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Forgot to mention it in the last post, but last week I went to an A's game with my sister, dad, and Nur. We had some GREAT seats, just eight rows off of the bullpen. (Costco tickets man, great value.) It was A's vs Twins, and not my initial pick for a game, but it was right after my sister got home from overseas and right before she went to Kansas with my dad. She only had a day between when she got home from Kansas and when Nur and I leave on vacation, so it was really the only time that worked for all of us. But the game was great! Seriously great! The starting pitcher took a little time to get into the groove, but once he did he was FANTASTIC. And there was a TRIPLE PLAY. A freaking TRIPLE PLAY. Goddamn, I love baseball. A's won the game, 4-1. I could feel my voice going out at the end of the game from all my screaming. I need to make it out to more games next season! T^T

This last weekend was the J-Pop Summit at J-Town. Don't really care much about the summit itself, but was very excited to participate in the Evangelion: Escape From an Angel game. It was a Real Escape Game, which are mind-blowingly hard and mind-blowingly fun. Our team could be any size, so we had a group of seven; six Minna (or ex-Minna) members, and my big brother. Usually the games are mostly sit-down sorts of things, but this one was sort of like a scavenger hunt and had us running all over J-Town. We got really close, but did not succeed in escaping or surviving the Angel's attack. XD;; One day I will escape one of these games!! The next Escape Game is going to be a haunted ship theme, I guess? In San Francisco, sometime in the winter, before the end of the year? I guess dates aren't out yet. Everyone in the area should go, it's sooooo much fun.

Been playing more Xenoblade. About 30 hours in now, just before Prison Island. My current team is Shulk, Dunban, and Riki. I switch out characters once I make them love me max out their affinity with me. Riki is sort of annoying, but his Japanese voice is SO ADORABLE, kyaaa~! And he's pretty damn useful in battle. I'm having a great time making Shulk look fabulous with all his cute outfits… I really liked the "Grandma's sweater" look he had going for a while at the start of the game. And hehehehehe, when I got the shirts that aren't actually shirts? So I had a topless Shulk running around? Bueno~! He looked so cute. I was trying to get the whole Jungle Set for him, but I was missing his pants. The new set I have for him is looking pretty tribal too, so maybe I can just mix and match the sets or something. Really loving the game though, so much fun. I have all sorts of theories about the story and Shulky-Shulk, but I'm afraid of posting them and stumbling on spoilers. I want to see fanart and fanfics too but… the danger of spoilers… Oh well.
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