let your voice be heard! I know I'd like to know if someone doesn't like the work I've been doing. It's embarrassing to keep making the same "mistakes" (or keep doing things people don't like) because I simply don't know better. On that note: if you read any books I work on and dislike something about the lettering PLEASE let me know. I want to continue to get better, and I have trouble seeing my own mistakes in my work!!

Ummmmm. Yeah. Going to Seattle for the first time this weekend because my cousin is getting married! Very excited about that, but I worry that most of the time I'll be locked in my hotel room working, hahahaha! At least I'll be able to feast on the delicious seafood as I work! Yum yum yum!!
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