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I Am A Creepy Stalker aka FANIME 2012

Better two weeks late than uh… three weeks late?

Woke up early, did some work, got the last of our stuff in the car and got to San Jose by about 9:30am. Nur checked us into the hotel. He asked if we could get a corner room, but they said we only could get one if we paid an extra fee or something. We didn't want to, and they put us on the 21st floor. This goes against the other people we asked about getting a corner room (we stopped by once two weeks before and once the week before and they were very willing to help, but just didn't have the con hotel block in the computer yet so they couldn't) but OH WELL. Putting us on the 21st floor was sorta a dick move though, I know people that got rooms similar to ours and checked in way later and they were put on much lower levels. Bah.

Whatever. I met up with Alex (Nik's girlfriend) and we took a couple trips to unload our cars. Somehow, like the last couple years, our cars ended up really close to each other! sygmus arrived about that time and helped us get the last of the stuff from the cars. Yay! I got my staff badge (I was the web designer that actually only "designed" one tiny thing because each division ended up pretty much designing their own stuff), Alex got in line to get her badge, and uhhhhh. Stuff happened? I don't remember. At one point I ran into Evan and went to the Publications room and talked to Shannon, Daniella, and Nicole for a bit. It was lots of fun. =D

Changed my outfit from Ana (Phi Brain) to Yuki (tsuritama) and got my fishing pole peacebonded. The peacebond-er was all, "oh, from that fishing anime? Yeah, there are like ten of you" and I was all WHAAAAATTTTTTT and stepped out of the room to see ANOTHER YUKI AND A NATSUKI omg omg omg. We took some pictures together and they told me there was a really good Haru running about and whatdya know, a couple minutes I ran into the Haru! This girl made THE GREATEST HARU, OMG. Had great fun taking some pictures with her, then met up with the lovely jen_kat to assist her with some swap meet stuff. While I waited for her, Evan sent me a text asking for me to come back to the pubs room and I FREAKED OUT, thinking it was an emergency. But it just turned out he had scored me a ticket to the Yamaga Party because he's amazing like that.

Setting up for the swap meet was fun, but I'm afraid I wasn't too helpful (spent so long trying to figure out how to put together some Kingdom Hearts figures, lol!). I only stayed around for a bit, but it truly was fun. And I bought some Brave Story plush from jen_kat, thought it was more like, "stole" them because she pretty much just game them to me. THANK-YOUUUU~!!! ♥♥♥♥ I didn't even know these existed and they make me soooo happy~! T^T

After leaving the swap meet, I hurried over to get a good seat for the Eureka Seven AO panel. I had seen the eps they showed, but afterwards was a focus panel with Shigeto Koyama, aka ANNALIESE IS SUCH A CREEPER AND ADORES THIS GUY. (In a fangirl way.) He answered one of the million questions I had for him (I wish I could have asked more) and said lots of cool stuff. Keith was at the panel too, and we both showed our Eureka Seven love with awesome shirts. Hells yeah.

Right after the panel, I headed to the /cgl/ gathering. Met some cool people, got delicious cookies from Jesse, but then left pretty early because things just got… strange? I had no idea what was going on, so I went back to the room.

Woke up early. Decided to walk around, ended up watching one of the Gokaiger movies. It was super fun and super cheesy, but it gave me the energy to go up the stairs all the way to our room. So many stairs! T^T;; Hung out in the room for a bit, then headed to the Yamaga Party. AHH. SO MUCH FUN. It was like speed dating, so we had 15 minutes at each guest's table, and we could pretty much ask them anything we wanted. So this is about how it went:

-Yamaga-san: Started here. Awkwardness for a while, then somehow started talking about surgeries.
-Rick Meyers: Talked about con schedules, going to a bajillion cons, and writing for comics
-Gilles Poitras: YOKAI. OMG. YOKAI. He likes Nura and I was all, GAAAAAHHH YESSS NURA I WORK ON THAT SERIES OMGGGG. And then we talked more about yokai (Sorry, rest of table for completely taking over that conversation). He told me some places that were yokai-related in Tokyo to check out. Eeee, so excited!
-David Vincent: All sorts of stuff, Doctor Who, cool experiences with fans, Michael Bay killing our childhoods, Gun x Sword is awesome and everyone should watch it, etc.
-Yokota Mamoru: Talked about Tiger & Bunny an awful lot (and he showed us his SO CLOSE TO BEING SLASH, OH MAN NM IT SO WAS, BUT JUST NOT PORN LMAO T&B art), and about American comics.
But alas, time had run out, so we couldn't spend time with the last guests (Kia Asamiya, one of the musical guests whose name I can't recall, and Koyama-san), NOOoOOOOOOO~!!! But I was able to give him the card and shirt I made for him (WHO IS A CREEPY FANGIRL? I AM.), so that made me very happy.

