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Relative Visits Are Fun! + A bunch of doodles

Thanks for all the kind words on the last entry! =D

My grandparents from my mom's side visited last weekend. It was really nice to see them, but… one of the first things my grandma says to me is "Oh, you've gained weight since the last time I saw you…………………………… it looks good on you." GRANDMAAAAAAA the compliment doesn't make it hurt much less! T^T And I'm a little tried of being umm… slyly…(?)… compared to my relatives. I know I'm not like them. I'm sorry, but I'm happy with how I am. Over all, it was very nice to see them.

Nur stayed home on Monday because of a cold, which I promptly got and have been fighting off since. It's not too bad, but it's so annoying!

Every year, I try to send holiday cards to everyone that is interested in one. Last year I going crazy with work and some other junk, so I wasn't able to send any to friends. I was (just barely) able to finish the cards I sent to my editors. These aren't all of them or the final versions and most of them were colored, but these are the only scans I have of them. I don't know why I didn't post them LAST YEAR after I drew them, but whatever. Someplace I have some photos of them, but I'm much to lazy to find them!

Alfred the Taboo is one of my favorite Psyren characters for no particular reason. For one of my Psyren editors.

Ageha and Sakurako from Psyren for my other Psyren editor.

This one is sort of an inside joke, I guess? Arceus WAS going to be called a Legendary Pokémon, but the Pokémon Company decided that he should be a "Mythical" Pokémon instead. Arceus (and I) were not pleased that he was being called imaginary. I think his "Judgement" attack was changed to something else so he didn't appear so godly… you know, except that he's the GOD POKÉMON. This was for my Arceus manga editor. I forget the title of the book now… Pokémon: Arceus and the Temple of the Sky or something? It was the manga adaptation for the Arceus movie. I FINISHED THE BOOK OVER A YEAR AGO, OKAY, I CAN'T REMEMBER THESE THINGS! D=

A little bunny for a designer who was a godsend to me.

Hyde and Closer for one of the Hyde and Closer editors.

Turtwig for my Pokemon Adventures/Pokémon Adventures Platinum editor.

I'm a bit sad I don't have the one I drew for my Ultimate Muscle editor… that was my favorite of the bunch! Oh well, someday I'll uncover those photos I took of them. Maybe.

Last July was Viz's 25th anniversary, so I drew a picture to celebrate. There are 30-something characters, most of them suggested by friends on Twitter. The line weights are all crazy different and there's no color because I ran out of time on it. Ohhh welll. It's too big to post directly, so here's a link to it.

The other day I really wanted to finish up some X work, so I woke up early and I was filled with so much BURNING SPIRIT I could have gotten anything done. Through some really strange conversation with Nur, I determined that I was going to be a shark, just for the day. So this is shark-me. Mixed with the usual cat ears and tail I usually draw on myself. I was seriously feeling so damn epic that day, it was SO AWESOME. SHARK SHARK SHARRRRRK!!!!

This one is gonna be linked too, 'cause it's a little big. Blood warning~! This is Kcalb, the um… "anti-Black"(male trainer character from Pokemon Black and White). He's creepy, violent, and I think he looks pretty cool. He appeared in the very fun Black Adventures comic, and I was having a bad day, so this picture helped me get through some stress.

This is the text-less version of my picture for Don't Do it, Sky High!!, the faux children's book about Sky High doing things he shouldn't. His helmet and the van were super heavily referenced, because arrggggh cars and arrrgghhh that helmet!!

These are all the books Nur and I own. They are very much not sorted here and there are a couple random things in there (Emma season 2 box, a couple figures), but this is pretty much all of them. Now all the manga is sorted by publisher, title, and volume number and they're all just waiting to go on shelves. Hopefully I'll start putting them up this weekend! =D

I… don't think I've posted this here before…? I'm cosplaying Hakuoro from Utawarerumono for the Minna no Anime Halloween Party this year, but before I started on his mask, I wanted to get a little practice in with the materials. I wanted to make a kirin mask, but it looks more like a dragon! It was pretty easy… took maybe 5 hours over two weeks. And most of that was spent painting it. The hood is just some leftover faux fur and fleece, the mask is a half-mask base with craft foam hot glued in place and painted like a million times. The eyes are some painted buckram, and the visibility is pretty good on it. I'm trying to get my mom to wear it for Halloween because she's currently planning on wearing my sister's old traffic cone costume and this is at least a tiny bit more interesting in my opinion. =( I also want her to dress as a satellite though… XD;;

Oh man, Halloween is just around the corner… I need to get on costume stuff like… now, gaaaaaah! @_@
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