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More a note for myself than anything...

Heading down to Comic Con tomorrow! Cosplaying as a feathered feline and both of Accelerator's anime outfits. It's gonna be fun. I'm posting a list of panels I'm interested in as a note to myself so I have easy access to times/names/rooms. I'm way too lazy to physically write it out!

Comic Con Panels, etc:

10am - Sam Axe -Ballroom 20
12:30 - Psych - Ballroom 20
2:30 - Character if music - 6A
3:00 Funimation - Room 23ABC
4:00 Kodansha - Room23ABC
6:30 Manga: Lost in Translation - 26AB

11:00 JManga - 25ABC
2:00 VIZ - Room 9
3:00 Storyboard/Sasaki-san panel - Room 9
4:00 Costume Designers - Room 9
4:15 Warehouse 13 - Ballroom 20
5:00 Capcom - 25ABC
5:30 Bandai - 5AB
6:30 Yen Press - Room 8
6:30 Best and Worst manga of the year - Room 26AB
7:00 Teching Out with NCIS: LA - 6BCF
8:00 Reign of the Dinosaurs - Room 6DE
8pm - /cgl/ gathering, stairs between D and C lobbies

10:00 Activision - Room 5AB
10:00 Seven Spiritual Laws of Superheroes - Room 6A
10:00 Steampunk Influences on Mainstream Media and Entertainment
11:00 Marvel vs Capcom - Room 25ABC
12:00 Creative Design: Showcasing Techniques That Foster New Ways of Approaching Design - Room 7AB
3:00 Adventure Time - Room 6A
4:00 VIP look at the Upcoming Entries in Namco Bandai's Multimillion-Selling Fighting Games - Room 25ABC (Dai Sato on this panel!)
4:00 How to Create a Children's Book - Room 30CDE
5:00 Costume Designers and Costume Illustrators - Room 23ABC
6:00 Behind the Music with CW3PR Composing Horror to Animation and Everything in Between Indigo Ballroom, Hilton San Diego Bayfront
6:00 Mass Effect March - BioWare Base, Gas Lamp Hilton
7:45 Mythbusters - Room6BCF

11:00 Wearing Two Capes: Storyboard Artists Who Moonlight as Comic Artists - Room 4
11:00 Creative Character Design with Bryan Tillman - Room 28DE
12:00 Comics Arts Conference Seesion #14: Manga Censorship - Room 26AB

And I'm off~ See you all next week!
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