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Watched the first ep of Kamen Rider Fourze today and it was filled with FRIENDSHIP and RAINBOWS and I cannot wait until ep 2 is subbed. Sure, I've only seen the first ep, but I'm loving it so far!

On a similar note, finished Kamen Rider OOO last week. The ending was… alright I guess? Some parts left me going, "whaaaaat….?" but it wasn't a BAD ending, I guess. Also watched the W/OOO movie. LOVED the Skull part (what a hard boiled guy ♥), but the OOO part just seemed ridiculous. More so than usual, I mean! And I'm sad that now 95% of the characters in W have been given more back story than Shotarou. I think we know more about the most of the dopants' pasts than his!

Haven't been doing much besides watching stuff (Dantalian's latest ep was really neat btw) and working. I'm trying to get 3 volumes turned in before early October. I'll finish this volume of X tomorrow, then I'll have 284 pages and 20 days to do them in! I'm not too worried about hitting the deadline.

I'm still looking for participants for the Gijinka and Bro Calendars! Info and signups are here!
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