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New Anime Season, A-GOOOOO~!

So the new anime season started this month, and I've picked up a couple new titles to watch.

No.6 looks FABULOUS. It's no secret I am a huge BONES fangirl. If they make it, I'll watch it and likely try to own it. They're my favorite studio and recently it's been like they can do no wrong (for me). No.6's story seems pretty interesting, the characters seem interesting, and the opening is SO NEAT. Gwahhhhh, all my love BONES, all my love. There's also a great amount of the two boys being strangely adorable with the way they interact. Kyaa~ I can't wait until ep 2!

Sacred Seven is the only other series of the new season I've watched. Now… I don't think this is an award winning show or anything. It's has SNIPER MAIDS, and I just can't take that fully seriously. But… I'm REALLY enjoying it. It looks pretty and it feels like it was WRITTEN FOR ME. Most of the things I love in stories are in it. Boy with strange powers? Check. Powers that transform him somehow? Check. Possible mythological connections? Check. Over the top fights? Check. Berserker mode? Check. AWESOME SCOOTERS? Check. (Omg, did you see how small it looked compared to him? SO CUTE.) Character(s) with fun/interesting hobbies that actually are important to the show? Check. So yeah. I'm jumping into this series headfirst. It looks like it could be a lot of fun and NNGGGHHH Alma's armor/true power form or whatever looks SO COOL. This show feels like it was made for 6-year-olds, then they aged all the characters and raised the stakes. But at it's heart, it's still for six year olds. Such fun! Cannot wait until ep 2 on Friday! Oh and the sniper maids? Totally silly, but I have no real complaints about cute girls with big guns, so… =D

I want to watch Bunny Drop, but I'm reading the manga as Yen Press puts it out, so I think I'll wait until the manga is all out so I don't spoil the manga with the anime. I'm hoping for adorable times because the manga makes me SO HAPPY. We'll see!

Nur finished InFamous and is now playing InFamous 2. This game. THIIIIISSS GGGGAAAAMMMMEEEE. I wasn't too sure they could make InFamous any more entertaining for me, but somehow they did it. Cole is like 20x snarkier than he was in 1 and some of the power upgrades you get are SO COOL. And Zeke is a pretty cool bro in this one! I wasn't too happy with him at the end of 1, but he's come back around to being awesome. Cole really is fantastic in this game… and his new voice actor took a little while to get used to, but the voice works for the character and the voice actor does a really great job.

When I bought the Hero Edition of InFamous 2, it came with a bunch of extra stuff. The game of course, Cole's bag (which is the big reason I bought it), a mini comic, all the preorder upgrades, the soundtrack, and an 8-inch statue of Cole. I was pretty meh on it at first. I mean, it looks alright and it's pretty big, but whatever. It's not what I bought the Hero Edition for. But then we started… dressing him up…

Nur wasn't going playing InFamous enough, so I made a little sign for Cole to encourage him. I figured he needed to be a bit cooler than he was, so he got sunglasses too. And the tape measurer sombrero was just a crazy happenstance.

Cole's new upgrades weren't enough, so we went further. He got a fu manchu, a cover for his AMP, an oven mitt, and as a special 4th of July upgrade, a Let's believe HEROES sash. Now he's REALLY styling.

The charm point is the heart on his oven mitt.

I want to make him a lace apron and bunny slippers next, but I think they'll have to wait until after Comic Con. HANG TOUGH, COLE. YOU'LL BE EVEN COOLER SOON.

Comic Con cosplay is coming along… well enough. I just finished 95% of the work on Accelerator's season 2 crutch. I just need a crutch… er… foot for the bottom and something to slip over the handle. Nur and I will probably work on the outside calculation box today. Still have to paint his season 2 shirt as well, but I'm not too worried about getting that done.

The feathered feline, Teo, is coming along as well, but the road is a bit more bumpy. Most parts are at least partially done, but there are little things holding me back. I can't fur her head until I put in the eyes, but I'm having trouble with the eyes. I can't fur the feet until I paint the base of the shoes they are built on. I'm SO CLOSE to being done with the shirt and pants, but I need to stuff them properly before I put the final fur feathers on so I don't limit my mobility. BLARGH. I still haven't fully figured out how I'll make her tail (more like attach it, because it comes up at a weird angle), her headdress, or her shell necklace. YIKES. But… I should be done with her hand-paws today. I just need to check them over and put the claws on. I'm actually pretty proud of the design of the hand paws. In the mural her hands are very blunt and have these long hooked claws. My hand paws are built on gloves with the tips of the fingers cut off. the claws will be attached to the second knuckle area, so when I pull my hands into fists, my fingers aren't very visible, but it gives that blunt appearance to my hands and the claws are in the proper place. This way I can also grab stuff with no real problems. Yay! Hopefully they'll work like I expect them to and I won't deal with any spectacular failures at the con, hahaha… =\

It's going to be a long week, cosplay wise. A WEEK AND A HALF BEFORE THE CON. CAN I FINISH THESE? DAMN STRAIGHT I CAN.
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