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Movies, movies, so many movies!

…Okay, not so many movies.

Over X-mas and the days following, I went to the theater 4 times over 4 days. It was the most I've been to the movies in about a bajillion years. I get really antsy when I watch movies in a theater because I've trained myself to multitask while watching things, so I feel like I should be doing something in addition to watching. But… I had a great time watching these. Maybe it was because I was sort of angry about working while everyone around me celebrated the holidays and I was jealous. I wanted to relax and have fun too! (I would have been able to totally take work slow and easy, but I got a script on X-mas eve, and the book was behind schedule, so…)

All these are pretty much spoilerless~

Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows
The big local paper gave this movie the WORST review I have ever read. The reviewer hated it so much I think his review said something about it not deserving the little picture that represents lowest possible rating the paper gives. Whoa. Later it was #1 in his list of 10 Worst Movies of 2011. Anyway, I went into this movie expecting little and was rewarded with a fun movie with some cool action. I didn't think it was as good as the first and I thought parts were pretty obvious if you have a tiny inkling of Sherlock Holmes knowledge, but I didn't watch it for a deep and thoughtful movie. I was quite happy with it. And Stephen Fry as Mycroft! NNGGHHH SO GREAT! I looooove Mycroft, I was soooo happy he was in the movie and STEPHEN FRY EEEE. The fanservice was quite nice as well... THE DANCE AT THE PARTY. GAH.

Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol
I had no interest in this movie, but my brother was all excited to see it, and my parents' neighbor came over on X-mas and said how awesome it was, so I went to see it with my family. And because my neighbor was insistent on it, we watched it in IMAX. Wow, what a cool movie. Seriously, very cool. I hadn't seen a Mission Impossible movie since… the first one, maybe? (First Tom Cruise one I mean, I don't know if there were any old school ones.) There were so many awesome parts and a good amount of humor. Beautiful filming didn't hurt either. The tower climbing in Dubai? UNF, so great. I'm pretty eager to get the BluRay for this, if just to oogle at the scenery and in hopes that they will have awesome extras about the filming. There were only two things I didn't like much about the movie: it felt a wee bit too long and not all of it was filmed in IMAX.

The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn
I had to see Tintin again. I HAD TO. So three days after I saw it the first time, I went with Nur and Alex and saw it again, but this time in 3D. I was really nervous that I would find it boring the second time, but on the contrary I fell even more in love with it. And knowing the story allowed me to see all sorts of neat little Easter Eggs throughout the movie. I am absolutely DYING for the movie to come out on BluRay/DVD, and I'll probably end up going to see it again before it leaves theaters for good.

I've been a Tintin fan for close to 10 years, but I've been a VERY bad fan. Up until about three or four months ago I had read one or maaaaybe two stories. I was more a fan of the art style than the characters or adventures themselves. But then I actually bought all the newish nifty hardcover digest-ish size books and have been slowly reading them since. I'm still a bad fan, I've only read maybe half of the stories (I'll probably read Prisoners of the Sun tonight or tomorrow). Part of me if happy that I'm going slow because once I'm done I'm totally done. No more of Hergé's Tintin stories. The other part of my screams for more adventure RIGHT AWAY. The fandom (what I've found of it) seems pretty slash-heavy (and I, like futuresoon, ship Tintin/adventure), but pretty dang awesome.

Turned in the first version of a volume of a BL book last night. It's the first BL book I've lettered and it was… interesting. Didn't care much for the book itself, but lettering BL at my parents' place made me verrrry jumpy. I was so sure someone was going to lean over my shoulder as cocks filled the screen. Luckily, I never ran into any of that and was saved from the embarrassment of trying to explain what I was working on to my family. The sex scenes were sort of disappointing in the book, everything was so heavily censored, the men were just handling shafts of light. For some reason it felt like it was more off-putting than actual uncensored penises might have been. But… it did make for some really funny-looking pages. Like, "what are you holding? Where is that going? Is it a light beam going INTO MORE LIGHT?" Well, except for corrections, that's done. I have two more BL one-shots coming up sooner or later, and in February I think I'm starting a BL series that I'm SUPER excited about because it's EASY EASY EASY and SUPER ADORABLE. I had some Pokémon Platinum to finish up today and then I was going to get back to working on Psyren 10, but then I got more Platinum script. Boooo. I like Pokémon a lot, but the books are soooooooo time consuming and very stressful. I was looking forward to finishing Psyren 10… I was working on it when I got the script for the BL book, so I had to stop part-way through. This Psyren volume isn't due until April, but it just feels wrong to leave it half-done for so long. And it's PSYREN. It's fun and easy and the story is fantastic right now.

Thinking of Pokémon, I got a Kyurem plush right before X-mas. It was pricey, but I have the Reshiram and Zekrom from this "set" and I decided to finish up the "set" before it went out of production and the price shot up. I am very happy I did buy him, he's so cute and makes me so happy. I named him Boreas. He likes playing with the Misaka figures Nur gave me for X-mas. Look at his little claws! They're pearly! Eeeeeee~♥

I replaced all my 2011 calendars and have decided I need to stop buying calendars. My Heroman calendar (SOB, I LOVE THIS CALENDAR) was replaced with a Toaru Majutsu no Index II one. It's nice, but the cover lied to me! It had Accelerator on it, so I thought maybe there would be an Accelerator page, but no dice. He's not on any pages inside! Still a pretty calendar though. Last year's Bro Calendar was replaced with this year's. Last year's P3/P4 calendar was replaced with a big Blue Exorcist one (manga version). I have all the pages from the P3/P4 one if anyone is interested in them. I'll be keeping a couple for myself, but I have no use for the others. Let me know if you're interested and I'll take pictures of the ones up for grabs. Then… I bought a Nurarihyon calendar because I letter the series, so I felt it was a cool thing to have. It was waaaaay expensive, but it's a 13-page calendar and came with this GORGEOUS paper cutout that frames the current month's page. In April I should have a Oofuri daily calendar coming in. SO MANY CALENDARS.
But they're all so pretty! Next year I need to cut back… I mean, I haven't even put up the Gijinka Calendar yet! (I DO forget what the date is fairly often, so maybe having so many calendars will help! Hahahahaha…)

Happy New Year, everyone!
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