Went with Mike and Evan to Yokota-san's autograph session, but weren't able to get a signature. Was able to get on the waiting list for the next one though! Then… I think we got in line for Koyama-san's panel. It started a bit late, but it was still very awesome. And he had a raffle AND I WON SOMETHING. I won two Panty and Stocking artbooks WITH DOODLES IN THEM GAAAAAHHHHHH!!! I could have fainted with happiness. Before I won those, I was going to offer a girl who won a Heroman doujin $100 bucks for it because WAAAAANNNTTTTT. But after I got my gorgeous books at the end of the panel, she had left. Oh well.

Craftsmanship judging for the masquerade was a little later and our group's costumes all got checked out by the extremely nice judges. Then Nur and I got some dinner, relaxed with cool people, and headed over to the Minna no Anime 21st Anniversary Party at Erika and Mikael's house. It was really packed! So many people! But lots of fun too. We left after an hour or so to relax in the hotel room.

Evan and I were up and in line for Koyama-san's autograph session about 3 hours before it started, but the time passed very quickly with good friends and good conversation. Mike joined us not too long after we got there, and Nik came for a bit too! Koyama-san signed my first Heroman BluRay box and drew a little Joey with a little Heroman on it! GAAAAAAAHHHHHHH I rolled on the floor in glee and shock and happiness and EVERYTHING after I left the room. It made me SO happy. But! I had to hurry back to the hotel room and grab a box of masquerade stuff before heading back to the autograph area to get in line for Yokota-san's second autograph session. I was cutting it really close because I had to get to masq rehearsal, so Evan (being amazing AGAIN) got an autograph for me. (And thanks to the autograph staff for letting him do that!)

Headed to rehearsal, annnnd draaammmaaaa times. But everything pretty much worked out in the end. We ran through our skit on stage once and it was alright. When we finally performed for real, it… went okay? I was not happy with my performance in the slightest and ended up nearly suffocating in my mask (it was a Summer Wars skit, I was King Kazma), so that was not fun, but… hey, we got through it and people seemed to like it? I don't know. I'm tired of it, and I'm so upset that I didn't perform as well as I should have, it's hard to look at my King Kazma head without getting angry! Boooo~ After our performance, our team slipped out of the auditorium and went our separate ways to put our costumes and props away. Nur and I took most of our masq stuff to the car and got a Ben & Jerry's shake on the way back. Yum! Besides a granola part and a couple sips of water, it was the first thing I consumed all day. Went back to masq after that and watched the rest of the performances. Lots of fun skits!!

After masq, I caught up with Evan and he gave me my lovely Yokota-san autograph and drawing (he was AMAZING and DREW for EVERYONE), then I went to Juli, Jesse, Lauren, Tog, and other… people's(?) room and RANTED FOREVER TO THEM and Shay and Keith and yesssss. It was LOVELY. Then we passed around stories that were draaamaaaaa and fun. I got back to the room at like 2 in the morning. So tired~

Was up waaaaaay early, packed up a bunch, and started taking things to the car. Took us a while to get everyone's stuff out (and it didn't help that the elevator was taking forever), but then we got pizza with Nik and Alex. Nur and I headed back to the convention and I picked up my AMAZING commission from kiwimangoodness. Gaaaaaaahhhh, I love it so much~! And then we left.

It was a fun con! Very, VERY stressful, but I got to meet someone I rally admire, got some incredible sketches, and hung out with a ton of great people, so overall it was pretty great. =3


(photo by Lionboogy)
I'm the King Kazma (ugh ugh ughhhh need to fix those eyes and yuuuckkk the shape of the faaaaace poor King Kazma), and I also made the Squirrel Kenji puppet with his CREEPY EYES THAT STARE INTO YOUR SOULLLL. But look how awesome everyone else looks!

Sketch of Louie from Rune Soldier from Yokota-san. His assistant/bro/awesome buddy gave me the Kotetsu print (Yokota-san drew it) because I happened to be in the pubs room when it was being printed and made creepy slobbering noises while holding it. That awesome bro also recognized my Yuki cosplay and teased me with pictures of the Duck Curry location set up on Odaiba. CURSE HIM! I want to go there! He did the Duck pose for me too. SUCH A COOL GUY.

The lovely Panty and Stocking books I won from Koyama-san's panel.


SPEAKING OF THINGS I LOVE!! This is the AMAZING commission I got from kiwimangoodness. It's of Adam Jensen of Deus Ex: Human Revolution and my Keldeo, Issac Clarke, on an EPIC ADVENTURE. Because my Adam figure and my Issac plush are BFFs. (Yes, I am a lonely, lonely person who constantly plays with her toys.)

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