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Mass Effect: Cake Edition

Mass Effect 3 came out this week. Nur hasn't started playing it yet, but will tonight. SO excited.

To celebrate the game's release, I did a low-quality doodle every day the week before the game was released. Except they weren't… exactly Mass Effect characters? I mean, they WERE, but it was more Bancho Effect versions… the absolutely horrible, absolutely stupid, absolutely fun high school AU thingamabobber I've been play with off and on for the last year. I usually dislike high school AUs, but working on Bancho Effect is such a blast, I don't care that it's so horrible. XD I'll probably be posting a lot more stuff from it once I get around to scanning junk from my sketchbook.

Wrex is a yakuza leader, teehee.

There's a little Mass Effect exhibit-y thingy in San Francisco this month. It's pretty much just wall art from Walls360 put up in the Hotel des Arts, but it was still pretty cool to see. The Hotel is really tiny, and I was pretty nervous because even the entrance is small and you have to be buzzed in. But I was happy I went! And I was thinking about getting one of Walls360's Normandy pieces to put on our stairs, so it was nice to see how they looked in person before I made my decision. I don't think I took pictures of all the pieces(I know there was a big Thane picture and a life-size Male!Shep I didn't get shots of), but this is most of them.

Entrance and Fem!Shep!

Looking down a hallway.

Other side of the hallway.

Different hallway.


A shot of the Citadel and the Normandy.

Some of the comic covers.

I love this group shot except for the fact my eyes are always drawn to Miranda's breasts. They're just so… front and center. D=

Another way I celebrated Mass Effect 3's release was with cake. The text was a little messy, but I think it was quite an improvement over last year's Commander Cake Shepard.

And today is Adam Jensen's birthday, so I made him a cake with the leftover cake batter from Commander Cake Shepard. He's my spirit animal, I gotta show him some love and respect. Or something. Happy Birthday, Mr. Jensen. (Also!!! Happy birthday astrokittie! And Shanks! And also everyone I haven't wished a happy birthday whose birthdays have passed because OH GOD I am SO bad with this stuff. T^T;;)

Also seen while in San Francisco this week: a flock of wild parrots!

Thank-you night_owl_9 for the blue dragon on my profile!! ♥♥♥ =D
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