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One problem to the other

So I have kidney stones. A gajillion of them (more like four). Ever so often they act up and cause this horrible stabbing pain. I've had these stupid stones for something like five years, so even though GAAAHH THE PAIN HURTS, it's become something I'm somewhat used to and I know why I'm hurting. But earlier this week I had this strange throbbing pain in my guy and something that felt like burning in my kidney. I figured that HEY after FIVE FREAKING YEARS, I was finally passing another stone. The pain sucked, but HEY, PASSING IT MEANS LESS PAIN LATER. The pain went away then but returned on Tuesday and reduced me to a quivering, sobbing, pile of uselessness. It really wasn't THAT much pain, but it was a NEW pain and a CONSTANT one. I couldn't stand it. After hours of hoping the pain would go away, I took pain killers and started mainlining water with some lemon juice in it (something about citrus helping break up the stones?). Soon enough the pain disappeared and things were GREAT.

Until the next day, when I woke up and my throat felt like it was roughed up with sandpaper. "Oh," I figured, "all that lemon juice killed my throat." I drank a ton of water and went along with my business. BUT IT DIDN'T HELP. My throat is still on fire, and now my sinuses are all clogged and my lungs are filled with gunk. NOT FUN. Ughhhh, so maybe it wasn't the lemon juice messing up my throat? I don't know. This isn't fun. I'm supposed to go out to eat and to a concert with my family tonight, but I really don't have the energy for it right now. ~_~

But not all is annoying! I've been watching a lot of Let's Plays recently and have come to love a bunch of new games. I may ramble about some of them later, but here are some of my basic thoughts on 'em:

-Deus Ex: Human Revolution: I loved it to pieces. The stealth options were really cool and the story was interesting. I wasn't thrilled with the ending(s), but overall I really enjoyed it. I recently bought the game and hope to play it soon. Adam Jensen is my spirit animal. ♥
-Deadly Premonition: Honestly, I had little expectations for this game. The graphics aren't very good, the gameplay looks wonky and some squirrels in the beginning make monkey sounds! But slowly and surely, I absolutely fell in love with it. The character you play as, Francis York Morgan, is SO WEIRD, he's fascinating!! And I'll definitely be trying a Sinner's Sandwich soon.
-Rising Zan: The Samurai Gunman: LMAO, THIS GAME WAS SO STRANGE. Lots of fun to watch though. XD
-Uncharted 1-3: Wow wow WOW. Beautiful games that look like a blast to play. Nathan Drake is such a lovable bastard. And Sully! OH THAT SILVER FOX. I didn't care for him much in the first game, but by the end of the third game, he was challenging Nate as my favorite character of the series. I am very, VERY excited to buy these games myself and force Nur to play them so I can fangirl about them all over again.
-Assassin's Creed: Not gonna lie, it's pretty but sorta boring to watch. I hear 2 is a lot better, so I'll "force" myself to get through the first one. I'm only maybe a fifth of the way through, so there's plenty of time for it to get awesome. =3

If anyone has any suggestions on which games to watch next, I'm all ears!! I want to get through more of the original Deus Ex (I started it but never continued) and more of the Legacy of Kain games, but I'm in no rush for those two.
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