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What am I watching? NO SERIOUSLY WHAT IS THIS?

I'm really, really bad at keeping up with shows. Even shows I absolutely love. I just get in these moods where I simply don't feel like watching certain things. And then I go start watching completely new things. Hahahaha…

Tiger and Bunny
OMG THIS SHOW. This is pretty much the only thing I'm keeping up with right now. It is amazing and fantastic and amazing and brotastic and amazing and dear god do I love it. It's pretty much about a superhero reality show. All the heroes are really fun! KOTETSU IS THE BEST ONE THOUGH. ♥ If you're in the USA you can watch it free and legally here. I think it might be on Anime News Network too. New episodes every Saturday at noon!

I'm about two episodes behind, but I'm liking this series more and more. It's fun to try to figure out the mysteries and I like Kujo a lot. He's so eager to please Victorique but also has a lot of pride. It's neat to see him try to figure out the mysteries himself too. And watching him stand up for Victorique, kyaaa~ so cute!

Hourou Musuko
Finished watching this a little while back. Almost the entire time I was just going crazy over how adorable all the characters were, so I think I might have missed the point of the show or something. =( I'm excited for the manga's release this summer though!

This was some mid-90's OVA, I think. Much too short for the story it was trying to tell. Things jumped around like mad, but it wasn't… BAD or anything.

Angel's Feather
I couldn't get through a full episode. It's a 2-ep BL-esque OVA. It has so many stereotypical BL things, it drove me crazy. The first episode starts with the main character HOLDING A WET PUPPY IN AN ALLEY, PROTECTING IT IN HIS CHEST. I mean, seriously? SERIOUSLY? And it has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE REST OF THE STORY. GWAAAGHHH. The animation was super lazy too. Ugh.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal
It's silly and fun. Makes little sense right now, but it's fun. It doesn't take much attention, so it's easy to watch as I work. There are some great monster names in it too… like the Gagaga Magician. =D

Nanatsuiro Drops
A magical girl show that really seems like something I should dislike. It really had nothing I care all that much going for it, but I watched the entire thing and really enjoyed it! There's a super cute sheep plush in it too. That was the best part about the show, but it truly was an adorable series. I think it dragged a tiny bit at the end, but at 13 episodes, it was still a nice, cute little series.

You Are Umasou
THIS IS LIKE CHI'S SWEET HOME BUT WITH DINOSAURS. IT'S JUST THAT CUTE. It's a movie about a T-Rex who sort of adopts a baby ankylosaurus on accident. PLEASE GO WATCH IT. IT'S MIND-BLOWINGLY ADORABLE. AND DINOSAURS!!!! DINOSAURS! I have no idea why it hasn't been brought over, it would be SUCH a good kid movie. And it's based on a picture book, which should definitely be brought over too. Umasou is the type of movie that just brightens your day. ♥

The Listener
I freaking loved the first season of this, but it's been a long time since the first season, so I thought maybe they were going to do anymore. BUT TODAY I FOUND OUT THAT SEASON 2 IS AIRING. Oh happy day! I can't wait to watch it! =D
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