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New Apartment!

Oh ho ho~

I moved last week! We're in the same complex, just a bigger apartment. It's SO NICE. I mean, the apartment itself isn't amazing, but it's about twice as big as our last place!!

The light switches are in strange places here… our living room has no switches, so you have to turn on the hall light from the switch near the front door, go to the living room, turn on the light, then go back to front door to turn off the hall light. But there are switches for the bedrooms, so that's good.

My desk is all set up and nice… it's next to a sliding glass door, so I can get fresh air whenever I want. *_* I still have to decorate my desk a little more… I'm going to put my Kazuma and King Kazma statues, and my Cyclone Joker figure here. Eeee, so excited.

One bedroom is for sleeping, but the other is for all our books and for my sewing stuff (my clothes too~). All the books are still stacked on the floor… we need to sort and catalogue them, so they'll probably be on the ground for a while. There's actually a lot to still unpack, gwaah!

Moving sort of really sucked. It was a good 20+ hours of lugging boxes and bags. Nur did a lot of the packing, I did a lot of the hauling. By the end of the second day, my legs were speckled with bruises! I looked like I was turning into a clouded leopard. I had Nur take a picture, so I'll post it (and pictures of our new place) at some point.

I wasn't able to unpack much this week, because deadlines are a bit wild. They should calm down hopefully around the middle of next week and with a bit of luck I'll be able to unpack and work on cosplay. …and work on my calendar pages. I'm almost done with one!!

But yeah, the new place is pretty cool. I think Dyson is liking it… he has places to sit in the sun and he's been running around a lot. I like it lots, and I've actually been sleeping well here. Over the last several years, I've had trouble sleeping and it's rare that I get a good night's sleep, but I've a couple nights of really good sleep here. That might be because I was exhausted for several days after the move, but STILL. Good sleep is good sleep!!

Not a very interesting update, I know, but not much else has been going on, hahahaha! =D

OH WAIT I HAVE AWESOME NEWS! TWO BOOKS I WORKED ON MADE IT ON THE NYT MANGA BESTSELLER LIST! YAY PSYREN AND POKÉMON PLATINUM!!!! Not many of my books get on the list, so I'm really excited and overjoyed about this!
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