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How did you get interesting, Guilty Crown?

This anime season has some nice surprises. I'll ramble about all that some other time.

But last season's stuff!!
>Un-Go: Ended AWESOME, imo. Loved it, hope there's more, want to see episode 0 like burning.
>Phi-Brain: I'm a bit behind, but NNNGGGH PUZZLE TIMEEEEE~♥ It's silly and fun and that's all I care about with it.
>Guilty Crown: SUDDENLY IT GOT REALLY INTERESTING. I still like Shu a lot, I think he reacts very realistically for someone in his position. Not saying everyone would act the way he does, but I know I would act very similarly (until he does awesome stuff), so I feel like I "get" him or something. I feel like the story has finally started to get interesting. I think the series has a ton of potential and now I have hope it might get really, really good. But who knows. I don't want get my hopes too high though, hahahahaha.

I started watching Tears to Tiara the other day. Had no idea what it was about (bought it on a whim for something like $10 for the whole series), but I'm pleasantly surprised. I'm only 10 episodes in, but it's interesting enough and I like most of the characters. I don't think it's amazing and I'm not going to go out of my way to get people to check it out, but I'm enjoying it.
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