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Doodles: Pokémon, Pokémon, and SURPRISE! More Pokémon.

Nearly every month, I participate in the art exchange over at poke_arts. I enjoy it and I get to draw stuff that is different than what I usually do (hahahah, floating heads and such). Not that they always turn out well, but you know, practice makes perfect! I don't think I've posted any exchange pictures in ages and I just finished April's piece last week, so I thought I'd post the ones I've had laying around! =D

Sooo old. Don't remember much about this one, except that it's old and super plain.

Carmel, someone's shiny(?) Quilava. I think it was an extra to go with the previous picture.

I can't recall the person I did this for, but this is their trainer character and their Bulbasaur. Not too happy with these, but I do remember having fun drawing them!

I think this was for Chronidu? (really not sure if I'm spelling that right!) The request was for his Team Rocket character with his Aerodactyl. I actually saw him in person at a Pokémon event earlier this year. He looks pretty similar to his character, it's really neat!

esotu's Mawile character. I think the request was her in an action pose, and this isn't as action-y as I'd like, but I'm pretty happy with it anyway.

A trainer named Crystal and her Haunter wearing some of the laziest clothes oh my god, I'm so sorry Crystal.

Oh snap, this was just from a couple months ago, and I can't even remember who I did this for or what her trainer's name was. But I remember she wanted her trainer character and her trainer's Lugia. So here is the most static picture you will ever see of someone riding a Lugia. Hm.

Arti for kolink. Er… or whatever his official English name is? When this was requested I could find his sprite, an image of him from the chest up, and assorted fan art. So I winged some of it. I was happy when I finished it, but looking at it now… why is his scarf(?) so weird-looking? Yikes!

For 23minus12, I think. The request was a happy Nidorina on all fours wearing a red collar. I really like both Nido evolution lines, so I was excited to try this out. Annnndddd… yeah. I guess Nidorina are strangely hard for me to draw. It doesn't help that the way I put her front legs makes he balance seem… off. Geh.

Another for 23minus12, because I didn't like the Nidorina. This request was simply a Magikarp. This Magikarp is going super super fast, even though by it's pose it looks like it shouldn't be. Maybe it's caught in an attack! Who knows?

Saved this one for last because it's by far my favorite. It's actually about a year old now and there are a lot of things I'd like to fix up at some point, but I had SO MUCH FUN working on it! spinnigold requested her character with two of her Pokémon as "AWESOME MARCHING FLAG FLYING COMMUNISTS." WHAT A DIFFERENT PROMPT. WHAT A FUN PROMPT! I had a blast looking up old communist propaganda posters and tried to make my drawing look like one. SO. MUCH. FUN.

Once I'm not feel so lazy (aw man, that day may never come), I want to make a post to show off all the amazing artwork I've received through these exchanges. Seriously gorgeous stuff.
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