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Summer Wars Showing

A little bit late, but:

Where: My Apartment. (I'll send you a PM or something if you need directions)
When: Tomorrow, April 23rd, 1pm-ish.
Why: Because Summer Wars is awesome.

I'll be putting on the Summer Wars BluRay. We can watch it subbed or dubbed, they're both good. We'll go with the majority rule on that. Please eat lunch before you come, because we really don't have much to eat here (although I do have a bag of red vines that needs demolishing). Please also let me know if you're coming so I don't start it without you if you happen to run late!

I'll have to kick everyone out at about 4pm, because I'm going to my parents' place in the evening. Sorry about that! BUT LET'S HAVE SOME AWESOME SUMMER WARS FUN UNTIL THEN! =D
Tags: anime, movies, summer wars
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