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Go go deadline goals!

I can't believe September is nearly over.

Work has been going… well-ish? I shouldn't have too much trouble completing my 3-volume early-October goal, but right after I have two volumes I need to get done asap. I turned in an X volume a couple weeks ago, turned in a Tegami Bachi volume today, and I should have this Psyren volume done by next Monday at the absolute latest. Then I'll have another X volume and a Pokémon volume that will be fun-fun rush times. And by fun-fun I mean I will stain my keyboard with tears of pain and frustration. The X volume isn't so bad except for the first thirty or so pages, which is an epic battle filled with a multitude of overlapping screentones, speedlines, and semi-transparent sfx. It's going to be… a challenge, to say the least! The Pokémon volume doesn't look as bad as usual, so my fingers are crossed for that one. I got a quick job last week, turning around two chapters of two series in a couple days. It wasn't hard work, but the stress that came with the required speed really wore me out (it was fun too though, like a crazy race!).

Nur and I should be moving shortly! Like I mentioned in an earlier post, it's in the same apartment complex and it should nearly DOUBLE our space. I'm so excited! Our moving date has already been pushed back once though, so I'm a little nervous about it. We were supposed to move starting October 1st, but there was some issues with the people moving out or something, so now we are moving the week after. Unfortunately, our apartment has already been rented, so instead of the week we were going to have to move, we have three days! And one of those days I have a staff meeting for Fanime and another Nur is working on, so yikes! Once we move we'll have some fun stuff going on… I'm hoping to have a karaoke party to test the Minna no Anime karaoke files before the Halloween party in SLO (and to have some fun!). We'll probably have an Adventure Time marathon and a Redline party at some point too. Now that we'll ACTUALLY HAVE SPACE, people can actually come over and relax instead of being crammed in. =)

And Kamen Rider Fourze is still made of FRIENDSHIP AND RAINBOWS. I love it to pieces.

ALSO ALSO! I'm still looking for participants for the Gijinka and Bro Calendars! Info and signups are here! Please spread the word! =D
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