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Internet Avoidance!!

Avoiding most contact on the internet so I'm not accidentally spoiled for the last Tiger and Bunny ep. I'll be watching it with dinner, so I only have to hold out a little longer!! TIGER AND BUNNY, COMPLETE AND ENJOYED

I was hanging around /cm/ this afternoon and NNNGGGHHH so many good threads. The best being a freaking ACCELERATOR thread which totally made my freaking day. SO much glorious art! So much delicious Accelerator/Touma (and vice versa). This makes me so happy, I'm also ashamed to be looking at these pictures at Starbucks. AND THEY'RE ALL WORKSAFE. MY JOY IS THE INAPPROPRIATE THING HERE.

I'll be sending out a note to all calendar participants within the next few days. We're still short participants on both calendars and if we don't fill those spots, there's no reason to continue to go forward with the project! We can't have a calendar with only 6 or 9 months! =X
Tags: index, project, tiger and bunny
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