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Comment to this entry and I'll give you a letter. List ten things that you love that begin with that letter and then post that list on your journal.

I got M from robley!

1. Manga!
My great love and passion! Nur and I have the better part of a room filled with manga and it's been a huge part of my life since high school. My job also involves manga and it's not much of a stretch to say that the majority of my life revolves around it. (BUT YES PARENTS, I HAVE OTHER INTERESTS.)

2.Mikagami Tokiya
My first anime/manga crush! I can't even recall why I was so attracted to him, he's kind of an asshole. But I still love him dearly and think he's super adorable. He's from Flame of Recca, which was one of the first anime series I got into, so even though I don't love him as much as I used to, he'll always be special to me!

3.Magic Kaitou
The manga series about Kaitou Kid, my absolute favorite Detective Conan character. Magic Kaitou was actually created before Detective Conan, but Kid became a character in Conan as well. And a popular one, huzzah!! The series introduced me to the wonderful world of phantom thieves and Kid is one of the only characters that can make me eeee and squee like a little girl when he appears onscreen!! Whenever I see an episode with him, I feel so giddy and happy! Magic Kaitou, as far as manga series go, is a little rough around the edges (IMO), but the more recent chapters (as new chapters come out ever so often) are tighter and no matter what it's just a fun read.

4.Mitani Wataru
Wataru is the main character of Brave Story! I think he's a great character; adorable, strong, determined, but still has a lot of flaws. I love him in the book, movie, and manga, and think it's really interesting how each version is different but is still very definitely the same character. My biggest failure of a costume was Wataru from the movie. Ohhhh boy, that was embarrassing… But I still have the Brave Sword my dad and I made, and I still think it's pretty cool. =D

When I was young, I was a very mean, very manipulative person. I would use people to do all sorts of things for me and rarely think twice about it. They seemed to have no idea I was doing it, so what's the harm? (I didn't JUST use people, I was honest and kind to my friends but it doesn't change that fact that I manipulated others.) When I in sixth or seventh grade, I happened to catch an episode of this show called due South. It's about this mountie who follows the trail of the killers of his father to Chicago and for reasons that don't need exploring of this juncture he remained, attached as liaison for the Canadian Consulate. The mountie, Fraser, is the most stand-up guy ever. And I mean EVER. Kind, caring, honest, strong… he's incredible. And he's cute. So I saw this show and it was like the horrible things I had done were all laid out in front of me. I was so ashamed of myself. Through almost religious watching, this mounty taught me how to be a better person. I might still be a raging asshole if it wasn't for him. Because of the show, mounties are my personal symbol of a "good person," so I'll always look up to them.

6.Master Keaton
MASTER KEATON IS THE BIGGEST BADASS. HANDS DOWN. The series is interesting, educational, and fun, and Keaton himself is mind-blowingly cool. It's 150% my favorite Naoki Urasawa series (even if it's not entirely by him). I love the focus on history and I love that this normal-looking guy kicks ass, takes names, and teaches people things. There's an episode of the anime.. I think it's "On the Rooftops of Paris" or something, where Keaton talks about his mentor, Yuri Scott. It's very inspirational. But at the end, Keaton sees his mentor for the first time in many, many years and Yuri Scott says to him, "you've become a fine man." I cry. Every time. EVERY. FREAKING. TIME. It's just so… touching. I can't even watch the trailer for the show without tearing up because part of that scene is in it. The tone of the series is amazing… one minute you're crying over a touching scene, the next minute you're whooping and hollering because Keaton just trapped a man using a spear he made out of a bottle cap, a rubber band, and yesterday's newspaper. It's a fantastic, horribly underrated series, and will always be one of my favorites. And Keaton himself will always be one of my favorite characters.

Monsters, beasties, youkai, demons, I love them all! The best way for me to check something out is to tell me it has beasties in it. I'm especially a fan of youkai (Japanese demons/mythical creatures), because they are so different than the sort of monsters I grew up with. When I draw, 9/10 times there will be a mosnter on the page. Most of my original characters are monsters… to the point where it's a big deal if one of my characters is "just" a human!!

I'm not a huge Gundam fan or anything, but I love cool mechs. I love the variety from show to show. Some of my favorites are Solar Aquarion, Vector of Hope, Nirvash, Tauburn, and King Gainer. My favorite Gundam mech is the Zaku II.

It gets me pumped, it calms me down, it helps me get through long days. I don't know what I would do without music in my life. One of my greatest regrets of my life thus far is not continuing music after high school. I used to play mallet percussion and I really miss it now.

10.Murasaki Kuhouin
She's not one of my absolute favorite characters, but she does come from one of my favorite anime series! She's the main female character from Kurenai. She's something like 8, and she's super sheltered and stuck-up so I thought I'd hate her, but she's… she's just such a good kid!! Sure she's stuck up, but she learns how to deal with things FAST and is really cooperative and just does her best in bad situations. She has strong morals and she sticks by them. I really admire her. Plus she helps make Shinkurou (who IS one of my favorites) a better person. She's a powerful healing force for him.

Hm. Now I'm thinking about Kurenai. Maybe I'll put it on tomorrow. ♥
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