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Adam Jensen and his Easter Egg

Happy Late Easter!

Nur and I went to my parents' place on Saturday to dye eggs, which my mom hid before we came back on Sunday morning to hunt for them. =) It was fun, but I really failed at finding eggs this year. I only found two.

BUT THE EASTER EGGS I DYED WERE AWESOME. THE MOST AWESOME! …okay, they were all very stupid, but I had SO much fun making them.

Warning: Too many pictures of Adam Jensen and an Easter Egg.

Our eggs! My mom, dad, Nur, and I each did about an equal share of them. I don't have very good pictures of them, but the two mostly-white ones in the further carton my mom drew on with sharpie, then painted them almost watercolor-like with the dye using Q-Tips. They looked AMAZING.

It's sort of hard to see, but this is one Nur did of storm clouds and lightning. SO COOL. You can see my mom's eggs a bit better in this picture too.

This is my MASTERFULLY DRAWN picture of John Cake Shepard, my Shepard from Mass Effect. Well, more like, from my horrible horrible high school Mass Effect AU, Bancho Effect.

ALSO MASTERFULLY DRAWN, this is my Garrus egg. I was told he looked like a stupid lion. But it says "callibrations!" aaannndd "GARRUS" on it! OBVIOUSLY it's him!! XD;; I ran out of eggs to work on, so Garrus had to share an egg with the N7 symbol. Sorry bro.

THIS IS MY FAVORITE EASTER EGG I'VE EVER DECORATED. Sure, I cheated by using a sharpie, and I didn't even do anything clever like my mom's eggs, but BOOM. Adam Jensen Egg. He didn't ask for this. (I drew this from memory, so whoooops, messed up all sorts of stuff, esp his facial hair.)

After finding eggs, having breakfast, and hanging out with my family, we took some of the eggs home (my parents were all, "like the two of us are going to eat 18 eggs before they go bad"), and my Adam Jensen figure developed a close attachment with his egg.

"Do you see the similarities?"

Sure, he didn't ask for it, but you know he likes his eggy-self.

True eggy love.

AND THEY COMBINE TO MAKE… something truly terrifying.

And now Adam Jensen Egg is in the fridge, ready to be… *gasp* eaten. Poor Adam Egg.
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