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All those strange happenings!

My sister is going to study abroad next year. She's going to Leeds, which is maybe 4 or so hours north of London (if I recall correctly). I'm very proud of her and happy for her, though I do worry about her getting homesick fast. She's never really been away from home for long. Even for college, her school was maaaaaaybe 90 minutes away, so she came home to visit probably twice a quarter. For this though, she'll be away from September to sometime next Summer. I hope she'll be okay.

I WAS going to visit her in January, but that has pretty much fallen through. Shortly after being accepted, she told my dad that she wouldn't have much time around X-mas off, but she would have a long break in January. So, I told her I would visit her in January. My parents are both working and wouldn't be able to take enough time off to justify flying halfway around the world to visit her and my brother's work schedule is unknown right now, but with my freelance work I can move things around. Plus, I rarely get vacations, so this would be nice. I was pretty much the only one who could definitely visit. But she called last week and I asked her about the dates of her vacation, so I could get my plane tickets and reserve hotels and stuff. It turns out her break is from December 10-January 10. Then she has exams through the 21st. I have an event I'm going to the 6-8th which I've been planning to go to longer than this UK trip. I'm not going to back out of the plans I made nearly a year ago, I don't want to be "that person" if you know what I mean!! But this means that I'd arrive in Leeds when her exams start. I don't want that. She told me that it was cool and I could still stay with her, but what's the point? I'm not going because OMG BRITAIN MUST GO, I'm going to visit my little sister. I could go earlier or later, but again, I'm going to VISIT MY SISTER. I want to go places with her. I was planning on spending time in Paris and London with her, but if she's has classes then, she can't go. I COULD go in December, but prices are sky-high then because of the holidays, the exchange rate is in the crapper, and my schedule is busy then. January was pretty much as perfect as it got AND I had already told my editors and gotten an okay on disappearing for a couple weeks.

Ughhhhhh. Well, I've saved up all this money, and I've told people I'll be away for all this time. Maybe I'll just go someplace else. Someplace a bit cheaper. Maybe Washington DC (Smithsonian visiting, eeee~), or Portland, or Seattle… or something. Ugh, I don't know.

On the more light-hearted side, my mom reacts verrrrrry strangely to what I wear these days. I already talked about this on Twitter last week, so sorry if you've read it all before.

Last week I decided that, after rewatching a bunch of Kamen Rider W, I wanted to dress like Shotarou (click the "Transcribed from this article..." to see some good shots of how he dresses). It wasn't really that hard. I don't have the exact clothes he does, but I put on my compression shirt/chest binder, dark grey slacks, a light grey dress shirt (a little big for me, unfortunately), a dark grey vest, a sky blue tie, my extra Jacuzzi wig (I wasn't cosplaying AS Shotarou, I just wanted to dress like him, but I figured the wig would be fun.), and my fedora. I felt very fancy and I think I looked pretty damn good. We went shopping like usual and everything was fine. We were having dinner with my parents, so Nur dropped me off early at their house after shopping so I could have some "family time." My brother immediately made fun of my wig. I'm not sure what was so funny about it, but him poking fun at me for it did hurt and did make me feel a little silly, so I took it and the fedora off.

My mother came home shortly after. When she saw me, she just STARED. "WHAT are you WEARING?" I told her I just felt like dressing like this. She laughed and told me I shouldn't. I asked her why. She then asked me if I had visited the neighbors while dressed like that. I told her I hadn't. She sighed in relief. Again, I asked her why. She said, "Dressing like that makes people question your sanity." ………………………Wait… what? WHAT? I asked her to clarify. She did. Dressing "like a man" makes people question my sanity and I shouldn't be wearing these sorts of things.

Now, a lot of you have never seen me in regular outfits, but those who have know; I don't dress nicely. Jeans and a t-shirt make up my usual outfit. When I don't leave the apartment, I'm often in old stretched-out sweatpants and mismatching shirts. I often go visit my parents dressed like this. Has my mother questioned my sanity then? Nope. So why when I'm ACTUALLY DRESSED NICELY? The real kicker for me is that, besides the dress shirt and tie, everything else was MADE FOR LADIES. Female slacks, female vest. The parts that ARE MOST VISIBLE are LADY CLOTHES. So I WAS dressing to emulate a male (character), but with women's clothing. So why is wearing my nice, stylish (granted, fairly masculine) lady clothes make people question my sanity, but wearing my old ill-fitting sweats and clashing shirts makes people think I'm perfectly stable? I am SO confused. And it hurt too! I still think I looked good, and all she had was mockery! Bah!!

But later, I did visit one of the neighbors (he was helping them out with some computer stuff, so I tagged along). And I think they liked my outfit. So humph!!

…but no one noticed I had bound my chest. I know I have a small chest to begin with and I LIKE it that way, but it sort of hurt that no one noticed. There IS a difference with the compression vest on, I swear! T^T;;;
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