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Fanime 2011 CON REPORT

Work has been busy, so this comes laaaaate, but whatever. It'll probably be all jumbled around too, but whateverrrrr.

Headed out early because Nur had something to do at 10. We got to the con, were able to check in quite early, then he went to his thing and I got my badge and unloaded the car. Met Alex and ninja_nik in the parking lot by chance, so that worked out well since we were rooming together. Stuff happened for a while, I don't quite remember what, and then around 3 I headed back to the room to get changed into Kurotabou to hang out with shiroro for a bit. Had a GREAT time, she looked AMAZING as Nurarihyon. Actually found two of the tengu brothers from Nurarihyon no Mago as well, so got a couple shots with them. Super cool. Kuro is a tough costume to wear because it's rather annoying to move in and none of the parts want to behave EVER, so I headed back to the room to change back into Jacuzzi. Later that night I headed to the /cgl/ gathering and had lots of fun. zero_jt brought cookies~! I wore my "Let's believe HEROES" sash (from Tiger and Bunny) because I thought it would be fun. And it was. Lots of people recognized it, I was so happy to meet so many other T&B fans!

So… I'm really bad at taking photos when I'm in costume, so I only have the photos Nur took for me of my cosplay. Sorry. =(


Our little but awesome Nurarihyon group. =D

I really like this shot.

Kuro: I'll protect you, Overlord!
Nurarihyon: Yeah, okay, whatever.
THE OVERLORD OF THE NIGHT PARADE OF 100 YOUKAI (or whatever they call it in English?) NEEDS NO ASSISTANCE.

Look at this smooth bastard. So smooth. Such a badass.

Man, long wigs look hideous on me. Especially black ones, ughhhhh. Also Kuro is totally like a stalker.

What you can't really tell in this picture is how bent that staff is, hahahaha…

Dressed as Seikichi from Oh! Edo Rocket in the outfit he wears in the opening. It was super simple and I thought it would fun to have two Seikichi outfits since both the director and character designer were going to be there. Went to Yokota-san's panel (he's an illustrator) and had a blast. jen_kat was his translator, so I got to talk to her, if just for a very short time. He drew some awesome things and showed some things he had drawn before like a Kotetsu and Barnaby drawing NNNGGHHH I wanted the Kotetsu one so badly. I was hoping it would be in the charity auction, but no dice. After that panel we headed to Mizushima's, which was AWESOME and he is AWESOME. ninja_nik was his translator, so that was cool too. As I was leaving, I heard a "Seikichi! Seikichi!" And turned around to see Mizushima-san with a camera. *_* We ended up taking pictures outside the panel room. I got to take pictures with him and a Gundam 00 cosplayer as well (who is a Generator Gawl fan, so is automatically awesome). Fangasms all over the place.

The next panel was Yoshimatsu-san's. He's a character designer, and has worked on a ton of things, like Trigun and MOST IMPORTANTLY, Oh! Edo Rocket. The panel was fascinating and I learned a ton. He passed around the PENCIL CHARACTER SHEET FOR VASH FROM THE TRIGUN MOVIE. THE ORIGINAL. AUUUGHHHH, it was like, "CAN I REALLY TOUCH THIS?" He also brought his originals for Seikichi's character sheet and expression chart OMG OMG OMG. He talked a lot about Oh! Edo Rocket, probably because the character designs are so unique and crazy. I fangirled SO HARD.

After his panel, we ran to the autograph room for the end of Mizushima-san's signing and he signed my first OER box. Right after that was Yoshimatsu's signing, and he signed the same box and even drew a little Seikichi head on it!!! He kindly allowed me to take a picture with him, UWAAAHHH.

And then I went to take stuff to the car and we were going to crash aisha_sama, toggy, astrokittie, and zero_jt's room, but professorohki found us and let us join his room's SUPER AWESOME TIGER AND BUNNY MARATHON! Except we missed most because of panels and whatever, BUT WE GOT TO WATCH THE LATEST EPISODE WITH THEM AND IT WAS AWESOME.

