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The End of Ensuing

Today marks the end of Ensuing. Not this journal, but my webcomic. The last comic went up today, ending a run of just over ten years. Ensuing has been a part of my life for so long it feels really strange to have it be over, but at the same time, I'm happy that I won't be working on it. To be honest, it had been a challenge to complete comics for the last several years. At some point, the comic changed from a hobby to a chore. But I had a goal that I wanted to reach, so I soldiered on. And I thought that at the very least, making sure a new comic got up every week forced me to things like comic timing (which I still suck royally at), writing (yup, still bad), and my art (although you'd never know it looking at my scribble comics). I'm still the most beginner of beginners at all those things, but I'm better than when I started! And that's what is important to me.

I said it on the Ensuing's site, but a million thanks to all my friends that kept me going this entire time. ♥ Your comments throughout the last ten years encouraged me to keep going, especially when I really wanted to give up. Thank-you.

I zipped up all the comics, and they can be downloaded here for anyone morbidly curious. The art went from embarrassingly bad to mediocre to really lazy. And the 4-panel comics, at least a lot of the early ones, are really sloppy (I mean, sloppier than the current ones), and don't really make a lot of sense without the text they were posted with. That's definitely something I aimed to fix later on. (Was I successful? I don't know.)

Now that I think about it, this journal was originally a backup location for the comic, just in case the site went down. That's why I use "Ensuing" on here. It obviously didn't stay as a backup location for very long. And if anyone was ever curious, it's "Ensuing" because back in the day, my partner Melissa and I were super into Flame of Recca. My favorite character was Tokiya, who uses the water sword Ensui. AND THEN WE ADDED A -NG TO IT. Why that became the name, I have no idea, but yeah.

I'm gonna be starting a new comic within the next six months or so. It'll be about those kitsune characters I post ever so often. I'm going to be doing a bunch of research when I go to Japan next month, I'm so excited. I think the comic will be a lot of fun, and I hope everyone who reads it will enjoy it. I'll be posting here about it as I solidify more about characters, posting dates, etc.

To all my Ensuing-friends, thank-you again. It's been a wild ten years.

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