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Hahahaha, so life's been a little crazy lately. Both good-crazy and bad-crazy.

Earlier this month I went into Viz's office and talked to the (very awesome) head of Viz's BL line, "SuBLime." I've been interested in lettering some BL for a while, and she gave me the opportunity to pick some titles to work on. I decided to do three, one digital-only release and two print and digital releases. The one I'm most excited about working on is Three Wolves Mountain. Naono Bohra is one of my favorite artists, and by far my favorite BL artist. Being able to work on one of her titles is a dream come true, and Three Wolves Mountain was one of the first of her works I read, so it's extra special. ♥ That'll be released in June, so please check it out then! =D The other two look fun and cute, though I haven't actually read them myself yet. (Well, I've read the volumes, but in Japanese, so I haven't read-READ them.) I haven't actually… STARTED work on them, but I'm very excited to do so (which hopefully will be within the next week or so).

Thinking of work, X volume 1 was released earlier this month! It's a GORGEOUS release, so please check it out if you have the chance. It's an 3-in-1 edition, so it's HUGE, plus it has color pages and is printed on delicious, thick, lovely paper. Volume 2 will be out in April (I think), and I'm working on volume 3 right now. I'm not very happy with how volume 3 is coming out, but I'm very happy with volume 1, I think it's some of my best work!

This month and next will be insane with work though… I have five volumes due in six (maybe seven?) weeks. Usually, I like to have AT LEAST two weeks per volume, so yikes! I'm not too worried about two of the books, I can get them done in a week each without too much pain, but the other three are completely new to me and I have no idea how lettering will go with them. GAAAAH, so nervous about this! I'll be working like a madwoman all through the holidays! More importantly, THIS MAY EAT UP ALL MY COSPLAY TIME. Holidays shmolidays, but HOW WILL I MAKE MY INGA COSTUME FOR ALA NOW? *sob*

Alllllso earlier this month I headed down to SLO for Minna no Anime's Halloween party. It was a fantastic weekend. The party was great, the people were great, everything was GREAT. I got to hang out will all sorts of awesome people, I got to cosplay, I got to go through Phyillis's bajillion boxes of books from Tokyopop's reference library, I got to sing karaoke for hours… what's not to love?

Aside from the work-driven stress, my family has been… heh… yeah...

So my grandpa died a couple weeks ago. I'm sad he's gone and I love him, but (and I feel pretty horrible saying this) I knew it was coming (bad heart), so I didn't really feel anything when he died. There was a twinge of sadness, then a "well, I'm glad he got his affairs in order… I'm glad he's not in pain anymore." He was a good man… very strict and very… old-fashioned ("men are the head of the family!!!!!!!"), but he looked out for all us grandkids and was very caring. I'll miss him. But I'm at peace with his passing, so I don't need any condolences or anything, I just wanted to get my thoughts out.

Last week, my brother came over to watch Redline with Nur and I. The two of us had seen it twice in San Francisco when it was playing at New People, but IT'S JUST SO COOL that Nur bought the Japanese BluRay and EVEN BOUGHT A SEXY NEW SOUND SYSTEM SO THE MOVIE WILL SOUND GOOD. I'm sure he bought the sound system because it's nice to have an actual sound system, but Redline sounding good is VERY IMPORTANT. But anyway, my brother came over, we dimmed the lights, turned up the volume and…. he worked on his laptop half of the time. I couldn't complain because I was working too, but I had seen it twice before, I knew what was going on! When the movie ended he looked at us and said, "That was the worst movie I've ever seen." Not "I didn't like it" or anything. He said it was THE WORST MOVIE. What the shit. Honestly, WHAT THE SHIT? Does he just have NO TASTE? Nur and I, being big fans of it and all, tried to get him to explain what he didn't like about it to us. He said the story didn't make sense. Didn't make sense? It's a super simple story! There's a lot going on in the background, but the main story is REALLY SIMPLE. Then it hit us… HE WASN'T PAYING ATTENTION HALF THE TIME. No wonder it didn't make sense! We didn't forgive him for putting down such an awesome film (that music NNNGGGGGH, those visuals, NNNNGGGH♥!!!), but we stopped pushing the matter. Until...

