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Neuro's Head.

I meant to post this a while ago (and by a while I mean almost a year ago), but things got busy and I got lazy. You know, the usual. I had taken all these pictures while I was making my Neuro bird head last year and figured they might be helpful if anyone else was interested in making it (or something like it).

Worksafe 'cept for some language. 40 pictures.

This is was I was trying to make. The bird head.

I wanted to make it light, so I decided to use this plastic canvas stuff I had seen people on fursuit use. It's cheap and lightweight, but it doesn't glue together very well because there are so many holes. So I glued the pieces together by sandwiching the glue between strips of painter's tape. I knew I wanted the sides of the head to fan out a bit, so I attached some foam core triangles as a base to put craft foam on later. The top is craft foam as well.

I then added some foam core onto the top so I could have the proper curve on the top. There are also foam core braces on the top for strength.

More foam core supports on top and oh my god what the fuck what's with that wonky shaping oh the front gaaaah

Ah, side view looks a bit better. The lower jaw is just tied into place and can move a bit when I move my jaw.

From the back.

If you look at the reference, the back area of the head comes in quite a bit before attaching to the beak. I tried to bring in the sides of the head to match the references, but it's just a bit mess.

But once again the side view doesn't look as bad!

Adding craft foam to shape areas. There are more foam core supports on the sides and one that helps fill out the lower jaw.

From the back. The top has the proper curve after the foam core supports have been moved around.

Still such a mess from the front.

Oh! The beak has a better form than before! It's actually round now.

The beak might be rounded, but it's so… droopy.

Filling out the sides with craft foam, foam core supports lengthwise inside the head.

The horns. It's some craft paper wrapped around wire then bent into shape. That's covered with a strip of draft foam. The strip starts out about 1/4" wide and generally widens to about 1". This allows the horn to properly taper off. The small end needs to be attached to the base first to give it this effect.

Checking the placement of the horns. They fit between the foam core supports on top of the head.

From the front. Soooo uneven.

The beak is now covered and it's actually starting to look like Neuro's bird head!

But it's still super uneven.

Testing the fit.

Horns are actually attached to the head now, the nostrils are cut out, and a the back has started to be filled.

The brown line inside is elastic that was supposed to help make the jaw move. I was having a lot of trouble getting everything lined up properly so the lower jaw would get stuck. I decided to give the head a static jaw instead, but there was no reason to remove the elastic, so it stayed.

Head fitting. Looks pretty creepy with no eyes.

Filled a lot of crevasses with bondo but ended up totally failing at using it. I couldn't sand it enough (sanding too much meant ripping up the carft foam), so many parts were very, very rough. Painted everything with some plastic primer so later paint coats would properly adhere.

Took out my thickest paint, some housepaint I used for my Raynos gijinka costume, and covered the main part of the head with it, hoping the thickness would cover up some of my bondo failure.

Then one of my parents' cat, Gadget, decided to visit. She usually hates people, but will try to get close to you if you're working on something she really should be around. Like a head covered in wet paint. And maybe she'll decide to rub against it! Thanks, cat!

She had teal housepaint spots on her for a while.

Spray painting the beak and horns. I decided to paint them before the main part because the main part is purple, and purple is hard to cover with yellow spray paint. Yellow is easy to cover with purple. I can't remember when I had that one bit of newspaper taped to the head.

Doing detail work on the beak and horns. This was by far my favorite part of making this head.

The horns (and to a much much lesser extent the beak) are covered in three colors; the base yellow, then a bright orange and a brown. I sprayed them from a distance so they could have a speckled look. Sometime I would just spray the air above and let the heavier particles drop down onto it.

It was layers and layers and layers of alternating color to get the look I liked (soooo much fun), and then I covered it in a matte clear coat. When that was dry, I covered the beak and horns in newspaper and painted the main part with a purple and a very light coat of pink.

Ta-dah!! All painted!

I don't have any pictures of the next part, but I shaped teeth out of sculpy then hot glued them in. They knock out pretty easily, so that probably wasn't the best way to do it. I made his ears out of some extra fur I had and painted the tips with black fabric paint. I made the eyes out out craft foam that was painted then coated in glossy clear coat and then hot glued on.

And he's complete!

Front view.

Messy hot glue work. The mouth is lined with a jersey-like fabric that is very easy to see through. The tongue is made of the same material.

Vision is through the mouth and nostrils.

What a mess.

Forever my favorite part of this costume.

So much fuuuuuunnnnnnn to paiiiint.

Yeah. So, that's how I made Neuro's bird head. Lots of mess, learned a lot. Using the lighter materials was hard because they were much more fragile than using the foam and plaster wraps I had used for other similar projects, but they end result was a pretty light head for it's size. This was something I wanted to make for a while and I'm glad I finally did. I'm not entirely happy with it, but I'm not all that disappointed with it either. So I guess it's a win overall. =)
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