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Had two crazy dreams last night.

In the first, I was in some sort of investigation crew. I'm not sure what type of investigation crew we were, but during this mission we were trying to get to the bottom of some mysterious happenings at this weird school/underground bunker place at night. I think we were trying to show that it was just sounds and shadows, not ghosts and other creepy crawlies. We decided to split up and I headed into this concrete hallway. It was pretty dark, only lit with one orange light. Everything seemed normal until I heared screams and this guy came around the corner on a floating chair. He called for help, but as I get close he moved to attack me! He wasn't in trouble at all, he was a vampire or something! I ran all the way to a kindergarden classroom where I found a scared little girl. She wasn't a vampire, thank goodness, but she was trying to hide from the one that had attacked me. …but I had lead him right to her!! There was nowhere I could go from the classroom, so I picked up some blunt object and started beating the vampire with it. I was so scared and filled with so much rage, even when he used his superhuman speed to get away, I was on top of him in a flash, bashing and bashing and bashing as hard and as fast as I could. And I killed him. The school/underground bunker was possibly an illusion created by the vampire, because it faded out after he died. The little girl might have been a spirit or something trapped by him as well, because she faded out shortly after his demise as well. I was still really scared, but as my teammates finally joined up with me, I wouldn't let them take me home, because I had to wait until sunrise so I could make sure the vampire's bones turned to dust in the sunlight. I was sure he would come back to life if I left.

My next dream started in a shipping yard, you know, the type with the big containers. But it also seemed like this shipping yard was in a desert. Strange. I was part of another sort of investigation crew, but this time it was made up of two high school students and a teacher, like a strange after school club. We were trying to find Lucifer's mother, because she was going to meet up with all these evil devils and try to take over Earth… or do something that was really bad. I don't exactly remember what, but I knew we needed to stop her. We were looking for some sort of clue to her meeting place when we ran into this other high school girl. I asked some vague questions and she got frightened, dropped the notebooks she was holding, and ran. Somehow we knew that she knew about Lucifer's mom, so we decided to follow her. I picked up her notebooks and they were filled with notes on devils and sketches of different creatures. I kept them, because I thought she might want them back. We trailed her back to a portable (you know like the portable classrooms most american high schools have, they sorta look like a storage container from a ship), and got their just in time to see her, a young boy, and an older woman leave on motorcycles. So we broke into the portable and found plenty of proof that showed they were doing the same thing we were. But somehow they now knew where the meeting was going to be! About then Lucifer came in the portable. The Lucifer in my dream was a really nice guy interested in helping us stop his mom, but I was worried that the other team would think he was a threat. My solution? I'm going to make him a name tag! Then they'll know who he is but also that he's on our side! (How that was supposed to work is beyond me.) I found a stack of name tags, but everyone had notes and equations on them. Who the hells writes that sort of stuff on NAME TAGS? Finally, I found one that only had notes on half of it and was about to write Lucifer on the other half, but I woke up.
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