THE NEXT DAY I go over to my parents' house (my brother is living with them) and as I go into the kitchen my dad goes, "so I heard that movie you showed Noah really sucked." WHA? No, HE thought it sucked. Anyone with eyeballs (SO EVERYONE I'VE EVER HEARD SAY ANYTHING ABOUT IT) has thought the movie was AT THE VERY LEAST fairly fun. I try to explain that he was only half-watching and it's really a good movie and he just missed a lot of it so of course it didn't make sense blah blah blah. Then my mom turns to me and says, "You just like it because it's anime." Cue me flipping the table. Mentally, of course. There were laptops on that table and I don't want to mess those up. Honestly? I watch a lot of crap. Crappy American shows, crappy documentaries, crappy anime. I have few qualms admitting that and I have few qualms admitting that something is crap. But Redline? It's a good movie. Yeah, that's my opinion, but just because it's anime does not make my opinion invalid. I tried to explain my position, but my mom (and, to a lesser extent, my dad) ignored my points. After all, Noah, LORD OF GOOD TASTE reigns supreme. Ugh. Not saying my brother has bad taste (OH WAIT YES HE DOES IF HE THINKS REDLINE IS THE WORST MOVIE EVER), but he's… such a hipster with his tastes, it's ridiculous. He showed us some foreign film(?) about con men or something and he was all, "It's SOOOOOO good" and my parents were all, "WOW NOAH YEAH SOOOO GOOD," and I enjoyed it, but it wasn't… amazing. It was awfully predictable and the characters were kind of annoying. I like movies about cons, but… this wasn't the best I'd seen. Nur had the same complaints I did, but nooooooo, Noah said it was awesome, so my parents said it was awesome. Ugh. Meanwhile, if I say I like a show or a movie, my mom goes, "I DON'T WANT TO WATCH YOUR ANIME." First off, who said I was talking about anime? Why would you just assume that? I talk to you more about live action shows, documentaries, and books than anime. AND just because it's anime DOESN'T MAKE IT BAD. Sheesh, I've watched so many anime titles that could blow her mind (in a good way) if she JUST GAVE IT A CHANCE. But she won't, because she hates anime. I swear, it's like saying you hate all books or all movies or something. IT'S JUST A MEDIUM FOR THE STORY, MOTHER. I don't like it BECAUSE it's anime, it just something I like that HAPPENS TO BE AN ANIME SERIES. It's the story and characters (and yeah, animation quality if it IS an anime series) that really hooks me. RARGHHH GRWAAARRRGH GRAARRGGHHHH

And that just opened a huge can of worms that luckily didn't EXPLODE until I got back to Nur's car and we left my parents' place. All sorts of complaints that I've had with them and are just coming back at once… like how ever since Noah moved back home, he's the wonder child again. I've had my job for over six years now. He had his for a little over three and has been unemployed (though he has an unpaid internship and makes some money doing small jobs) for the last three, but somehow his job is "more real" than mine. Yeah, I'm a freelancer, but I'm so tired of my job being "not real" to my mom. I've been at this a while, I work LONG HARD HOURS, I GET PAID. How is this not a job? And then there's all the design advice… never mind that it was sort of PART OF MY MAJOR, Noah MUST be right! Really, everything is NOAH NOAH NOAH. I don't think I would mind it so much if it didn't mean "NOAH IS RIGHT, ANNALIESE MUST BE WRONG." I'm tired of my ideas and my input being pushed to the side. And I'm especially tired of my family thinking I'm into ONE THING. Even if I WAS just into anime, that's still (like I said before) like saying, "Hi, I just love books." They still cover a bajillion things. My mom STILL thinks anime is all porn and boobs. ALL OF IT. PORN AND BOOBS. But even if it was, it's definitely not the only thing I'm into, but it's like my family ignores all other aspects of my life and zooms in on the part they don't agree with. ARRRGHGGGGHHHHHH. So frustrating!!

Okay. I think I'm feeling a bit better now. I wish I could talk this out with my family and get to the heart of this, but every time I try, I feel like they either get all glassy-eyed on me or stick their fingers in their ears and scream "LALALALALALALA." Oh, family! XD;;

Oh, but happier things(?):

Not watching much this season, alas alas~

Un-Go : Definitely my favorite so far. Love the characters, love the cases, love the opening and ending, love the designs! I'm a huge sucker for supernatural detective series, and it doesn't hurt that my favorite animation studio and director are both working on it! Little!Inga's outfit is super awesome too.

Guilty Crown : Love the concept, love the art, but… the story is just okay? I feel like I understand the main character, so it hurts to see some of the shit he's been put through so far. I hate the main leader for the "good guys," I think he's a dick who is manipulating everyone and I want the main guy to punch him in the face. Repeatedly. But overall, I guess I'm enjoying it. I don't get super pumped for it or anything, but it's nice to put on in the background.

Phi Brain : Love love looovveeee this series. It's just SO MUCH FUN. I don't know what to say about it. I like puzzles, I like the characters, and it's SO FUN. I'm trying to get Nur to cosplay the main character, Kaito, and I want to cosplay Ana. =D

Not really watching much else from this anime season… Not anime, but I'm still watching AND LOVING THE HELL OUT OF Kamen Rider Fourze. Every episode brings a huge smile to my face. As for American tv, I'm way behind on everything (like over a season behind for most of them) I watch except for Persons of Interest, which I'm enjoying. I've been watching a 27-part history program that's been pretty cool. It's about ten years old, so some of the info is out of date, but I've learned a lot from it. The program was totally made to be shown in classrooms and each part is only about 20 minutes, so it's very easy to digest.

Uh, yeah. Not a lot of interesting stuff going on. My life is pretty much work and whining with a lot of TV on in the background, but I really can't complain all that much. I'm constantly tired and a lot of things have been driving me mad, but overall I'm happy and I'm making money doing something I love. Ever since we moved into the bigger apartment, I've been feeling more relaxed than I had in a long, long time, and I don't have as many problems sleeping. So life's been pretty good.

Happy early Thanksgiving for those who celebrate! ♥
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