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Fanime Plans!!

Heading to Fanime in a couple days! Nervous but very excited. Shigeto Koyama is one of the guests of honor, and HNNNGGHHH, that man is pretty much my favorite character designer EVER (Heroman, anyone?). Unfortunately, I'll be missing one of his panels because of masquerade duties, but STILL. I will attend all the others WITH INSANE FANGIRL PASSION.

Costume plans (not set in stone):
Friday: Ana (Phi Brain) in the morning, Yuki (tsuritama) in the evening
Saturday: Accelerator (Toaru Majutsu no Index), maybe Yuki (tsuritama) later on
Sunday: Yuki (tsuritama), King Kazma (Summer Wars) in the afternoon and for masquerade
Monday: Ana (Phi Brain)

As for things I'll be going to… Anything Koyama is at, Minna no Anime's 21st anniversary party, masquerade, and the dye and paint panel on Monday (Erika is running it! =D )

If you need my phone number or anything, let me know and I'll PM it to you or something. Besides Koyama-ness and masquerade, I think it'll be a pretty chill con. =3
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