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Thanks! Everything not claimed will be going to Minna no Anime's Halloween Party!

Hi all, Nur and I have some things that we want to give away. It's mostly stuff we had doubles of and are finally weeding out of our collections. Do you want something? Ask for it! HOWEVER! I will NOT ship anything. YOU MUST PICK IT UP FROM ME. If we are going to the same convention, I'll bring it to that convention. If we are going to meet up for something, I'll bring it. But I will not put it in a box and ship it anywhere. Sorry about that, I am lazy and cheap. ALSO! If you claim something, PLEASE be in a position where you can actually pick it up or we will actually be seeing each other in the next month or two. Last year I had bags of DVDs people claimed for a good seven months and I don't want to have those sitting around again!

If you're coming from Twitter and don't have a LJ account, just post anonymously and include your Twitter screen name in your comment!

Claim what you want, I'll try to do my best to keep the post updated with what has been claimed, but please glance over previous comments just in case. It's first come, first serve. Claim as much or as little as you want. I'll be bringing anything that hasn't been claimed to the Minna no Anime Halloween party this Saturday, and you have until Friday afternoon to get your claims in.

Junjou Romantica v8
R2 v1
The First King Adventure v2
Project Arms v3, 5
Firefighter: Daigo of Company M v3-7, 10, 15
Bakuman v1 (x2)
Kekkaishi v27
Yakitate!! Japan v6
Ranma 1/2 v1
Please Save My Earth v3, 7, 8
Qwan v1
Kodocha v1
Spirited Away AniManga v1-3
Pokémon Adventures v2, 3
Eureka Seven v1, 2
Sword of the Dark Ones v1
Same Cell Organism
One Hundred Years of Solitude (novel)
Detective Conan v5, 6 (Chinese)
Magic Kaitou v2, 3 (Chinese)
Tactics v3 (Chinese)
Kare Kano v1-10 (Japanese)
Wáq-Wáq v1, 2 (Japanese)
Zig + Zag v1 (Japanese)

Bag of assorted cards… baseball cards, G.I. Joe card, superhero cards, Pokémon cards (tcg)

Anatasia VHS (without a case, sorry)
Pokémon: Mewtwo Strikes Back VHS
Ranma 1/2 VHS v3-5 (subtitled)
Zenki VHS v3 (subtitled)
Orphen VHS v…5? (dubbed)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles VHS "Cowabunga Shred Head"
X-Men VHS (Don't know about this one, I think it's part of the Phoenix arc)
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone DVD
Heroes DVD season 1 & 2
Last Exile DVD Full Series
Orphen DVD Season 2
Lair's Moon (book)
Tokyo Atlas (little book)
Tokyo Bilingual Map
Monk DVD season 1 & 2
How I Met Your Mother DVD season 1 & 2

ALIAS DVD season 1
Dai-Guard DVD Full Series
Tenchi Muyo DVD v1-4 (I think this is the complete first OVA)
Someday Dreamers DVD v1 (+Box)
Desert Punk DVD v1
Samurai 7 DVD v1
Detective Conan/Case Closed DVD v? ("The Truth About Revenge")
Cowboy Bebop DVD v1
Pokémon: Arceus and the Jewel of Life DVD
Anime Guide (whoa this thing is so old, hahahaha)
Fate/stay night DVD v1
Pumpkin Scissors DVD v2
RahXephon DVD v2
Fact or Crap (board game)
Football (it's foam and has a tail and and whistle thing… it's a pretty good football, actually)
Pokémon Yatzhee (batteries are low, but replaceable)
Two Plastic Sai (with poorly painted-on blood, from a costume)
Strange Box Puzzle (it's filled with water and little spheres and you try to get them through a mesh in the middle…?)
Ursula Kingdom Hearts Buildable Figure (nice little figure, but a little hard to put together and I accidentally broke the trident… it can be glued back together, though!)
Rooster Beanie Baby
Chick in Egg Beanie Baby
Chick Beanie Baby(?)
Voltron DVD set (I think it's the third set)
Kimono Set Thing (I put it on once, I vaguely recall it being just a little too small for me and I'm 5'7". It comes with a yukata, an obi, and shoes if I remember correctly)

Claim away! =D
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