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Redline party, Un-Go, work, an' stuff.

Thank-you jen_kat for the lovely card! ♥

Yesterday a bunch of awesome people came over to watch the awesome movie Redline. I had so much fun, thank-you to everyone who came! I hope we can do something like this again soon. We went out to dinner, watched Redline, watched silly/stupid/awesome videos, and tried to play Oregon Trail. We named our team after Tiger & Bunny characters (Agnes led the team of Kotetsu, Barnaby, KeithJohn, and Yuri). Kotetsu died not one minute into the game, Barnaby died shortly after we lost all our clothes, and Yuri was sick when we had to stop playing because we couldn't get the second part of the game to load. OUR POOR PATHETIC TEAM! We even had to shoot a couple of Rock Bisons to keep Agnes, Yuri, and KeithJohn alive. (P.S. To the people who were over last night but haven't seen T&B yet, you can watch it free and legally here!! EVERYONE SHOULD AT LEAST CHECK IT OUT! …but the trailers are pretty mehhhhhh, don't judge the show by them.)

Got all the fabric I needed for Inga's panda hat and I finally drafted a pattern. I cut out everything in some extra fleece and pinned it, but I didn't feel like sewing it today. Tomorrow, perhaps. I made a pattern for Plush!Kazamori and cut all those pieces out too. Both the hat and Kazamori are going to be olive green and white, so they'll look weird, but they're just test pieces. If they do turn out, I'll post the patterns for anyone interested. (That's a big if though!!)

Work has been good… it was really busy for a while, I had something like five volumes due over six or seven weeks. To get a sense of how INSANELY CRAZY THIS IS, generally I can work at a good pace and finish a volume in two weeks. I lucked out and was able to get a volume of Tegami Bachi done in less than a week and a volume of X done in four days. FOUR DAYS! Of course, that's because that X volume was like A GIFT FROM THE GODS and was EASY BEYOND BELIEF. The other three books were pushed back because of troubles getting files for them. It means I'll be scrambling to finish them when the files do come in, but it's very nice right now. I was able to get the next volume of Psyren done in the mean time, which helps clear up a bit of time later. I should be starting on my first SuBLime title this week, and I'm very excited about it.

I went into San Francisco on Friday because I had to pick up the tankobon for Pokémon Platinum v5. I do all the text-lettering in InDesign, so I need to keep a close eye on the tanko when placing pages. Placing Platinum pages is sooooo frustrating too… the proportions of the physical size of the tanko and the Viz version are different! The Viz books aren't as wide, so it makes it difficult to find a happy medium. No matter what, stuff on the sides gets cut off (although the Viz books have a bit more image on the top and bottom of the pages!). But yeah, went into the city after having a nice breakfast with my brother and dad, got curry from the JapaCurry truck (SO GOOD), and headed to J-Town. Finally picked up the last calendar I had my eye on (the extremely expensive but extremely gorgeous Nurarihyon no Mago one) and a handful of books (other than Platinum 5). Thank goodness I get 10% off with my membership card and had a $15 off coupon, or else that trip would have been a lot more painful! X_X After that, I headed to Viz and got to talk with almost all my editors. I get to work with such wonderful people, I'm so lucky. I met an editor that I'd like to work on a certain title with, and it looks like I might be able to! The series is super cute and I'm really excited, but I haven't signed a work order or anything for it yet, so no guarantees that I will get to work on it. I'm not going to say the title because I don't want to jinx this!

I'm thinking of finally changing my layout… I used to change my layout four times a year (once for every school quarter + summer), but life has been busy and I have been increasingly lazy, so I've had my current Birdy the Mighty layout for… 2+ years? Maybe I'll just work on cosplay instead. Hahahahaha…

I'm going to make some sort of massive post about Oumagadoki Dobutsuen and why it is totally awesome and why everyone should read it and then cosplay it soon. Here's a spoiler for it: I FREAKING LOVE THIS SERIES TO PIECES, OMG.
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