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Showdown on the Desktop

Got an Adam Jensen figure yesterday, but he has stiff competition for the position of top figure in the apartment.

Don't mess with Cole, he's the super awesome guardian of this apartment. Everyone wishes they could have a cool mustache like his!

I put strings up so Adam can hang from them and look awesome. And he does look awesome hanging from them, but he also looks like he wants to be in Cirque du Soleil. I'll make him an outfit so he can life out his dreams sometime. But first I need to make Cole bunny slippers, because I've been meaning to for ages. I feel like I'm acting out all these dress up doll desires that I should have had as a child but never really did. I'M GONNA MAKE PRETTY THINGS FOR ALL MY MANLY TOYS. ♥
Tags: deus ex, gaming, infamous
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