It was pretty much the best fandom day ever for me. ♥



Uuuuummm… Woke up early, decided to head out and walk around. There was nothing much to do, so I messaged Nat. Luckily, she was awake and we agreed to meet in the lobby of the Marriott. As I was waiting, I saw Evan so we chatted for a while. He sleeps way too little!! @_@ Nat arrived and we all chatted until she needed to go to a panel. Evan and I headed to my room so I could get changed into Seikichi (regular outfit). Then we (plus Nur!) headed to the second Mizushima panel, which was sadly empty. I got to ask tons of questions, so that was cool, but I felt bad that there were so few people! Mizushima ended up asking us questions as well, which was cool. We told him what cartoons were popular in America, and when Adventure Time was mentioned he said that Yoshimatsu-san had seen some episodes and liked it so he bought a t-shirt and a sweatshirt when they had gone shopping the previous day. SO COOL. After the panel I got some more pictures with him. Kukukuku~ Super creepy fangirl~

My hair makes me tall!

After picture time, I ran over to one of the video rooms to watch the 14th Detective Conan movie with shiroro. I have NEVER had so much fun watching a Conan movie before, and I really love watching Conan movies. Having someone to fangirl and snark with is amazing. *_* Plus, she was cosplaying as KID~ UWAAHHH~ *_*

I headed to the hotel room after to get changed into Neuro, which took a lot longer than I thought. I didn't have the drive/time to make his jacket, so I just made his vest and pants… and his vest is fairly low-cut. Binding was… interesting. It didn't turn out horribly, but it didn't turn out great either. Headed down to the VIZ panel, met up with coppeliad, then went to the college anime club panel which MINNA NO ANIME TOTALLY ROCKED!!! We probably made up over half the audience. BECAUSE WE ARE AWESOME! We were probably a little bit too snarky (sorry other attendees!), but it was fun. I redid my binding, took some shots with goofanader, who was an awesome Yako, and headed over to the Artist Alley to pick up a picture I had commissioned from kiwimangoodness. You can see what I commissioned in this post she made.

Headed back to the room, changed out of Neuro, and headed to a very fun dinner with a big group. Returned to the room and got a group playing Dominion. I worked on Nura pages (T_T), but also got to chat with lots of people.

Hello, Yako~♥

Neuro: Go over to that cliff and jump off.
Yako: WHYYYYY?????

HANIN WA… OMAE DA! (Actually, I forget what they actually say in Neuro…>_> )

Neuro: Get over here, slave!
Yako: Why is it always me?

Neuro: Sorry, my bad, it's over here.
Yako: Nooooo~!!

To the moon!


Yako tearfully regrets her choices in life.

But it's a happy ending! BRO FIST!

Thanks, goofanader, for being such a good sport. I'm sorry if I was too mean or rough as Neuro!!

Woke up, packed everything in the car, and wandered around. Although I said I wouldn't buy anything else in the dealer's room (I bought some adorable YGO figures the first day), I ended up getting some Overman King Gainer figures and a Kaoru (Eva) figure. Headed over to the autograph room to get in line for Yokata-san and got to chat with jen_kat! (Thank-you for the Arago pages!!! They make me soooo happy!! ♥) Yokota-san recognized me as Seikichi (I was wearing opening version Seikichi) even though I didn't have my wig on! He said something like, "Oh! Look! Seikichi!! I'll draw you a… Gundam!" HOW DOES THAT MAKE SENSE? Oh well, doesn't matter, because I have a sweet little Gundam doodle now. =D Met up with Audrey and a large group of people and went to get pizza together. Talked a while with Keith and had a great time. Then we headed back to the convention center where we found more Minna no Anime people, so we all chilled until the charity auction. Cheered on Eric and Nik as they bid for a couple things, but unfortunately everything turned out to be out of any club member's grasp! T^T The Battousai art that Nik wanted ended up going for FIFTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS. Sheeeeeeeeeesssshh!!! Some people have deep pockets! X_X

So yeah. That was Fanime for me. It was probably the best convention I've been to. I went to some fantastic panels, got some neat signatures, but most importantly, got to hang out with tons of awesome people. Thank-you, everyone, for making the convention so great for me!


ENORMOUS PICTURE BECAUSE I AM SO HAPPY. I had been missing ONE OER disc, and had been searching for it for nearly three years. While we were talking about it, Nur goes, "have you checked Amazon Japan?" Oh… herp derp, I had not. They had one copy left in stock, so of course I ordered it (arghhh, the exchange rate is so bad right now! X_X)! NOW MY COLLECTION IS COMPLETE!!! The signatures on the front of the first box are Yoshimatsu-san's and Mizushima-san's, and at AX 2010 Konishi-san signed vol7 (he does the voice for three characters: Genzo, Knee, and Kazuki Nakashima). One day, I'll get signatures on all my boxes and discs! ONE DAAAAAY~
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